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Unsupportive Friend

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JustmeandtheKIDS2 Sat 23-Feb-19 15:21:27

Im a bit lost with this one. A very good friend of mine that i have known for about 25 years just isnt supportive.
I have been going through a very difficult and abusive separation from my children's father, my children are very young. This has been going on for a while (several years) and still not divorced!! She has become distant from me.
Then a month ago i called her and filled her in on an absolutely hideous situation that i have found my self in. With out saying too much i have been involved with ss and the police regarding something my children came back and told me, very serious. This is absolutely nothing that i have done, its a serious safeguarding concern regarding the kids and their father.
Since then she has only asked me once how i am! I totally understand that it probably takes quite a bit of energy to be my friend atm. But i know if anyone had told me what i told her i would have supported them 100%
Am i being unreasonable to be disappointed and feel let down by her?

Hairyporker Sun 24-Feb-19 07:32:07

You sound like a total drainer. She's probably ghosting you.

JustmeandtheKIDS2 Sun 24-Feb-19 07:48:59

No no souting. We had a difference of opinion regarding her new partner and her meeting his children after about 2 months. I diagreed with this.
I personally think her life's in a really good place atm and she's quite consumed by That, which I understand.
Just to put into context she was pretty much my best friend for 20 years yes we did confine in each other, as very close friebds do. The time I was mentally ill was about18 years ago, iv been ill once since which she know about but didn't really rely on.

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