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To ask for help on getting out

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surethang Sat 23-Feb-19 16:01:40

Long time watcher but finally joined as I need help.

I don't want to bore everyone as it's long but my partner is physically mentally and financially abusive. If I ask him to leave he'll hit me, if I ring the police he'll say I'm lying. If I go to my moms he'll go there he's not shy on causing a scene. Nobody in my family knows what goes on, he won't leave, I have nowhere to go, I'm trapped 😢

cordeliavorkosigan Sat 23-Feb-19 19:22:11

If ss get involved , their aim will be to make sure your children are safe. They might be helpful. But others here will know if women's aid would call them. I don't think so. I agree the police will take it very seriously.

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