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Think I've been caught doing 60mph in a 30... what will happen

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Shouldhavenotdonethat Fri 22-Feb-19 20:30:24

So I'm likely to get flamed for this I know

I've been driving for 15 years. No convictions, no crashes. I'm generally very careful and a considerate road user

Today i was driving down a country lane that leads to the edge of a town. They are in the process of building a housing estate on the edge of the town and have now made it an immediate 30mph from a 60 as you come towards the edge of this new estate. I went through the 30 sign at 60, slowing down as I was going along. Then spotted a police van with a camera pointing out of the back of it sad just up the road

How much trouble am I in?

I was slowing down before I hit the urban bit, but I Definately was still doing 60 as I went through the 30 limit sign.

I'm so stressed i feel sick with worry.

If i lose my license i lose my job

LadyRannaldini Tue 14-May-19 19:12:17

r you can pay to do speeding course
Unlikely for that speed and speed limit. The rule used to be a percentage of the limit plus a bit, OH did one, he was caught at 58 in a 50 area.

Scorpvenus1 Tue 14-May-19 16:38:15

Double the speed limit, any speed limit normally incurs a instant ban?

that's what I thought, not sure on the money and points tbh

Shouldhavenotdonethat Fri 10-May-19 19:55:12

@Cato I'm really sorry to hear that.
I agree that speeding is inexcusable, it wasn't a built up area or anything, just the end of an A Road where they're starting to build a housing estate.

I was lucky but like I said, lesson learned and I will make sure I adhere to limits before I reach them in future.

contentedsoul Fri 10-May-19 19:40:44

With luck, we will eventually develop proper lasers, Speed cameras will then be able to simply vaporize offending motorists - problem solved instantly!

catofaragon Fri 10-May-19 17:37:06

I don't understand why so many people are saying that they are glad the OP got away with this.

Speed kills. I lost a family member and I wish I could show you photos of the injuries sustained.

havingtochangeusernameagain Fri 10-May-19 15:47:38

It's the kind of bit that everyone just sails through at a higher speed and slows down gradually

And you should absolutely be able to do this. Slamming your brakes on as you come into a 30 limit is more dangerous than slowing down naturally in my opinion, unless you are going downhill and won't slow down. There need to be countdown markers when there is a big difference in speed, rather than a sudden 30 limit when the road has been 50 or 60 beforehand. They have them in some areas but not all.

I'm glad it was all ok OP.

Lifecraft Fri 10-May-19 15:45:28

AFAIK the law allow for a 10% error in their instrument reading

Wrong. It's a calibrated laser, it's accurate to a ridiculous degree. What isn't accurate is your speedo. If that says 60, you were doing less than 60, probably 56/7.

Lifecraft Fri 10-May-19 15:43:20

*@confusedbeetle-You will find out fairly quickly.*

Indeed, they have to send out the NIP in 14 days. This happened in Feb, and you are posting advice 3 months later telling her she will find out fairly quick!!! grin


LittleRedMushroom Fri 10-May-19 15:25:40

Sorry - didn't see update.

LittleRedMushroom Fri 10-May-19 15:25:03

AFAIK the law allow for a 10% error in their instrument reading which means if it reads 66 mph, they take that as 60. Also car speedos tend to read high - so if it says 60 you were probably doing a couple of mph under that.
So you will probably be under 60 which is points and a fine.

MadamMMA Fri 10-May-19 15:20:06

grin As if! grin

Confusedbeetle Fri 10-May-19 15:18:02

I just got 3 points and £100 fine for doing 36. You wont be offered a speed awareness course doing that much over the limit. Dont get so stressed, just take the punishment and move on. You will find out fairly quickly. Whats done is done

Lifecraft Fri 10-May-19 15:14:16

Not everyone has the time or inclination to read the thread, get over it.

Then you risk coming across as an idiot

1. OP post in Feb - my husband has a nasty cough. AIBU to be worried.
2. OP post in March - just been told it's terminal lung cancer.
3. OP post in April - He died yesterday
4. MadamMMA in May - don't worry about it OP, it'll just be a bug, he'll be fine.

MadamMMA Fri 10-May-19 14:42:35

I don't know how to see just the OP posts and some threads get to way over 10 pages within a day or two.

Acis Fri 10-May-19 14:32:01

Not everyone has the time or inclination to read the thread, get over it.

It takes all of two minutes (at most) to read the OP's posts. Surely it makes sense to do that, at the very least, not least because with a thread of this length it's virtually inevitable that things will have moved on.

MrsBethel Fri 10-May-19 14:30:12

Well done OP. Lesson learned and it came for free!

MadamMMA Fri 10-May-19 14:27:15

Not everyone has the time or inclination to read the thread, get over it.

Mitzimaybe Fri 10-May-19 14:23:19

Well done for coming back and updating, OP.

Justaboy Fri 10-May-19 14:22:55

This incident happened in Mid Febuary this year read all the blinking thread!!

mummyhaschangedhername Fri 10-May-19 14:21:50

Glad you were fine OP.

C1u4toff Fri 10-May-19 14:11:06

About 9 years ago my oh got caught doing 30 over the speed limit and lost his licence. It will completely depend on what speed they clocked You at Over the 30mph sign. I would most definitely expect points and a fine

MadamMMA Fri 10-May-19 14:09:18

Wouldn't the police have gone after OP if they clocked her doing double the speed limit or are these vans unmanned?

bebeboeuf Fri 10-May-19 14:05:40

You won’t get offered a speed awareness course at that speed, you are above the bracket.

I think you’re also above the bracket for just 3 points.

Acis Fri 10-May-19 14:03:50

February thread, people, nothing happened to OP.

Lovemusic33 Fri 10-May-19 14:02:45

60 in a 30 is pretty serious in the eyes of the law. You will probably get a hefty fine and 6 points. If you were under 40mph you would get 3 points or the chance to do the course.

No point I stressing now, what’s done is done.

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