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To ask you to look at this pic of my new bathroom and tell me why I hate it!

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Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:15:48

Name changed as outing.

We have saved so hard for this new bathroom. We have reconfigured it and had everything new. Stripped to bare brick.

I really don't like it :-(

We still want to put a shelf up behind the toilet with some nice things on, and a towel storer where 3 towels will be rolled up at once in there.

Please be honest. Be as brutal as needed. I want to change the paint I think but no idea what to. We need to get a blind. What else can I do to make this the dream bathroom I envisaged blush

SpaSushi Wed 20-Feb-19 17:36:48

Needs more tiling, i would have all walls tiled half at least and some full
Paint colour doesn't match tiles
Tiles colour doesn't match flooring

MaybeitsMaybelline Wed 20-Feb-19 17:37:13

I think it’s lovely, what’s not to like. Looks a quality professional job, and just needs a bit of you adding to it. I agree the wall colour doesn’t do it justice, looks like magnolia at the moment, but a decent colour wall, bath mat, towels etc and it’s lovely.

altiara Wed 20-Feb-19 17:37:18

The walls definitely look magnolia and don’t go with the tiles. I’d either tile the Window/ bath wall or paint it to go with the tiles and paint the other walls. Depending on whether you want some colour, then you could paint that wall a different colour and have the other walls blend with the tiles. Then get colour from bath mat/accessories. Possibly put shelves up with a plant on.

buttertoff33 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:38:28

I spotted another issue - Magnolia coloured walls. Either fully tile it or paint over this awful magnolia with a different colour. I think most property developers use magnolia as their default wall paint - hence it has some sort of generic show room look. but nothing that couldn't be sorted with a bit of paint

kbPOW Wed 20-Feb-19 17:39:00

I would just repaint in a bolder colour and add some accessories.

MordredsOrrery Wed 20-Feb-19 17:39:02

The suite is lovely but the tiles and walls don't match. I'd repaint the walls white, add a white blind, then bright colour art, towels and plants.

Drum2018 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:39:13

I'd just go for wall art and a contrasting blind to brighten it up. I think it's lovely - clean, no clutter, perfect :-)

Squigglesworth Wed 20-Feb-19 17:39:18

I think it looks very nice, personally, though not yet personalized.

I would probably start with accents rather than jumping straight to new paint (but that might be because I don't like painting that much, and it's brand new, fresh paint).

I'd do some browsing online, choose a color scheme I liked, and start collecting colorful accents: towels, artwork, curtains, a small decorative vase/ceramic or glass vessel (if there's a place for one) maybe a small rug... Just things that coordinate and put some color into the space.

IncrediblySadToo Wed 20-Feb-19 17:40:03

All the bits you have are really nice, including the floor.

Personally, I would remove the tiles from behind the bath and repaint it all in a nicer colour. Get a nice mat for in front of the sink, put up a blind, a picture and the towel rack you talked about and it’ll be lovely.

No plants. Bloody horrible things house plants.

If you listen to half the posters it’ll end up looking like a bathroom in a brothel 🤣

thenightsky Wed 20-Feb-19 17:40:06

It would look better with floor to ceiling tiles. I think the paint makes it look as though it will soon lose its 'newness'.

itwaseverthus Wed 20-Feb-19 17:40:25

I'm not wild about the flooring, it jars with the white sanitary ware I think. A shutter at the window would look lovely

BrinkPink Wed 20-Feb-19 17:40:25

OMG <drools> it's lovely OP! It's just bare and lacking colour.

(I don't like the naff old bathroom that came with our flat, but it's functional and don't have the money to do it up at the moment. So I buy house magazines and swoon over bathrooms like yours!)

You need:
Little modern shelves with pretty jars or posh products
Humidity-loving plant
Nice candle
Blind and bathmat to add colour – I'd go for something modern but bright, orange or aqua maybe
Towels and washcloths in nice colours
Maybe brighter lights? It feels like it's not as bright as it should be. That may be just because the window is dark but can you get higher-watt spotlights?

Lastly, complete the look by adding a gorgeous lady soaking in a tub of bubbles - i.e. you grin

pallisers Wed 20-Feb-19 17:40:45

I'd put a deep clear colour on the walls - probably close to a charcoal if it were my choice but a deep blue might be nice too and then a lovely white roman blind on the window. The actual fixtures and everything are lovely. If you changed the wall colour the whole thing would transform. If I were you I'd get a few tester pots and see what it looks like.

