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Aibu to be utterly fed up or just selfish

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SheldonandMama Sat 23-Feb-19 18:32:43

Its very hard and you sound fab. Not at all selfish. You do need time to recharge as you have your two dcs. The fact is mums with dcs with SN need even more time to recharge but rarely get it. I don't know what to suggest but find opportunities where you can. flowers

Monstermissy36 Sat 23-Feb-19 18:29:56

well not quite at the moment but hopefully in a week or so I can start being a little more firm... I then get guilted that nobody sees her or goes round. Which absolutely isn't true she just likes me about 🙈

CroutonCrouton Sat 23-Feb-19 18:22:59

Not selfish at all. Sounds like you really need a break OP.
Are you able to tell your mum "no" once in a while and just have some time to yourself?

Monstermissy36 Sat 23-Feb-19 18:02:38

Brief background I am a lone parent with 3 kids at home... year 7 and above. Youngest two both have diagnoses of autism so family life is hectic. I work full time and am trying to work through a degree in my spare time.

My mum has been very poorly the last year and a half and this has left her anxious, nervous and a bloody nightmare in terms of independence... she's out of hospital again and is having carers in couple of times a day but she hates it and wants me to be there as much as possible.

I'm just utterly fed up but feel so selfish complaining about mum as it's not her fault but all I do is look after kids or parents 🙄 mum lives alone and family does help so it's not all in me at all but she likes me doing stuff ask 'you know how I like things'

Kids dad is useless and lives away... they've just spent a half term left to their own devices and I feel like my head may explode as I literally can't be everywhere I'm meant to be.

My eldest is a adult now but works full time and I'm mindful that it's not his job to bring his siblings up or act as my emotional support..

I'm totally fed up and miserable... I don't want my life to just be about caring for others... I've spent 20 odd years raising kids now I feel like I'll spend the next 20 caring... is it selfish to ask what about me???

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