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breaking the girl code ?? wtf

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paintinmyhairAgain Sat 23-Feb-19 07:56:13

have seen this expression a lot recently, are the users under 13. surely it's not relevant to apply to a woman. yet another shite expression doing the rounds,
what expressions give you the rage ?

BillMasen Sun 24-Feb-19 22:37:05

With regard to "reaching out", it seemed to be used a lot at work where "email" would suffice.

I did once ask if that made a group e-mail a "reach around"

Quintella Sun 24-Feb-19 17:05:53

Yes, 'follow blindly' is probably more accurate. Although in the Jonestown instance their blind following led to them losing the plot. I think Twitter seems to have brought the 'drunk the Kool Aid' phrase back into common usage.

notacooldad Sun 24-Feb-19 16:51:48

It's a soft drink. One that the Jim Jones disciples laced with cyanide before drinking as their master ordered them to. 'Drinking the kool aid' means you've lost the plot
I always understood that Drinking the kook aid ' meant to follow blindly rather than losing the plot. It is no seen as an offensive phrase from the Jonestown massacre, i hadn't heard that expression for years and then I came across the Jonestown massacre ( which I roughly knew about ) recently on Casefile. My god it was horrific!

ErrolTheDragon Sun 24-Feb-19 16:29:44

Quoting a price as 'x pound' rather than pounds where x is any integer above one. Why?confused

Quintella Sun 24-Feb-19 16:16:21

It's a soft drink. One that the Jim Jones disciples laced with cyanide before drinking as their master ordered them to. 'Drinking the kool aid' means you've lost the plot.

ErrolTheDragon Sun 24-Feb-19 16:14:57

I have no idea what 'breaking the girl code' might mean. Other than maybe a sexist sabotaging of a GCSE computer science assignment.confused

JaneJeffer Sun 24-Feb-19 16:07:18

Kool Aid. WTF is Kool Aid?

baddayattheoffice Sun 24-Feb-19 09:22:52

"With the best will in the world ..." usually followed by some condescending crap.

notacooldad Sun 24-Feb-19 09:22:47


"Making memories" makes me want to recoil inside myself it makes me cringe that much*
This is current most hated phase!
Especially when a hashtag is used for the most simple mundane activity. Eg picture of friend and child having a burger at Mac's on Facebook followed by # mummytime #making memories #funtogether #burgersarefun #greattimes, and other such rubbish!

wanderings Sun 24-Feb-19 09:06:08

Newspaper headlines using the word "misery" excessively. "More misery for commuters" etc.

littledoll33 Sat 23-Feb-19 15:11:33

WOKE annoys me !! ARGH!

So many millennial sayings do actually.

(Sorry millennials, no offence.)

I actually heard someone on a Ch 4 (or Ch 5) 'talk show' using the term 'woke people' and he was about 50. Sounded so naff.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound ageist, but it sounds stupid enough when 22 y.o's use it! It sounded ludicrous when a man of 50 used it.

LaMarschallin Sat 23-Feb-19 15:03:10

It's newspaper speak that irritates me quite a bit:
Stepping out
it gets so repetitive.
Also, sadly, Marian Keyes had my toes clenching (and I love her books and other writing) when I watched a YouTube thingy about her going on a trip on (I think) the Queen Mary and saying she had to dress "schmaahrt" instead of smart/smartly.
Once maybe, but every blessed time...
Sorry. Composed again now.

angieloumc Sat 23-Feb-19 14:50:43

'Inside' as in 'inside 12 months', no it's 'within 12 months'. An ex of mine had it on his website when he was trying to promote his memory skills. He also spelt 'dumbfounded' as 'dumfounded' and insisted you could use either of them. Fool.

paintinmyhairAgain Sat 23-Feb-19 14:23:27

twats reading this thread then moaning about it, oh we get one of these every week, don't read then.

MarieIVanArkleStinks Sat 23-Feb-19 14:21:28

‘Sun-setting’ made me snort. ThIs corporate speech gets ever more ridiculous; it’s cliched, sorely lacking in imagination and usually meaningless. Another one I hear increasingly

is ‘let’s park that’, meaning ‘this issue doesn’t take priority for the moment’. And the one that really does make my hackles rise: ‘going forward’. Let’s park that one, please.

‘It gives me the rage’. Danny Boyle, I hold you personally responsible for this ...

Dangling modifiers. Any form of dangling modifier. ‘My bad’ .... what? ‘End of’ .... what? ‘Find your happy’ ... WHAT? Grrrrr.

Girl code I agree is sexist and very juvenile. All very well to have a moral code for things that are just not done, especially between friends. But as for making females implicitly responsible for men’s morals as well as their own, I say bollocks to that. Nor have I ever subscribed to the ‘You give all women a bad name’ maxim when another woman happens to have done something immoral. She has a vagina. I have a vagina. Nope, I’m still not seeing why I should be deemed to have any connection or shared responsibility whatsoever with this person.

Moral of the thread, whatever your personal foibles of speech you’re going to end up pissing off someone!

paintinmyhairAgain Sat 23-Feb-19 14:19:15

i'm a mama bear no, you are human and you sound like a twat.
fell about laughing - really ??
turned round and said angry

PooleySpooley Sat 23-Feb-19 14:13:44

Making memories.


MrsTommyBanks Sat 23-Feb-19 14:01:28


PetuniaPetunia Sat 23-Feb-19 13:59:53

Calling films " movies", caling TV programmes ( including documentaries) "shows"

PinkDrink Sat 23-Feb-19 13:53:54

Any statements that are given the intonation of questions. So the speaker sounds permanently puzzled.

DameSquashalot Sat 23-Feb-19 13:48:13

"you've won the internet today" really annoys me 😠

DameSquashalot Sat 23-Feb-19 13:45:56

I quite like "oh my days" too Wobbly

lettymoo Sat 23-Feb-19 13:07:53

Anyone who calls their parents "the madre" and "the padre" ought to be shot. Looking at you DSSis (with a silent D)

MaryBoBary Sat 23-Feb-19 12:36:10

When ordering food at a restaurant and people say “I’ll get the...”.

It’s so annoying- you won’t get anything, the server will get it for you. And what happened to please?

I think it’s an American phrase but I hear it more and more here

iklboo Sat 23-Feb-19 11:29:06

BIL3 always says 'won' instead of 'beat'. As in 'I won him at squash'.

That's nice, dear. Are you going to put him on a shelf or in the cabinet?

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