SinkGirl Wed 20-Feb-19 17:41:32

Get some gorgeous towels in a bold print / colour - Brand Alley often has lovely ones.

I think dark grey would look lovely on the walls as the suite is so white and bright. Then a big plant, I think it will look lovely.

ilikemethewayiam Wed 20-Feb-19 17:42:46

It’s lovely! Just needs a warmer colour on the walls and a few statement pieces like brighter colour blind and mats. Maybe some nice artwork.

Hadjab Wed 20-Feb-19 17:42:55

I would tile the window wall totally in a statement colour, then paint the walls white. The sink unit is a bit curvy for me, but it’s a nice suite.

gubbsywubbsy Wed 20-Feb-19 17:43:32

It needs dressing , it's too clinical at the mo

MaybeitsMaybelline Wed 20-Feb-19 17:43:39

Fully tile? Not a proper “bath” unless fully tiled, my arse.

You have fully tiled and you are stuck with the colour until the next refurb. Why do you need full tiled walls in a bathroom that size unless you are going to be throwing water all over.

As it is the OP can change the wall colour every few years, and the accessories and voila! A new bathROOM!

Itscoldouthere Wed 20-Feb-19 17:43:47

I’d say it’s the wall colour that’s wrong far to cream/magnolia makes it look bland instead of either crisp/modern or cosy.
Are the tiles white or grey? I can’t tell for sure, but white and grey do not go with magnolia.
Be more bold, either paint it white with a strong coloured wall to liven it up or paint all the walls (and I would do ceiling as well) in a soft colour like French grey, or a soft blue/grey or green/grey.

Trumponerous Wed 20-Feb-19 17:44:16

Plants look lovely in a white and wood bathroom. Yours is so close to being fab OP.

LoniceraJaponica Wed 20-Feb-19 17:44:24

I love it, but I like the minimal look.

BrinkPink Wed 20-Feb-19 17:44:26

Oh and don't forget this!

Jaxhog Wed 20-Feb-19 17:45:01

At the moment it's a blank canvas. Try some colourful towels, art work (big beautiful picture tiles), a plant (on a glass shelf?) and some candles or storage boxes.

Anon10 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:45:13

Sorry OP, it isn’t to my taste, and I’m going to be honest.
The magnolia needs to go. That is easy to fix and will make a massive difference. A warm colour of paint will not work with your tiles. I would paint it white or a very light grey. I disagree that you need colour if you are going for minimalism. Keep it simple.
The flooring also is cheapening the room. Replace the vinyl for decent tiles in a cool grey, or maybe pale oak flooring.
The suite and fittings are not to my taste but I can see what you are trying to do, a minimalist look. But the basin in particular is making it look a bit off the mark. The problem is most of the bathroom stores sell horrible suites so you really have to look for more on-trend pieces. We have recently done our bathroom and I looked very carefully for the items and sourced them from different places (it didn’t break the bank, but did take a bit of work!). But I think you can probably make a big difference by painting the walls and tiling the floor now. Then later when you can afford it, replace the basin for something without a vanity cabinet and replace the shower head with one a bit larger and higher quality. Good luck!

gubbsywubbsy Wed 20-Feb-19 17:45:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

girraffeduck Wed 20-Feb-19 17:47:24

It's just a bit grey/beige but if you go for colour splashes - towels, blind, bath mats, and some plants - you can fix that

Put a duckboard in the shower too maybe

BrinkPink Wed 20-Feb-19 17:47:56

I agree it might help to paint it a warm white rather than magnolia. Counter-intuitively, as you might thing that would make it more clinical - but it will make it brighter and look better with the suite, and once you add the colourful bits it wouldn't feel cold.

Also if money is tight - try Asda, I have bought some surprisingly modern and cool bathroom bits from there, bathmats etc.

ChesterGreySideboard Wed 20-Feb-19 17:48:03

Ideally re paint but if that isn’t an option some bright towels might give it the colour you need.

MiniMum97 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:48:23

It's lovely but looks v bare. Don't think cream is right colour for walls at all. Even white would look better. Cream and pale grey do not go. Personally I think I would have had white tiles and dark grey walls with the dark wood floor. I don't like the trim on top of the sink.

