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To ask for your wisdom tooth removal stories?

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CaptainCabinets Thu 21-Feb-19 22:42:06

My dentist told me earlier she was referring me to have my wisdom teeth out under sedation as they’re badly impacted and my jaw is too small to accommodate them.

How bad is it?! Will I have a big swollen moon face after? How long will I need off work? Is it painful?!

I’m a nurse so I’m pretty blasé about most things but I can’t stand anything to do with teeth! Even having my teeth prodded with the metal stick they use in checkups makes my skin crawl 🤢

PinkPaperCrown Fri 22-Feb-19 00:43:33

I don’t remember a thing about mine, but the pain afterwards was quite significant because one of the teeth was so impacted and I needed several stitches as a result. Pain relief was good and I was fully recovered after two weeks. I took three days off work having had the procedure on the Monday. I didn’t have a moon face, or any noticeable external swelling. I felt much better once everything had settled down as the lower teeth had been extremely problematic, which prompted the referral. Good luck!

Kamma89 Fri 22-Feb-19 10:18:17

I had one out at the hospital under local. Half way through the dentist said "hmmmm, might have been better to do surgical, never mind, we'll crack on" ... and crack on they did, I thought she was going to pull my head off! I was bruised & swollen for days, then developed dry socket despite being meticulous in my after care. Was a torture I wouldn't wish on anyone. Took over 3 months for me to heal completely. The other one needs to come out now & it will be done under GA!

Good luck, most go much more smoothly smile

Iseverynametaken Fri 22-Feb-19 11:40:45

I had badly impacted partially erupted wisdome teeth (that one of also turned out to be infected.. surgeon said they tossed up whether to go ahead eith surgery). Had them out in the chair under twilight sedation (your out of it, but not fully under). Proceedure took under 40 mins and I dont remember a thing... just coming round feeling cold and having a giggling fit over who knows what. Days after amazingly didn't swell up or have any bruising. Pain was actually pretty minimal suprisingly, was given strong painkillers but only ended up using 2 of them, rest was just over the counter stuff. Hardest part was eating (didn't do much of that but had to for antibiotic course) and rinsing my mouth out as I was paranoid of dry socket. Surgeon gave me a note for a week off of work... which I happily had sitting around watching trashy tv! Try not to let peoples stories scare you too much as we are all different and you may have a not so bad time like me!

WhoGivesADamnForAFlakeyBandit Fri 22-Feb-19 11:51:39

I had all 4 out under GA. The pads were a bit chokey when I came round, but my brother had taken his out himself when he had his done and then had ended up voming bloody clots so I was ok to keep them on as long as needed.

I was eating toast the next morning, had two bruises and a moon face for about a week - tbh it didn't hurt much afterwards, the GA was the worst bit. As I said, my brother did the vomiting thing but he chucks up at anything anyway, so GA plus bleeding just made it more dramatic. He's also got a clicky jaw from where it was dislocated. He didn't have the bruises or moon face though, so swings and roundabouts grin

minkies11 Fri 22-Feb-19 12:02:02

Had one non impacted wisdom tooth out 20 days ago with sedation. It was bloody brilliant. I didn't notice a thing and I'm a crappy patient who goes to a phobia centre dentists smile
Had no swelling or pain or any problems at all - literally just took one paracetamol when I got home and was fine. Did have stitches though but hadn't a clue they were going in. Don't remember any sound or any tugging. Easy!

SerialChangerOfName Fri 22-Feb-19 12:08:40

I had all four impacted wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic as a day patient in hospital, 20 years ago. It was fine apart from infection in one site afterwards which hurt like hell and got antibiotics and stronger painkillers. Wouldn't have liked to go through it twice so get them all done at the same time if you can.

All the best.

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