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To give Ds half a paracetamol

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Lovethetimeyouhave Sun 24-Feb-19 08:11:58

We are away visiting my grandmother to help her in her old age. We are in the middle of no where and Ds(7) and myself have come down with a cold, headache, sore throat, feeling rough. Wibu to give Ds half a 500mg paracetamol? I have no Calpol with me

itsboiledeggsagain Sun 24-Feb-19 08:12:57

Why wouldn't you? That is a standard medication for anyone older than 6

Lovethetimeyouhave Sun 24-Feb-19 08:14:28

I had no idea... And I don't have the cardboard packaging with me...

Lovethetimeyouhave Sun 24-Feb-19 08:14:36

But thank you

SneakyGremlins Sun 24-Feb-19 08:14:50

Of course not!

Hope you feel better soon.

itsboiledeggsagain Sun 24-Feb-19 08:15:37

We also practised swallowing them in advance with a frozen pea. They think it is great japes

Autumnalleaves Sun 24-Feb-19 08:15:41

That’s the correct dosage, so it’d be fine. The problem I’ve had is actually getting them to swallow it before it disintegrates and tastes disgusting...

Lovethetimeyouhave Sun 24-Feb-19 08:17:08

Thankfully Ds takes fish oil chewable but hates the taste so swallows with water, so this should be ok smile thank you all

NannyR Sun 24-Feb-19 08:19:38

nhs guidelines 6-8 year olds can have 5mls of 6+ calpol which is equivalent to 250mg paracetamol (half a 500mg tablet).

Dothehappydance Sun 24-Feb-19 08:21:05

Just to reassure you o, from the back of mine

Dothehappydance Sun 24-Feb-19 08:21:49

Hopefully a photo should have appeared.

Awrite Sun 24-Feb-19 08:22:01

Yes, my kids took half a paracetamol at that age. So much easier when traveling.

We've had Calpol confiscated at airports before.

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