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To ask for your help/tips nightweaning

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BadgeryBadge Fri 22-Feb-19 18:07:28

I realise I’m probably a bit slow off the blocks here, but really need some help in night weaning my 14 month old.

He was BF until 6 months and since transitioning on to formula he was always ‘little and often’ in terms of bottles. Anyway, the advice from the HV’s was go with it, feed on demand etc. Anyhow, he eventually started sleeping through at around 12 months.

However, over the last few weeks he has taken a massive step backwards and is waking in the night screaming until he gets a bottle. He had a cold a few weeks ago and was off his food, so we let him have some milk at night as we thought he was hungry. However since then, he’s waking getting more and more irate until he gets milk - won’t accept water or a dummy. DH and I both work full time and are quite honestly so exhausted neither of us have the energy to battle it out twice a night - we do try but after 30 mins or so, we end of up giving in unsure if he is actually hungry.

He seems to eat plenty in the day, and in the day only has a morning and evening bottle. However he never drinks a huge amount at night, but he never drinks more than 3 or 4oz in one go in the day?

Anyone have any words of wisdom? Could he be hungry? Or should we try watering down his milk? Do we just go cold turkey over the weekend?

BadgeryBadge Fri 22-Feb-19 18:08:39

I should add he is suspected dairy intolerant, waiting for paediatric and dietary referral - so dairy free

MutantDisco Fri 22-Feb-19 18:11:21

I don't know if Dr Jay Gordon method works with bottles but it worked for us! Google it and have a look.

APurpleSquirrel Fri 22-Feb-19 18:17:20

The way we night weaned was to gradually dilute the formula more each night or so.
So give him the same amount of formula but increase the water content & decrease the powder. Gradually you'll get to basically just water by which point he may stop entirely?

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