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To tell my colleague to stop..............

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Whycantistaymotivated Thu 21-Feb-19 09:43:31

Humming an out of tune song it's driving me insane!!!

Any of your work colleagues annoying you today?

mimibunz Thu 21-Feb-19 09:47:56

I have a colleague who talks to himself. I find it quite disruptive. Open plan seating has its benefits but also lots of drawbacks!

Hollanda Thu 21-Feb-19 09:50:19

Constant chatter. It. Never. Stops.

CouldntThink Thu 21-Feb-19 09:52:06

Colleagues who flap. Fellow nurses will know exactly what I mean.

Damntheman Thu 21-Feb-19 09:57:09

Whistling.. I had (past tense thankfully) a colleague who would literally whistle ALL DAY, with momentary pauses for drinking water or having lunch. He was a phenomnal whistler admittedly but after a few weeks it gave me a twitch..

Whycantistaymotivated Thu 21-Feb-19 10:11:14

ahhhhh she's stopped.

For now.

Only 2 of us in the office, no radio. TBF most of the things she does annoy me but the humming/mutter singing I can't ignore

Yabbers Thu 21-Feb-19 10:14:20

Going to be working from home today because I know the two loudest colleagues are in the office. It drives me up the wall, I can’t concentrate.

Also, colleague thinks it’s really funny to deliberately put things I’m going to use on high shelves I can’t reach.

KittyLover91 Thu 21-Feb-19 10:23:29

There is a girl who wears an ankle bracelet which REALLY jingles and is constantly in and out of the toilet.

Literally sounds like Santas reindeer's are fucking here

Hogtini Thu 21-Feb-19 10:30:10

There's someone in the other office who clears her throat literally every few minutes, sometimes accompanied by a mini cough. I didn't know if it's a nervous tick thing but it's seriously annoying!

And another yawns constantly 'OOOOhhhaaaaOHHH....scuse me' , she also hammers her keyboard and I do wonder if it's in an effort to keep herself awake!

Ragnarthe Thu 21-Feb-19 10:31:01

Crunching crisps aaaagh!

cocodash Thu 21-Feb-19 10:31:14

i have a colleauge who whistles. very high pitched whistle. like a little bird.

gets RIGHT on ma tits.

but i work in the kind of office where i dare not say it annoys me..... coz then eveyone would whistle to wind me up banter sigh

CustardySergeant Thu 21-Feb-19 10:39:45

I have no idea why, but hearing people yawning makes me murderous. I've got a real 'thing' about it, to the extent that even if someone in a shop, or in the street, yawns it 'replays' in my head for hours afterwards. Just silent yawning is bad enough, but if they make a noise as well, I can't bear it. If i worked with someone who did it I'd leave my job, it's that bad. blush

Whycantistaymotivated Thu 21-Feb-19 10:44:14

Crunching crisps aaaagh!

Oh I have to leave the office at lunch time, she chews with her mouth open while talking on the phone to Hubby/Mum/Friends

We only get half an hour so can't really do much but have to as soon as she starts her lunch, drives me insane!!!

BlueJava Thu 21-Feb-19 10:50:35

Wear headphones - you don't need them to be plugged in and listening to anything, but it should block her out.

viques Thu 21-Feb-19 10:54:03

I used to work with a woman whose default lunch everyday was tinned carrots made into a sandwich with white sliced bread . She didn't even have the courtesy to make the disgusting things at home but did it at work so the smell of tinned carrot juice permeated the staffroom.

Truly, hell is other people.

EyeOfTheTigger Thu 21-Feb-19 11:00:45

We have open plan office layout and I hate it. My pet peeves are:

- People eating "noisy" food - crisps, apples etc throughout the day. At lunchtime I can go elsewhere, but I can't keep leaving my desk through the day.
- Those who can't speak quietly on the phone and have to shout their conversations.
- I have a colleague who wears a loose bracelet and it is constantly knocking against the keyboard and desk as she types.
- Colleagues who think keyboards only work when they thump the keys (mostly men in my office)

As you can see, I'm quite intolerant of noise made by other people grin.

Grannypants123 Thu 21-Feb-19 11:07:09

I have a colleague who is a perpetual (and very loud) nose blower. It drives me insane. He sits in the desk next to me which is even worse.

I kept my mouth shut for months then lost it one day as he did it serveral times while I was on a work related phone call. It made things quite awkward after my outburst confused don’t be like me 😂 Just say to her (nicely) that you find her humming very distracting and it’s putting you off your work. She’ll either be embarrassed or annoyed. If she gets annoyed, that’s her problem grin

pippistrelle Thu 21-Feb-19 11:09:03

Inane wittering.

I don't give a monkeys about what your water bottle's made of, or where your sister's kids go to school, or what your favourite clothes brand is. The colleague isn't even talking to me directly (because I give very short shrift) but I can still hear the droning on.

Darkestnight Thu 21-Feb-19 11:10:08

Not colleagues but customers I serve stink. The other day one smelt so bad even other customers commented on it. You really do get some vile smelling people about....yuk

Grannypants123 Thu 21-Feb-19 11:10:29


Oh, my DP whistles every morning while we’re getting ready for work 🤦🏽‍♀️ The same song EVERY FUCKING MORNING. I think I’d have sufficient mitigation if I murdered him grin

pippistrelle Thu 21-Feb-19 11:10:50

Tinned carrot sandwich? It's weirdly irritating even to hear about such a thing. It's downright attention-seeking in it levels of irritating.

DuckbilledSplatterPuff Thu 21-Feb-19 11:36:31

Shouty colleagues who drown out phonecalls is so frustrating. Humming also annoying.. Have you got a very annoying tune you could hum back.. its either that or noise cancelling headphones.

Sexnotgender Thu 21-Feb-19 11:39:46

Office whistlers are awful, I hate whistling at the best of times but why on earth do people think it’s acceptable in an office?

I used to work with a guy who’d eat so revoltingly. He’d take a massive bite of a sandwich and try and start a conversation confused

TeamBOM Thu 21-Feb-19 11:44:16

We have a colleague who thinks its ok to run up and down the office barefoot - for no apparent urgent reasons e.g. running to printer, to meeting rooms, to chat to mates ect. She's a big lass and thunders along like a baby elephant ignoring stares and glares of staff and visitors.

Buxtonstill Thu 21-Feb-19 11:49:01

We have music playing in the background, and one guy insists on streaming the same 80's playlist from his phone. Bucks Fizz, Aretha Franklin, Kylie, etc etc and Singing along, or just humming very loudly to the music.

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