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To think I should know what my husband earns

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Nevertoomuch22 Fri 22-Feb-19 20:04:21

How do other married couples handle their finances? Been married for 8 years and have no clue what my DH even earns, I have asked and have a rough idea but it seems none of my business. I pay all the household bills including some small personnal depts and he gives me £150 per week from which I use half for our grocery shopping. I have suggested opening a joint account so that we can pay equal money into it each month but then find out my DH had went ahead and opened a separate account and kept it from me. Is it unusual for married couples to keep their finances separate this way confused

Lucisky Sat 23-Feb-19 08:09:53

OP, I think he is saving his money on the quiet. It really doesn't matter what system a couple has for paying household bills etc, as long as it is fair and the amount of money available is transparent, and that they are both happy with it. None of this seems to be the case with your relationship.

Justanotheruser01 Sat 23-Feb-19 09:17:48

I only know ball park figure but then again dh only knows that too he doesn't even know when he gets paid! I most certainly know every penny of mine

SatsumaFan Sat 23-Feb-19 09:39:06

I'm married (been together a decade) and have two young dc, don't work and have no clue what my dh earns. We have separate accounts - he pays into mine. Both names on mortgage.

It does feel very 1950's and controlling but it's the only issue I have, and he has never said no when I've asked for more money and rarely comments on my spending (he pays all mortgage and bills and for holidays and cars etc, I buy all clothes, food and other day to day things).

Are you unhappy then OP?

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