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To ask you to look at this pic of my new bathroom and tell me why I hate it!

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Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:15:48

Name changed as outing.

We have saved so hard for this new bathroom. We have reconfigured it and had everything new. Stripped to bare brick.

I really don't like it :-(

We still want to put a shelf up behind the toilet with some nice things on, and a towel storer where 3 towels will be rolled up at once in there.

Please be honest. Be as brutal as needed. I want to change the paint I think but no idea what to. We need to get a blind. What else can I do to make this the dream bathroom I envisaged blush

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:16:38

Image 1

ThatssomebadhatHarry Wed 20-Feb-19 17:16:51

Can’t see pic?

thecutecouple Wed 20-Feb-19 17:17:18

There's no link attached.

DiscoMoo Wed 20-Feb-19 17:17:44

It’s lovely! Just needs some colour I think.

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:17:48

Image 2 - i like the sink and mirror

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:18:15

Ffs why aren't my pics working

userblablabla Wed 20-Feb-19 17:18:20

It’s just a bit bare! Once it’s full of your stuff and more cluttered I’m sure it’ll feel lovely.

ThunderStorms Wed 20-Feb-19 17:18:24

Needs a nice blind at the window.

Bouncebacker Wed 20-Feb-19 17:18:33

It’s fine! It’s very white which is probably just a shock. A bright paint would help but it is really ok!

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 20-Feb-19 17:18:51

Paint the walls a different colour and it will be fine.

thecutecouple Wed 20-Feb-19 17:18:51

It's lovely and swish. A splash of colour might be nice and the window looks a little bare.

FloatingthroughSpace Wed 20-Feb-19 17:18:53

It's ok, canyoutell, but a bit bland. It needs a big plant and some artwork. It just lacks personality yet.

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:18:59


FooFighter99 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:04

Get a beautiful voile panel for the window and some luxurious bath mats, maybe a gorgeous piece of art for the walls?

It looks a bit plain at the moment, but thats easily fixed!

Aquamarine1029 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:09

I think it's lovely. A bit of soft colour on the walls and a gorgeous bath mat will make it perfect

Littlebelina Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:12

Something on the walls (picture maybe) as it's a bit bare? Warmer paint perhaps. I think a blind will really help. It looks lovely just needs pulling together a bit

Chocolate1984 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:12

I think you don't like it because the paint is too cream. I think you need more of a Dulux Walnut White type colour. Other than that it's a lovely bathroom.

SkunkButtRug Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:12

No colour? It is lovely but just needs some colour, some accessories, towels, rug etc or plants or pattern I think. It's a bit sterile at the moment. A blank canvas.

Mammyloveswine Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:14

I think it needs personalizing... needs a blind. Looks lovely but a bit stark atm.

wonderingsoul Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:20

Some colour in the blind, even if its black.

Once youv got the towels up and shelve up I think it'll look more cosy

mummyof2boys30 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:20

Toilet a bit square maybe for my liking but other than that it's lovely. Add bit colour and some nice towels

ladyvimes Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:35

It’s nice but maybe a bit plain? Put some artwork on the wall above the toilet? (Not sure bathroom art is even a thing!)
Get a colourful bath mat?

ThunderStorms Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:37

The gap at the end of the bath is a bit strange, but otherwise fine.

Fiveredbricks Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:45

Walls should be a statement colour to contrast the tiles. The magnolia/cream is doing it no favours.

notacooldad Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:45

Your purpose tires are working!
I can't see the problem with the bathroom. It looks nice.

BettyWahair Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:48

I think it is a really clean space but it is fairly clinical looking at the moment and needs some colour and character. Have you had a look at Pinterest at all? You could get some plants, even some artwork in there, just to break up the white.
Did you want a minimalist look? What attracted you to the pieces in the first place?

EwItsAHooman Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:52

It just needs some colour and a little bit of clutter, it's lovely but very bare right now.

flirtygirl Wed 20-Feb-19 17:19:56

The window wall looks like it should be fully tiled. The paint colour is boring and meh. The flooring doesn't quite go but I can't say why? I don't like the shape of the sink but I think that just me.

Ninjaplus1 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:00

It’s lovely.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:29

Unless you have splashy kids I'd wallpaper the window wall and put up a blind

I'd wallpaper it with a beach hut mural but I have very bright taste

It definitely needs a window treatment and a contrasting/matching bath mat

scaryteacher Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:33

It needs colour - add in some towels and some clutter, and some bathmats to match the colour of the walls when you paint them and the jobs a good'un.