BrieAndChilli Wed 20-Feb-19 17:48:56

The cream paint is too wrong with the white suite.
Paint the walls an actual colour with matching blind and assessoties etc

gubbsywubbsy Wed 20-Feb-19 17:49:59

This is with my fat fingers but you get this gist .. a bit of colour is what is needed .

girraffeduck Wed 20-Feb-19 17:50:24

The beige and grey is the same as hospital bathrooms in my area - I think that's it. But colour can change that look

Itscoldouthere Wed 20-Feb-19 17:50:53

If you decide to change the wall colour, please don’t paint lots of colour test patches all over your walls.
Get tester pots, paint at least 2/3 coats onto a big bit of card/paper with no white edges you can then try it in different parts of the room, the colour will look different in different light, also try in at night in artificial light. You can then keep you painted sample incase you want to try it in another room in your house. Remember to write the paint name and company on the back.
Can you tell I used to work in an interior/paint shop 😂

SabineUndine Wed 20-Feb-19 17:51:00

I would hang a couple of framed prints on the wall. Something bright and outdoorsy.

NewUserNamePostedBefore Wed 20-Feb-19 17:51:34

Was this just so you could show off your bathroom?

Whilst the lighting isn't ideal, from a design perspective, the following needs to be addressed:-
1. Paint colour (it appears to be a lemon/beige colour);
2. Tiles by the bath should go up to the ceiling (consider tiling the entire bathroom, not just areas that may be splashed with water);
3. That sink and mirror is hideous;
4. The shower is tiny and could have been a larger size;
5. The floor clashes with the decor (consider tiling the entire floor); and
6. The bathroom doesn't follow current or even traditional design trends and looks cheap.

1. It looks like it will be easy to keep clean;
2. It isn't cramped or cluttered; and
3. You can make changes to the paint colour as well as the tiles (tiles are dated).

BrinkPink Wed 20-Feb-19 17:51:34

Actually the more I think about it, the more I agree it is the cream that gives it not quite the right look. Cream with white just slightly says "hospital bathroom".

Jaxhog Wed 20-Feb-19 17:52:17

Blinds with fabric like these:

Or this:

It's a small window, so you can go for something with a real wow factor.

BlackType Wed 20-Feb-19 17:52:22

It is basically good! A wise move, not to have floor to ceiling tiles, as they are a bugger when they go out of fashion/need replacing. Painted walls are far easier. My DC would love the looking glass...

Tester pots are your friends. Paint them onto cardboard and move them around to see what they look like in different lights. You probably need to have something to complement the tiles - I wouldn't go for anything too glaring. It's strangely trickier to style a nice new bathroom than a hotchpotch old one (mine is in the latter category - F&B paint, loads of ancient pictures/photos and books, battered old chair etc - you can get away with anything if nothing at all matches). I agree with PP who say you need something on the walls, and a nice blind, and I think matching/complementary things are definitely the way to go in a new bathroom like yours. For my blinds, I went to various fabric shops until I found something I liked (John Lewis isn't a fabric shop, obvs, but they do free swatches, which are useful). I then bought the fabric on eBay for half the price, and found a local lady to make them up. I can make curtains, but not successful blinds!

Petalflowers Wed 20-Feb-19 17:52:22

Love the sink unit!

I agree it’s a bit ‘white’. You need to put something up to break up the whiteness, or some nicely coloured towels. Looks lovely though.

mimibunz Wed 20-Feb-19 17:52:31

It’s a great classic bathroom! Just add colour as the others have said. You need texture; that’s what’s missing. Wallpaper, plants and a rug. And get some colourful printed towels! It’s all about the layering
At this point. Don’t despair!

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 20-Feb-19 17:52:36

What sort of look are you after OP, bright or warm or sophisticated or what?

Next often have some nice blinds. I'd find a nice patterned one I liked and then pick out one of the colours for the walls.

Maybe something like this with a soft grey for the walls?

Oneweekleft Wed 20-Feb-19 17:52:57

I think a simple improvement would be to tile up to the ceiling and paint the walls white. Then you would have a grey and white theme. Then you could add some plants around the place and maybe a blind x

RuggyPeg Wed 20-Feb-19 17:53:37

In all my years, I've never seen wall art in a bathroom 🤔 I'm amazed at how many people are suggesting putting pictures up.

I loathe plants in bathrooms and think they look twacky but it just shows how personal taste is. Likewise pink/red/teal/orange feature walls.

RockyFlintstone Wed 20-Feb-19 17:53:57

3. That sink and mirror is hideous;

Hideous? 😂

I would love that bathroom, you should see mine!!!

BlackType Wed 20-Feb-19 17:54:24

As I always say to my DC: "Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? If not all three, then don't say it".

