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To ask ‘how old do I look’ apps work?!

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Skinnyjeansandaloosetop Sat 23-Feb-19 22:00:00

I’m consistently told by this app (that my 7 yo DD is obsessed with) that I’m 6 years older than I am. However if I plaster myself with foundation, I can get 2 years younger than my age. OK, perhaps I too am becoming slightly obsessed, but for different reasons grin. So what do they deem makes you look younger!? Good consistent coloured skin? No dark circles? I dont have any discernible wrinkles I don’t think... Just for fun by the way 😁

k1233 Sat 23-Feb-19 22:14:01

Not sure, but people IRL have thought I'm 32 for the last 10+ years... When I was actually 32, I had someone think I was in high school. Good genes, lots of sunscreen. The only reason they pick 32 is they know how long I've been working but, even then, their math is off LOL

Skinnyjeansandaloosetop Sat 23-Feb-19 22:18:09

k1233 lucky you!! I seem to have suddenly aged but I can’t put my finger on why. Prob just need to get
off the app...

SpoonBlender Sat 23-Feb-19 22:18:59

They don't really work in an obvious way these days. The app developers use computer learning to train the app - show it a picture, tell it the age of the person in the pic.

Do that 50000 times, and when it sees you it can make a pretty good guess.

But it's not looking for specific things. It just throws an educated guess based on all the pics and ages it has been trained on.

Pippathenippa Sat 23-Feb-19 22:29:10

I just downloaded it, I tried 4 photos & got 22,37,45 & 50!!
I’m 27! So it has to be rubbish prays desperately
Tried with my 19 month old & it said 2 though blush

Pippathenippa Sat 23-Feb-19 22:31:48

Yep no - just tried another photo of my 1yo & it said she was 19 🤣 rubbish.. thank god!!

Skinnyjeansandaloosetop Sat 23-Feb-19 22:33:33

Pippathenippa ha ha! My 7 yo is 23 apparently. Yep prob shouldn’t take too much notice!!

DaveCoachesgavemetheclap Sat 23-Feb-19 22:36:02

If you wear glasses it tends to bump up your age.

Pippathenippa Sat 23-Feb-19 22:40:40

@Skinnyjeansandaloosetop grin

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