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To ask for help with wording please

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ExHHouseHelp Wed 20-Feb-19 21:07:37

Hi all. I’m normally good at this kind of thing but am drawing a blank! I want to buy my mum a bangle for her 70th birthday and have the inside engraved with a short message. Something nice about mum/daughter might be nice but nothing too singsongy or over the top. I thought about just ‘To my lovely mum
on your 70th birthday. Love always. Xxx’ but thought it was a bit ‘meh’? I need to get it ordered and am overthinking it now I think! Any short and sweet ideas for me would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

BringOnTheScience Wed 20-Feb-19 21:10:21

Any family catchphrases? Things she used to say to you when you were little? A pet name she called you?

ExHHouseHelp Wed 20-Feb-19 21:12:42

Bringonthescience good idea but...not really! Nothing which springs to mind and is suitable anyway. Hmmm

Mammatron Wed 20-Feb-19 21:13:27

I'd go for something simple like "my mum, my best friend"

Flyingarcher Wed 20-Feb-19 21:20:45

For my fantastic mum/mother (whatever her mum moniker is)

Thank you for being fabulous ( or whatever phrase seems suitable, eg, a brilliant mum)

SandAndSea Wed 20-Feb-19 21:25:03

What a lovely idea! I can only add that my mum would have hated the reference to her 70th but she's funny like that.

AlaskanOilBaron Wed 20-Feb-19 21:27:57

My true north.

Anothertempusername Wed 20-Feb-19 21:29:40

@ExHHouseHelp I think your wording in the OP is perfect. It's authentic and from the heart. Not meh at all.

AdaColeman Wed 20-Feb-19 21:43:16

"Mother & daughter a special bond that spans the years".
(Or Mum & your name)

I'm another one who would hate any reference to 70th birthday!

abeautifulmess1234 Wed 20-Feb-19 21:44:05

First my mother, forever my friend

DailyBaileys Thu 21-Feb-19 01:34:44

I think what you wrote is very nice, too.
I might change the Love Always,
to, I love you dearly...
but that depends on your personal stlye.

Why I would want to say, 'I love you dearly', is because, Love Always, yes is good, but is rather 'standard' perhaps?
I know my Mum knew I loved her - I told her often - but now I fret as I'm not so sure she really knew just how much I truly did love her.
And now it's too late.

What a lovely gift for her 70th! She will surely treasure it.

Monty27 Thu 21-Feb-19 01:37:46

On your 70th mum, your loving daughter ....

ExHHouseHelp Thu 21-Feb-19 12:36:28

Thank you all! We’re not overly ‘lovey dovey’
In terms of showing affection but I do want her to know what she means. I’m also bound by a 55 character count which doesn’t help!

What do you think of...

‘For my Mum. Kind, caring...and loved so very much. MyName. X’

Any good? confused

ApolloandDaphne Thu 21-Feb-19 12:43:32

The last message sounds like something you would put in a headstone!

ExHHouseHelp Thu 21-Feb-19 12:45:57

Oh no!!! Ok, not that then! shockconfusedgrin

iklboo Thu 21-Feb-19 13:12:51

You are the star I navigate home by

Flyingarcher Fri 22-Feb-19 18:14:43

I don't think you have to put 'For my...' because it is obvious it is for her so you can keep the word count down.

I wouldn't know what to put either as we are not lovey dovey either.

ExHHouseHelp Sun 24-Feb-19 13:17:47

Thanks all. My mum wouldn’t mind the age reference I don’t think-it’ll be inside the bangle anyway so only she will see it. What about,

‘Happy 70th mum! You are very special and very loved. MyName. X’

I REALLY need to stop faffing and sort this now or it won’t be made in time. confused

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