Perhaps take heed, @NewUserNamePostedBefore

Lllot5 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:54:33

I really like it actually just needs a bit of colour. New blind and towels I think it’ll be lovely. I like clean uncluttered rooms.

ID81241 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:54:41

Needs more tiles I think and a bit of colour- whatever colour you like...even a warm grey would do.

You could then add accessories in a metal such as gold/copper to add some warmth to the room. I would also use car spray paint on the faucets in this colour but that's just my particular taste.

It's very nice just I think I would've expected more tiles and some colour. Shouldnt be too expensive to jazz it up a little.

Jaxhog Wed 20-Feb-19 17:54:56

Don't change the tiles or paint, until you've tried the dressing option. It's much easier to change if you don't like it!

burritofan Wed 20-Feb-19 17:55:07

Why does everyone hate half-tiled walls? Tiling an entire bathroom floor to ceiling on all walls always looks a bit "and here's where I murder you and sluice the blood off my easy-clean decor" to me. Not to mention keeping all that grout mould-free.

Vive la half-tiled walls! OP, have you got a Pinterest board? I would start pinning dream bathrooms and try to figure out what they've got that yours is lacking, before you get out the tester paint pots/wallpaper/invest in multiple plants even though you should totally just fill it with plants.

BlueMerchant Wed 20-Feb-19 17:55:35

It's really lovely. I think I'd do what's already suggested- add colour to the walls, shutters, artwork and possibly a statement bathroom light.

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 20-Feb-19 17:55:46

and meant to add, pick out the little bright colour with some towels/bathmat etc.

MikeUniformMike Wed 20-Feb-19 17:55:57

You need a pedestal mat round the loo and a matching bath mat, a bog brush and a bottle of bleach.

Hoppahouse Wed 20-Feb-19 17:56:03

I think it's the cream colour that's letting it down. Other than that, it's a lovely bathroom!

Jaxhog Wed 20-Feb-19 17:56:13

sorry, the last link to a possible blind fabric didn't work

mimibunz Wed 20-Feb-19 17:56:45

Ok, yes, the mirror could be replaced with something a bit less plain, but it’s not hideous! Pinterest could be your friend!

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:57:16

@newusernamepostedbefore it's not a tiny shower, it's 1200 x 800
Probably just the camera angle.
And no if i wanted to show off my bathroom I would have posted to fb not mumsnet. I'm too embarrassed to show anyone in RL as it stands

We were advised by all 5 fitters that quoted not to tile the floor of an upstairs bathroom

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 20-Feb-19 17:57:17

I have pictures in my bathroom - and my downstairs toilet. en-suite walls don't have room.

ChesterGreySideboard Wed 20-Feb-19 17:57:44

You need a pedestal mat round the loo and a matching bath mat, a bog brush and a bottle of bleach.

Can you still get the fuzzy toilet seat covers to match the towels?

Jaxhog Wed 20-Feb-19 17:57:50

Someone suggested going to John Lewis - good idea. Or your local curtain shop. Borrow a swatch book and prop it up in your bathroom to see how it looks.

3in4years Wed 20-Feb-19 17:57:57

I love it.

Jaxhog Wed 20-Feb-19 17:58:28

You need a pedestal mat round the loo and a matching bath mat, a bog brush and a bottle of bleach.


Hoppahouse Wed 20-Feb-19 17:59:44

I think a different colour, that goes nicely with the white, will make a whole lot of difference.

Chickaletta16 Wed 20-Feb-19 18:00:07

It's lovely you need some nice tiles or a change of paint Colour xx

peachgreen Wed 20-Feb-19 18:00:07

Honestly OP, it just needs more colour on the walls (I'd go a nice grey/green), some window dressing and some more "stuff". Browse Pinterest for some inspiration.

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 18:00:12

Better pic of shower

TonTonMacoute Wed 20-Feb-19 18:01:00

Good grief, I am envy with envy. Our bathroom is a shithole (in every sense) and badly needs doing up. I can't imagine why you hate your lovely new bathroom!

Jaxhog Wed 20-Feb-19 18:01:11

Otherwise, it looks funadamentally fine just as it is. Lovely actually. I wish I could come and dress it for you. A blank canvas is so much fun!

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 18:01:19

We can't change the tiles, only add to them. I'm worried they are awful now too!

speakout Wed 20-Feb-19 18:02:29

It;s lovely.

It looks stark because it's new and bare.

You need some personalisation.

I would introduce more wood- but that's my preference, some colour on the walls would work too- and that window needs some dressing.

