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AIBU to ask you to explain missing ironing board

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Purrrplexed Wed 20-Feb-19 20:19:19


This may seem trivial to some but it has totally freaked me out to the extent I am spending the night with friends. Please help me see reason!

Yesterday, I had a meeting which required a more formal outfit that was nice and crisp. I have an ironing board which is rarely used but ha ALWAYS been placed in the coat cupboard in my corridor by the front door. However, when I went to retrieve it yesterday it was NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. I am disturbed as I can come up with no logical explanation as to why it was missing. The last time I used it was 3 ish weeks ago.

- I live on my own in C. London
- My visitors arrive on foot, tube etc
- I would notice if they walked off with the ironing board- it is 100% not in the flat.
- Why steal a rarely used ironing board
-I live in a secure building with the concierge (until 7 pm)

AIBU to ask you to please explain this. I'm really unnerved. Am I crazy? What would your natural reaction to this be?

Purrrplexed Wed 20-Feb-19 20:20:31

Everyone I have told has laughed me off

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Wed 20-Feb-19 20:21:30

It has left you because you were ignoring it

PhilomenaButterfly Wed 20-Feb-19 20:24:26

Breakfast 😂

Purrrplexed Wed 20-Feb-19 20:27:25

Breakfast I would laugh if the only logical explantion didn't involve someone coming into my seemingly secure flat without my knowledge.

TheInvestigator Wed 20-Feb-19 20:30:48

Is it 100% not in there hidden behind something? I lost mine for a week because I put s new shelving unit in the big closer and it was sitting behind it when I pushed the unit back against the wall.

WarpedGalaxy Wed 20-Feb-19 20:31:52

Does anyone have a spare key? Concierge, master key? Cleaner? Could you have left the door unlocked at some point?

An ironing board is such a bizarre thing to steal unless, now that fewer people iron, they’ve become collectors’ items or something.

I’d be a bit weirded out too by this.

Purrrplexed Wed 20-Feb-19 20:32:04

My flat is bare! I have checked every square inch!

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Wed 20-Feb-19 20:34:11

Did you lend it to a neighbour?

Honestly, if someone came into your flat, is your ironing board the most desirable thing in it?

Purrrplexed Wed 20-Feb-19 20:35:26

BreakfastAtSquiffanys 100% not! No one has keys

BrizzleMint Wed 20-Feb-19 20:35:32

What would your natural reaction to this be?

I'd be celebrating big time once I knew nobody had been in and stolen it.

slipperywhensparticus Wed 20-Feb-19 20:36:34

Its hiding in plain site, seriously I tripped over mine (more than once) who the fuck trips over an ironing board?

mawbroon Wed 20-Feb-19 20:37:53

Has anyone else helped you look? I lost my favourite knife for a whole week once. Then I found it on the top shelf in the dishwasher where I had looked for it umpteen times. Another pair of eyes might help?

YourFly Wed 20-Feb-19 20:38:08

I bet it is beside the fridge/freezer. Mine is well hidden kept there.

Purrrplexed Wed 20-Feb-19 20:38:49

3 people have searched the flat. We have checked every room/cupboard. Also, my flat has no clutter and is open space.

WeeDangerousSpike Wed 20-Feb-19 20:39:05

Have you checked the gap behind all the doors when they are open?

No one has stolen it. No one wants an ironing board, even people who have one dont want one. They're pains in the arse and try to amputate your fingers. Twatting things.

Have you still got the iron or are they cavorting together somewhere?

YourFly Wed 20-Feb-19 20:39:36


Purrrplexed Wed 20-Feb-19 20:40:03

YourFly not possible.

Frogzlegz Wed 20-Feb-19 20:40:33

Did you get rid of it because you never use it?
Did it break?
Did you move it to clean and it fell out the window?
Are you using it as a desk?
Did you lend it to a neighbour?
Give it to scrap man?
Is it under the sofa? Back of wardrobe?

HeathRobinson Wed 20-Feb-19 20:40:52

Are you sure you haven't lent it to someone?

TC07 Wed 20-Feb-19 20:41:51

Is it in your hand? When I lose my phone I always find it in my hand

mawbroon Wed 20-Feb-19 20:42:21

Do you have a shared hallway? Could you have stood it out there while you were cleaning/tidying and somebody took it from there?

MrsCatE Wed 20-Feb-19 20:43:34

Echo PP above. Did you shove it under sofa / bed!? X

theworldistoosmall Wed 20-Feb-19 20:43:35

Possibly in the same place as a roll of carpet runner that vanished. One day it was at the top of the stairs waiting for me to use it. Next thing gone and never to be found again. Really pissed off as it wasn't cheap either.

onemorego2019 Wed 20-Feb-19 20:44:11

I don't use mine often either. I could honestly go months without missing it!

Following as I'm intrigued....

You could write a book about this, mystery/thriller...

The iron, the witch and the wardrobe?

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