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To ask you to look at this pic of my new bathroom and tell me why I hate it!

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Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:15:48

Name changed as outing.

We have saved so hard for this new bathroom. We have reconfigured it and had everything new. Stripped to bare brick.

I really don't like it :-(

We still want to put a shelf up behind the toilet with some nice things on, and a towel storer where 3 towels will be rolled up at once in there.

Please be honest. Be as brutal as needed. I want to change the paint I think but no idea what to. We need to get a blind. What else can I do to make this the dream bathroom I envisaged blush

turningback Wed 15-May-19 18:54:25

Wow much better, great job

pickletickled Wed 15-May-19 19:32:18

If I was forced to say something bad, the only thing would be that it looks too clinical. That's it, other than that I really like it.
Colour will change that and make it feel warmer, more homely.

HBStowe Wed 15-May-19 19:43:32

It’s so much better now!

Samcotton85 Tue 16-Jul-19 14:23:42

Get a wooden slatte blind and a big houseplant. That will make it look fab

Shufflebumnessie Tue 16-Jul-19 14:37:34

It looks great! I wish my bathroom looked like that.

beckywiththecraphair Tue 16-Jul-19 15:11:15

I think it's lovely, it just needs a bit homey-ing up. A corner shelf in natural wood in that left hand corner with a climbing ivy plant would be lovely, plus a blind, mat, and a wicker laundry hamper.

beckywiththecraphair Tue 16-Jul-19 15:12:33

Sorry OP I hadn't RTFT, the updated pic looks great and I really like the blind.

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