Horsemad Wed 20-Feb-19 18:02:46

Haven't read the whole thread but it is lovely!!

I'm still in the process of deciding on mine & I hate all the faffing around, shopping!

Do you mind me asking - what size shower you have there please?

BlackType Wed 20-Feb-19 18:03:14

Sorry - bit obsessed with houses (serial renovator). I think one mistake people can make with bathrooms is to treat them differently from the other rooms in the house. To my mind, they're just another room, which happens to have a bath/shower/loo/basin combination, rather than a sofa/dining table/whatever. It's best to do whatever makes you personally feel warm and comfortable and happy in it, in the same way that you have presumably done with the rest of your house, OP? What kinds of curtains/blinds/colours have you got elsewhere? Could that be a starting point?

MikeUniformMike Wed 20-Feb-19 18:03:37

damn, i forgot the seat cover.

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 20-Feb-19 18:03:38

This was when mine was done - much smaller than yours OP and I wasn't entirely happy with the wall colour which has now changed, but gives you an idea

Springwalk Wed 20-Feb-19 18:03:41

The bathroom is lovely.
The creams walls make it look insipid.
Depending on your taste change it to dove grey, navy or whatever you like. The walls need to change.
Something to dress the window,
A stylish mirror on the wall
Talk candelabra in corner.
Fluffy towels
You will love it then

Springwalk Wed 20-Feb-19 18:03:54


Puzzledandpissedoff Wed 20-Feb-19 18:03:56

I love the hardware and agree with PPs that more colour will make a big difference, but I really don't think you've got enough tiling. The areas at each end of the bath will get splashed, and if that tiny tiled splashback is all you've got behind the sink, that wall is going to get filthy

Could the tiled area, at least around the sink, be extended a bit?

C1rrus Wed 20-Feb-19 18:03:58

It’s my perfect kind of bathroom grin However my friends would insist that it needed some coordinated textiles, window dressing and a huge gilt-framed artwork.

flumpybear Wed 20-Feb-19 18:03:59

Yes I agree that the cream perhaps doesn't gel the brown and grey together ... just needs something to tie it in - plus funky towels and a nice blind

I'm rubbish though at decor so won't offer opinions on colour myself

snowbear66 Wed 20-Feb-19 18:04:26

The Magnolia looks a bit like the colour on hospital walls, but apart from that it's lovely.

Springwalk Wed 20-Feb-19 18:05:08

Match the paint on the walls to the tiles it should blend well with dark wooden floor and will look stylish

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Wed 20-Feb-19 18:05:26

It is lovely, all it needs is a set of coloured towels, a rug and some matching bathroom is plain but I have a set of orange towels, bathmat, soap dispenser, a vase of flowers in an orange tone and a couple of candles. When I get bored with them I have a red set in a box under the bed and it looks totally different when I swap them over.
I love that I can make it look new whenever I want which I couldn't do in my old bathroom as it had coloured tiles and paint. work with it.

ps I am a bit OTT too as I buy my soap to match blush

Murphypoint Wed 20-Feb-19 18:07:00

I really like it!

warmandfuzzycat Wed 20-Feb-19 18:07:16

I agree with pps. It's a lovely bathroom, but needs accessorising with some plants and colour. Maybe some pictures and ornaments. Our bathroom (which was new in 2015) looked quite bland, but looked 10 times better with some cacti, a few pictures, several more plants, a fancy shower screen, and some ornaments.

WheelyCote Wed 20-Feb-19 18:08:20

Echo what everyone has said. Add a plant too. Will feel homely soon. Enjoy

Absofuckinglutely Wed 20-Feb-19 18:08:30

The brown floor, light grey tile, magnolia wall combo is your problem. They don't work together.
Walls are an easy change, I'd paint them mid grey and see how they look. I'd have chosen a much more striking tile, it's all a bit bland, but the darker grey wall may save it. Dulux Easycare Bathroom in Chic Shadow on behind loo and window wall and perhaps a lighter one, Polished Pebble on sink and mirror wall.
Nice blind, agree on shelves somewhere too.

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice bathroom but I can see why you're underwhelmed. It's going to be easy to make it a lot better with a bit of flair and paint.

BlueCornishPixie Wed 20-Feb-19 18:09:08

I haven't read the whole thread but I think it's lovely.

The problem I think is it's the wrong colour on the walls, it's too peachy and it doesn't quite go with the floor and the tiles. I think it needs something brighter and cooler if that makes sense? By tbh I think if you put a shelf up and maybe a picture or something on the walls it will tie it all together!

