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To ask neighbour to pay for damage to my doorbell?

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DointItForTheKids Wed 20-Feb-19 19:34:13

I have a Ring doorbell. I also have neighbours who seem to find it impossible to 1. monitor/supervise their children's behaviour in their garden/front of the house 2. teach their children to respect other people's property and privacy (something I've taught my own children).

The history with these NDN is for the 8 yrs I've lived here they have spent virtually every. day. shouting at their kids, calling them **ing dickhead, then the kids thunder up the stairs, doors slam, the kids screaming. Honestly, there's no respite - high days, holidays, birthdays, xmas, nothing makes it stop (unless they are actually away from the house). I can't even sit in my garden or living room in the summer because (due to aforementioned item 1.) the kids just stand on their play equipment and watch me as I try and sit in the garden and relax and even in my living room such that on a summer's day I have to sit with the French doors closed and the curtains drawn, just to achieve basic privacy.

For the first time in 8 YEARS of living here we had a noisy party here for my DD 18th. I had already instructed her that all activities must move to the indoors by midnight and the party be done by 12.30. At 11pm NDN was pounding on my door then pounding on the garden fence screaming at my DD and her guests about "have we got no respect, there's two children trying to get to sleep here (interesting in that they were of the age where they should already have been sound asleep by then anyway, not just trying to get to sleep)".

Today whilst at work my doorbell 'someone's young your bell' alert came on for the first time at 2.30. It was the NDN kids ringing. The younger boy child decides that's what's needed is to poke bash and prod the doorbell with his selfie stick that he had in his hand. On and off he repeats this EIGHT more times. I'm at work but I answer one of them through the intercom facility when I can see him stabbing at the doorbell with his selfie stick asking him to stop and to go away. He doesn't (of course).

The upshot is that I've got a scratched doorbell which was something I only put in to help with the security of my home for me and DD and I've not even finished paying for it as I wanted to get in and install it for the purpose stated - and now the little shit has scratched all the front panel and it was absolutely perfect before then because I've taken great care of it as it's an expensive item and that's what I do with things like that, I don't trash them, I take care of them and (probably stupidly) expect other people to do the same and, if not of an age/upbringing to be able to work that out for themselves, to expect that when causing damage to someone else's property that they would supervise those children, bring them rapidly back inside and tell them to behave themselves... anyway, back to reality.

So. Approach? Conversation with someone who only seems concerned with 'respect' to her whilst giving none to anyone else, and the possibility of answering the door to her towering husband who has been verbally unpleasant to me when I've been on my own on my doorstep once before and whom I don't want to run into. Or note through the door. Thankfully I have it all on video plus a pic of the damage to the doorbell. I'm not even looking for financial recompense, I just wish they'd actually observe their children when they play outside and ensure they aren't breaking stuff that other people own! I feel a letter with the pics is as much as I can manage - today I was literally RAGING, I'm absolutely sick of them as they have so severely impacted my enjoyment of living here.... they complain about one incident in 8 years of being noise disturbed - I've been woken up every weekend for 8 years before 7 am by their children! RRRR.

Best approach, what do people think? I still take parcels in for them (sorry, did still) and continue to take the same level of care about their property and right to peace and quiet day in and day out but it's not reciprocated.

Darkbaptism Wed 20-Feb-19 19:39:11

Honestly I very much doubt they will care, they will either deny their child did it or justify their behaviour somehow.

GregoryPeckingDuck Wed 20-Feb-19 19:39:28

Well they’re not going to pay willingly are they? You’ll either have to accept that that happens to doorbells sometimes or sue them. The best advice though would be to just move.

Santaclarita Wed 20-Feb-19 19:43:01

I wouldn't bother. They are pretty much just scum and too stupid to learn differently. They would actually more likely encourage the behaviour in their children.

ZenNudist Wed 20-Feb-19 19:43:06

Dont bother. They wont do anything.

Solina Wed 20-Feb-19 19:45:51

I would normally say to talk to people but I would just not bother with those people. They will not care and might become even more unpleasant than they are already.

NCjustforthisthread Wed 20-Feb-19 19:46:37

They sound like scum. They probably won’t bother and abuse you more. Sorry OP.

PCohle Wed 20-Feb-19 19:53:47

It's a doorbell. It should stand up to normal wear and tear. If a kid poking it a few times has irreparably scratched it I think you should be looking at suing the manufacturer, not the neighbour.

legolimb Wed 20-Feb-19 19:56:11

I don't think I would bother mentioning it. They sound quite unpleasant.

Having shitty neighbours sucks flowers

Aridane Wed 20-Feb-19 19:56:35

Leave it

DointItForTheKids Wed 20-Feb-19 19:57:30

Um, he poked and bashed it with a long plastic selfie stick eight separate times! Regardless of whether it should 'stand up to x y or z' he shouldn't be doing it in the first place should he! Even if it was made of cast iron. It's three light scratches - three light scratches that shouldn't be there because - you know - you're meant to use a doorbell with, your finger?

They are twats that's for sure. They can't deny it happened, I've got eight separate video clips of their child poking prodding and tapping and scratching at it with his bleedin' selfie stick - so, bit hard to deny.

"Just move" - hilarious.

I agree, it's probably pointless.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Wed 20-Feb-19 20:01:33

I don't think you are wrong in principle, but I don't think you're going to achieve anything here. As you say, they think respect is only due TO them, not from them. Any chance you can improve the scratched area with t cut or similar?

Decormad38 Wed 20-Feb-19 20:04:26

You’re onto a losing battle. Look for a new home. I couldn’t survive without privacy.

