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to ask for help with my separation ?

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FoggyGora Sun 24-Feb-19 17:14:02

Seeing a solicitor tomorrow. Separated from baby's dad. Baby is 17 weeks and his dad wants overnight visits. He's ebf and I don't think overnights are suitable just yet. He's so tiny. We live 50 ish miles apart.

Can anyone tell me if IABU saying no to overnights so young, and advise me on what questions I should be asking the solicitor in the 1 hour I'm seeing them? I'm worried I'm going to miss something vital and end up spending a fortune going back...

FoggyGora Sun 24-Feb-19 17:16:59

We weren't married, but have a mortgage together. I've moved out.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 24-Feb-19 17:23:36

He won't get overnights or any more than an hour with the baby until it comes off the breast - just say no.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 24-Feb-19 17:24:09

Sorry, comes off the breast or gets old enough to eat at 10 ish months

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