And once you've furnished it with your own stuff so a blind and a bath matt, maybe a plant it will look lovely!

IrmaFayLear Wed 20-Feb-19 18:10:11

Well, I like it!

(By the way, OP, where did you get the loo and basin from? Currently doing up bathroom.)

Just went to a posh bathroom place ( ran away after hearing price, though!) and was reliably informed by person there that fully-tiled bathrooms are on the way out (ie hotel look) and that half-tiled + paint is the current look. Disagree with floor tiles, too. We had those in main bathroom and they were bloody freezing and slippery.

Agree that a different paint on the walls would liven it up.

Puzzledandpissedoff Wed 20-Feb-19 18:10:40

Come to think of it, could the tiling be extended all around the room, but at the height of those by the bath? That would pull in the sink and loo as well as making it look less "bitty", and a bolder colour could still be used above them

Also hope you've got very good waterproofing around the shower, as that base has hardly any lip to prevent spillage

maxbabi Wed 20-Feb-19 18:11:18

Can I please ask where you got the shower tray and surround from? Looking for something similar.... Love it needs using and colour! 😁

CigarsofthePharoahs Wed 20-Feb-19 18:11:22

My bathroom looks like it was fitted piecemeal sometime in the 1980s by someone who didn't know what they were doing and didn't care anyway. For example when you flush the loo the water only flushes half of the pan.
The whole room is grim, but we can't afford to anything with it yet.
In comparison yours looks very nice! However I do see how it could feel a bit cold and clinical. I agree with previous suggestions - you just need some colour.

Doghorsechicken Wed 20-Feb-19 18:12:10

I’d add some colour, perhaps something on the wall (not entirely sure what though!) and a tall plant somewhere on the floor.

candlefloozy Wed 20-Feb-19 18:13:21

Beautiful bathroom. Others are right. Just need a bit of colour somewhere and a blind

JudgeRindersMinder Wed 20-Feb-19 18:14:42

It’s a lovely suite, and lucky you having a bathroom big enough for a freestanding shower as well as a bath!
I think the only thing letting it down is the creamy coloured walls, it just looks a bit like the builder has just signed it off. I think I’d either go white with colourful towels, or dark, grey or navy. Any colour would be fine against your floor as it’s just a neutral

BlackType Wed 20-Feb-19 18:15:07

Final word from me, honestly. If you do tester pots, try F&B Hague Blue. Radically different from magnolia, but it could work. Chrome fittings and the illuminated looking glass would show up well against it. I'd advise against any kind of feature wall/different paint colour on different walls. Couldn't be doing with indoor plants in there, either, though fresh flowers would be nice (in my dreams). Also, I wonder about introducing a very small antique (mahogany) cabinet to contain bathroom items? The chrome holder by the loo is arguably just too generic if you want to get a 'special' look. Antique can look fabulous with ultra-modern, and can be far cheaper than Argos (though this may be absolutely not your thing!)

spongedog Wed 20-Feb-19 18:15:28

just starting this pain myself so you have my sympathies.

I personally am not keen on the wall colour against the tiles (from the photos so perhaps different in real life). The tiles look more grey and the wall colour cream/magnolia.

I agree with other pps more colour and your bits eg towels/blinds will make a lot of difference.

Is your flooring Amtico? I have had Amtico in my ensuite for 20 years and replacing that with more Amtico has been my easiest choice to date!

Cla9 Wed 20-Feb-19 18:16:08

I really like it! I agree the wall colour isn’t right. White or grey would go. Get a nice plant and a shelf up. I can’t wait until I get a new bathroom.

WhenDoISleep Wed 20-Feb-19 18:16:20

I'd go for a funky blind and some wall art to lift it. The bonus of keeping the neutral base is that you can change the accent colours and accessories very easily in a few years.

Can I ask where you got the sink from as we are planning to redo our main bathroom and it looks the kind of thing we are looking for.

SirGawain Wed 20-Feb-19 18:16:29

I think it looks great!

BrizzleMint Wed 20-Feb-19 18:17:53

It's lovely but you need to add some accessories and colour.

We have a black and grey bathroom but have candles and a spider plant plus brightly coloured towels - either turquoise, red or purple depending which ones are in the wash at the time.

MumW Wed 20-Feb-19 18:19:25

I echo what others have said, it's bland and clinical.
However, it's a blank canvas and when you've added a blind, towels etc I think they difference will be massive.

I suggest an evening on Pinterest for some inspiration.

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