VelvetSpoon Wed 20-Feb-19 20:04:51

They're clearly complete pondlife. I sympathise because I have similar scummers living next door who have over the past 8 years stolen stuff from my garden, broken my fence (and then harangued me for not replacing it even though their fence on the other side of their garden fell down long before and they've never done a single thing about it). You wont ever see a penny from thrm sadly. I'd just hope something really nasty happens to them. Thats what I'm hoping for with my arsehole neighbours.

AcrossthePond55 Wed 20-Feb-19 20:08:46

No point in approaching them, they aren't going to voluntarily cough up the money. People like that never do.

Your only option would be to take the Ring video of the little shit and a photo of the damage and file a case in small claims court. (I'm in the US, do you have SCC or similar in the UK?)

MrsPinkCock Wed 20-Feb-19 20:09:30

Honestly - “just move” isn’t that simple, but I’d certainly be looking to move.

We moved when our old area changed and a lot of new neighbours moved in. One set was an utter pain in the arse. I should have known from the off. On the day they moved in they parked their moving van on my fucking drive!

Anyway - they sound feral. They won’t pay unless you sue them and even then they probably still won’t bother. Is it worth your energy?

DointItForTheKids Wed 20-Feb-19 20:10:11

We share the grief then Velvet.

I live in hope she gets pregnant, a 3 bed house is no longer enough, and they have to move!!

Who'd have thought that the family who used to live next to me on the other side who sold marijuana, were actually nicer than this lot. Come back dealers, come back! At least they were quiet in their criminality...

Which bit of the Ring is damaged! The bit with the press button, or the bit with the camera? Because the Ring comes with two press button plates (well my Ring 2 did) so could you just change to the spare and accept the change of colour?

Fraying Wed 20-Feb-19 20:20:14

It's not going to achieve anything and they're not going to change.
I understand how horrible it is but really if you can't move then you need to work on changing your attitude to all this. It's easy to become fixated on how horrible neighbours are but by doing so, you're making your life more miserable. It doesn't impact them.
And, I've been there. In the end we decided to move. and until we did, I spent as much time out of the house as possible or in rooms furthest away from the annoying neighbours.

ATBhinchers Wed 20-Feb-19 20:23:50

Why is just move hilarious? Life is short so move home. Can't believe you've lived there for 8 years already.

Nannewnannew Wed 20-Feb-19 20:29:17

Unfortunately I think you are on a hiding to nothing. There are a small percentage of parents who have no control over their children’s actions, and simply do not care. At my place of work we have a water dispenser in the waiting area which is regularly broken by children who thump it mercilessly because they don’t know how to work it, and the parents sit there and do nothing! Soon after, other parents come in and are moaning because the water dispenser is not working!

You have my sympathy but I really don’t know what to suggest apart from sticking it out until the little ‘angels’ have grown up!

DointItForTheKids Wed 20-Feb-19 20:30:48

Don't worry fraying, for the most part I totally do nothing, have nothing to do with them, go out of my way to not interact with them. I don't use my garden. I keep my curtains drawn and doors closed in the height of summer, inside watching TV (at high volume so I can manage to hear it over the massive screaming and shouting going on all the time, him kicking his ball against the metal shed for hours on end, him and his sister screaming at each other and generally smashing their garden to bits, and swinging on their swing and bashing into our fence with every go. So for the most part I don't have an 'attitude' to them, I just keep myself out of their way really. This on top of the screaming at us over the fence at 11pm (which let's face it, for a party is hardly super late - there's absolutely no way I'd have allowed it to go past half midnight and certainly not until 2 or 3 am (which would have been unbearable for all concerned, I totally agree).

Yes, indeed, the Ring comes with a replacement plate. So I just put that on and what, wait until the little shit comes and bashes it with his selfie stick again and ruins that one too? It appears like a solution, but it's not really is it because the child and his barely controlled behaviour, unsupervised etc, is still there, ready to damage the new one.

You could go small claims court (yes we have the same thing here :-) ) but I doubt it would be worth it. I actually think that if I happen to see her I'll say "btw, your son damaged my doorbell when he rang it and prodded it eight times the other day (I have it on film); I'd appreciate if you either supervise them at all times when they're outside or teach them not to damage other people's property. Eight doorbell rings in 14 minutes is completely unacceptable, please could you ask them to stay off my driveway". That's all I can think of.

perfectstorm Wed 20-Feb-19 20:31:08

Why is moving a hilarious idea? Honestly, it sounds hell having them next door. If it's council or housing association, could you at least register for a transfer? And if it's rented, or owned, then surely a move is the best option, unless you're in awful negative equity?

Can you complain to the council or HA about them, given you have got footage of their behaviour now? You mentioned that they would be rehomed if she had another baby, so presumably a council or HA property? They're usually obliged to behave reasonably as part of the contract, no?

perfectstorm Wed 20-Feb-19 20:31:40

Really sorry, by the way. It sounds bloody awful.

DointItForTheKids Wed 20-Feb-19 20:35:46

ARB then with all the greatest respect, you suggestion is ridiculous for a number of reasons which show that you clearly can't appreciate/conceive of why someone might NOT be able to move 'just like that' as though there's no impediment that might mean it's not actually possible? Fwiw (and highly irrelevant to this thread) I have actually tried to move to the only suitable house available in this area that's within price range, in the right location, at the right price and not rented out, TWICE in the last 8 years and both times for a mixture of different reasons despite a great deal of effort on my part, was unable to successfully purpose it on the two different times that I tried. One of the reasons was of course to move away from these lot (but of course, who knows, could have ended up with worse neighbours or CF parking situation on a busy street of terraced houses where everyone has two cars!

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