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Bathroom help

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HappyHarmonica Thu 21-Feb-19 21:38:56

Inspired by another thread. I'm curious whether the colour of my tiles and paint (still being decorated) go together. Also can people suggest a tile colour for the floor?

HappyHarmonica Fri 22-Feb-19 07:53:53

Any MN wisdom?

everycowandagain Fri 22-Feb-19 08:27:37

I love the tiles! The paint colour is not what I would choose, but I am hopeless at that sort of thing.

EnglishRose13 Fri 22-Feb-19 08:52:17

How big is the room? I think it might be too dark. I'd have picked up the lighter colour in the tiles.

What is the flooring going to be like?

EnglishRose13 Fri 22-Feb-19 08:55:22

Also, (and I'll shut up now), the grey of the tiles is warm and the grey of the paint is cool. You need a grey with a red or pink tone.

JellySlice Fri 22-Feb-19 09:06:41

I agree with English.

HappyHarmonica Fri 22-Feb-19 10:32:30

Thank you. It's an en-suite so very small. It's only full height tiles in the shower and will be half height round the rest of the room. Another light is going in in the shower too as I thought it would be dark.

HappyHarmonica Fri 22-Feb-19 10:34:53

Flooring is my next issue. We want tiles but can't seem to find a colour that we like and goes with the grey. It's difficult because of the pattern on the grey tile I think.

Also not sure whether the grout should be grey or off-white between the grey tiles?

NutElla5x Fri 22-Feb-19 10:40:21

The tiles are lovely but quite a bold statement in themselves. I would go for white paint and floor tiles and then add grey accessories.

FinallyHere Fri 22-Feb-19 11:05:43

Love those tiles

Agree about the warm based grey paint working better

While I see the argument for a white floor, I think a grey mosaic in Toni g shades would be more practical then white bath mat and white towels.

Not unlike my own induct 😀

FinallyHere Fri 22-Feb-19 11:06:37

Not unlike my own en-suite. 😀

ScarlettDarling Fri 22-Feb-19 11:09:26

I've just had my tiles grouted with mist grey grout, it looks great, so pleased we didn't go for white or a dark graphite grey.

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