Locking breastfeeding women in a cupboard ?

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lightlypoached Sun 24-Feb-19 00:37:38

Saw this at Miami airport.

What do we think about locking breastfeeding women in cupboards ?

I think it's weird and a bit sad. You?

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Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 24-Feb-19 00:39:43

I'm with you. Why should Breast feeding women hide away.

Sizeofalentil Sun 24-Feb-19 00:39:48

I had a baby with a tongue tie and latching problems. Had to get out my whole breast to feed in public and found it excruciating.

I would have loved a pod like this for those early days

steff13 Sun 24-Feb-19 00:39:58

Are breastfeeding women being forced in there?

Amrad Sun 24-Feb-19 00:41:49

Looks like an area breastfeeding mothers can voluntarily choose to use. I don't see any gun wielding officers forcing women and their babies into it.

radishingravish Sun 24-Feb-19 00:43:26

Some people prefer to breast feed in private, whether for religious reasons or just personal preference. As long as those who don't are not being forced to use it I think its great that this is available for those who want space.

janetforpresident Sun 24-Feb-19 00:44:24

Hate things like this. Why can't we just sit.in the fucking cafe!!

Nothing wrong with a baby room which parents can use to change/feed their baby it's the way this is presented and the fact it's just for breasfeeders.


Dreamzcancometrue Sun 24-Feb-19 00:44:36

Its by choice not force.

Firstty Sun 24-Feb-19 00:45:24

Safe, quiet enclosed area to breastfeed in? Yes please. Stupid title designed to steer the conversation in your own direction unless women are genuinely going to be locked in. Consider re-wording if you actually want a balanced debate about this ( which I suspect you don't)

Sparklesocks Sun 24-Feb-19 00:49:01

I think if a woman felt more comfortable breast feeding in a private booth like that I’d support her. Of course she’s welcome to breastfeed wherever she likes but some women feel more comfortable having a bit of privacy (or just a bit of quiet!).

janetforpresident Sun 24-Feb-19 00:49:48

*Safe, quiet enclosed area to breastfeed in?
What's unsfe about a cafe, restaurant or waiting room?hmm

I totally get parent and baby rooms but object to the specific segregation of breastfeeders, Some bottle feb babies might prefer peace and quiet and plenty of breastfeeding mum's (me included) would prefer to live in a world where they don't feel like they are making some kind of statement every time they get their boobs out to carry out the function they exist for in a public place.

Try making breastfeeding more acceptable in public and see whether breastfeeding pods are necessary.

Ginkythefangedhellpigofdoom Sun 24-Feb-19 00:50:14

Airports have a vast range of breastfeeding mothers passing through them, from hundreds or thousands of different backgrounds, cultures and life experiences.

A percentage of those mothers may want to breastfeed in private but don't want to and shouldn't have to do it in a public toilet.

So this as an option is a good idea as long as it's not being forced as the only option for women who would happily feed without using it.

Amrad Sun 24-Feb-19 00:52:00

How do we even know it's for breastfeeding. It might be for nappy changing or something. Can't really see what the writing says.

belleandsnowwhite Sun 24-Feb-19 00:52:15

If women want to use it then why not? Women should be able to feel their babies where they like and if they prefer to do it in private then it is great that facilities are available.

There is another flip side to anti-breastfeeding in public. Women also seem to be expected to make a stand and BF in public, by other BF mums.

janetforpresident Sun 24-Feb-19 00:53:55

How do we even know it's for breastfeeding. It might be for nappy changing or something. Can't really see what the writing says
It says a quiet place for nursing mothers-no ambiguity

janetforpresident Sun 24-Feb-19 00:55:48

Women also seem to be expected to make a stand and BF in public, by other BF mums
But the point is it shouldn't be "making a stand" it should be the norm. Rooms like this should exist for all parents of all babies who prefer quiet ( as my DS did) Not just breastfeeding mothers.

StarlightLady Sun 24-Feb-19 00:57:22

In my view any woman should be able to breast feed in public with pride. But if something is offered that is pleasant, offers privacy and is not a toilet, than this should not be a problem, providing people do not feel obliged to use it.

What about an accompanying sign saying something like “Mothers are welcome to breastfeed throughout xxxx, those requiring more privacy may use this cabin, should they wish to do so”?

LikeDolphinsCanSwim Sun 24-Feb-19 01:00:30

I’m doubtful that they are actually locked in

TotorosNeighbour Sun 24-Feb-19 01:01:17

Some women also need to express milk, should they have to do it the loos or maybe in public?

frenchonion Sun 24-Feb-19 01:01:55

While I appreciate that some would be glad of this space, and not minimising personal feelings on experiences of public feeding, but I can't help think patriarchal society hasn't half done a number on women.

CJsGoldfish Sun 24-Feb-19 01:12:58


Looks like an optional place for those who wish to use it. Some mothers prefer a quiet space where they can feel relaxed (for whatever reason they don't out in the open)
Personally, I wouldn't have used it but am glad it is available to those who would. Why the fuck would I begrudge that?

Gone4Good Sun 24-Feb-19 01:13:24

Nobody can force a BF woman in there - this is the land of the free and all that. It's a lovely idea for mothers who want to relax with their babies in private.

Did you think all breast feeding women were rounded up and herded into these pods ffs?

Pearpickinpenguin Sun 24-Feb-19 01:15:17

Would have loved this when mine were babies!

Intohellbutstayingstrong Sun 24-Feb-19 01:21:22

Your thread title is misleading and disingenuous OP as you well know. Nobody us locking BF women away neither is it a cupboard. I think it's a great idea.

Rtmhwales Sun 24-Feb-19 01:28:59

I used one in Taipei to feed bottle fed DS who needs a quiet environment to eat it gets distracted and fussy. Was spacious with a comfy chair and baby changing facilities plus a water dispenser. Thought it was quite nifty.

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