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Not saying anything when answering the phone

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Nothingunpleasant Fri 22-Feb-19 11:56:39

Someone I know who I have to ring reasonably regularly (volunteer related) doesn’t say hello or anything when they answer the phone. This is really disconcerting as I don’t know whether the answer phone is going to kick in or whether they can’t hear me... so I end up saying “Hello? Hello? Are you there?” and then they reply.

Sometimes I’ve just spoken normally (“Oh hi, I’m ringing to find out...”) and then the answer phone does kick in 🙄 .

Last time I said nothing either. Just waited for the potential answerphone message, which didn’t come, and then it turned into a game of who blinks first and after what seemed ages he finally said hello.

What’s he on, why does he do this, and am I being unreasonable to adopt the no speak either approach from now on?!

Blackcherrylatte Sat 23-Feb-19 06:50:27

Haha what is going on this morning, I swear I wasn't drinking last night but that spelling is awful. So I'll just clarify the actual sentence was

"Fill up the voids in their self esteem..."

Thank you all

sashh Sat 23-Feb-19 07:33:08

When I was receiving abusive calls this is what the police recommend I do. Any genuine caller will say something.

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