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The U.N. asks for comment on whether virtual child sexual abuse materials should be banned

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Auldlangsyn Sat 23-Feb-19 13:02:45

Hi, I was told to repost to this topic from another as many people follow this topic. Sorry if it seems irrelevant. I’m writing to inform the users here about a new initiative from the u.n. to ban sexualized drawings of children for instance “loli/shota” drawings. I can attest to having found it hard to avoid loli, shota and justifications for the consumption of it on social media while looking up relatively innocuous anime shows I was a fan of in my early teens. I avoided it and didn’t really get groomed into communities that make and consume it but I know women that hasn’t been true for. An ex gf of mine ended up in loli communities at like 12 and it hurt her immensely. Not to mention the effect it has on reinforcing pedophiles desires.

The u.n. has opened this measure up to public comment at this link
(The specific paragraphs are 61-64.) Gross gamer men have likely already been weighing in on this for a while and it’s really important, imo, that it passes. For the safety of young boys and girl, it is important. It would mean a lot if some people from here used the opportunity to publicly comment, and spread the information about this to other interested women especially mothers. I can link some papers to cite on this topic if anyone wants to use them. Tysm!!!

NameChange112112321 Sat 23-Feb-19 14:17:13

I think it would be more helpful if you explained more clearly what it is you're referring to, what is being proposed and what you would like us to do.

ThatssomebadhatHarry Sat 23-Feb-19 14:40:42

I though the op post was clear. Ranty a bit due to passion about the topic but clear what the issue is.

Aridane Sat 23-Feb-19 22:29:40

There is a duplicate post on this in Chat

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