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To ask why my free view now only shows BBC?

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Grinchly Thu 21-Feb-19 18:32:13

Shamelessly posting here for traffic.

For last couple of days I can only get BBC channels on free view. I have a relatively old ( nine years?) smallish screen Panasonic .

All the other channels produce a blank screen and ' no signal' but bbc is fine so not the aerial.

Please help Mumsnetters.

( If @thighofrelief is reading, I have tried lying down, eating chocolate and going to the river in search of a technologicallly literate fuckboy, but alas there are none. I do have plastic sheeting and a van, but no internal garage.)

Anyway please HELP!

CherieBabySpliffUp Thu 21-Feb-19 18:34:49

Have you tried retuning?

TooTrueToBeGood Thu 21-Feb-19 18:35:12

It probably needs retuned. They change the channels every so often.

marvellousnightforamooncup Thu 21-Feb-19 18:37:39

I got a screen message to retune this week, they've swapped some channels around. Unfortunately have lost BBC 4 but I'm setting DH on the problem and am confident he'll sort it.

Grinchly Thu 21-Feb-19 18:42:17

How do I retune? In the past it was a prompt I would ignore for a bit then do it, but no such prompt now.

How do I force it to think again?

CherieBabySpliffUp Thu 21-Feb-19 18:43:36

Go into your menu, then follow the prompts from there

StillCoughingandLaughing Thu 21-Feb-19 18:43:44

I think the BBC is on a different transmitter in some areas as I have the opposite problem - I can’t get BBC no matter how often I retune and even after replacing my digibox. I have been able to get BBC HD since though.

marvellousnightforamooncup Thu 21-Feb-19 18:45:25

On my telly you go to menu, setup then scan for channels.

Roussette Thu 21-Feb-19 18:46:42

Definitely retune.

Settings, then have a poke about and look for Auto Retune.

RebootYourEngine Thu 21-Feb-19 18:51:46

I had to retune my tv because we are getting a new channel called bbc scotland. BBC 4 is now on channel 82.

Grinchly Thu 21-Feb-19 18:52:13

No auto retune option or anything like it.
Tried every bloody menu!

callymarch Thu 21-Feb-19 18:56:58

What exact make and model TV?

Roussette Thu 21-Feb-19 18:57:21

If you google your model of TV you will find a manual online somewhere which will tell you how to do it.

Mine is Menu
Then Installation
Then automatic channel scan or (for you) manual channel scan

Grinchly Thu 21-Feb-19 19:05:27

Right found dvb manual tuning under menu. Something is happening very slowly....

Grinchly Thu 21-Feb-19 19:16:17

Sorted! Thanks so much all smile

Roussette Thu 21-Feb-19 19:16:47

It takes ages, perhaps y0u're overdue one!

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