It is very Belgian though!

Disfordarkchocolate Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:33

I think it looks lovely, all you need to do is some finishing touches ie blind, plants, nice towels and a print or two. So much nicer than mine. I'd be using a nice relaxing green to add the colour.

notacooldad Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:40

your pictures are working

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:52

What colour paint would you go for? And what style blind?
I'm so disappointed with it. Thanks for helping with suggestions!

Aquamarine1029 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:54

I think a large framed artwork would be gorgeous above the toilet

flirtygirl Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:56

Oh I like the sink now you've done the 2nd picture.

BWcastle2000 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:20:56

I would have gone for floor to ceiling tiles. If you really was honesty it’s a little bit bland. You need a feature. Colour of paint, artwork?

Iltavilli Wed 20-Feb-19 17:21:12

The walls a different colour / a pop of colour elsewhere will really make a huge difference!

RuggyPeg Wed 20-Feb-19 17:21:15

I can see why you're not keen. It looks a bit stark. You'll get lots of suggestions for wall colour but I think you need a nice classy colour. What is current colour? Pale pink? A window blind too would improve things. I think the tiles cheapen the whole look. They look a bit budget-y and like you've run out of money to continue tiling!

64sNewName Wed 20-Feb-19 17:21:23

It looks good; it’s just quite anonymous, and without knowing your taste it’s hard to advise. Get your favourite lovely soap and all that stuff, maybe another mirror (beautiful one) on the wall, or a piece of art or whatever warms up a space for you.

Wish we had a new bathroom!

Longdistance Wed 20-Feb-19 17:21:31

Needs some colour? Possibly a plant? Bouncy towels? Floor looks dark. Is it wood or tile? I’d prefer tiles.

ThatssomebadhatHarry Wed 20-Feb-19 17:21:48

Ok now I see.

It’s a bland and boring. Maybe a picture on the wall and some colour. It just needs a bit of jazzing up and your own stamp on it. Pinterest is your friend.

Deadbudgie Wed 20-Feb-19 17:21:48

With everyone else it’s lovely just a bit bland at the mo. Maybe a light blue wall. Some artwork and a few bits on a shelf as you planned. Nice bath mat and some coloured towels. Then some candles, bubble bath and glass of wine enjoy

Dermymc Wed 20-Feb-19 17:22:13

It's meh. There's no colour to it. Get some colour on the wall.

The bath gap is odd but you can't change that now.

It's a lovely suite and modern lines.

Heyha Wed 20-Feb-19 17:22:42

I like it! A nice blind, bright towels, and a plant or something and it'll look much more homely. It really is a blank canvas. If you put the towels and a blind in and live with it for a month, and still don't like it, THEN look at painting a wall or something?

happyjack12 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:22:53

well i like it....just needs something to warm it up a bit, blinds and towels and co-ordinating bits will do that. I've used burnt orange to accent my cream and white bathroom ( nowhere near as nice as yours !!)

Aquamarine1029 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:23:00

I think a light/medium blue colour would be lovely with luxurious white rugs

Spudlet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:23:02

It's just not very personal at the moment. Put in some nice fluffy towels in a colour of your choice, a mat and thhe rest of your stuff and it will soon look more like yours, and less like a showroom.

I have a little succulent in a bright pot on the bathroom windowsill, it seems to be very happy. That sort of thing.

The80sweregreat Wed 20-Feb-19 17:23:47

It's lovely! I'd be happy with it. Maybe a bit of colour on the wall ( picture or something?)
Enjoy your new bathroom!

PalmTree101 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:24:08

It is nice! Just very stark and white.

some nice towels and a coloured toohbrush holder and you're golden

cheeseandcrackers Wed 20-Feb-19 17:24:12

Roman style blind and a canvas photo/artwork on the wall. Shelf with luxurious smellies and soft fluffy bath mat

oldfatgreycat Wed 20-Feb-19 17:25:05

The wall colour is wrong. W have skylight and light blue by farrow and ball in our bathroom and it looks lovely.

ineedsomeinspiration Wed 20-Feb-19 17:25:09

I haven’t read others opinions so as to be honest in mine. I think it needs a bit of colour somehow. Doesn’t feel very cosy. So nice towels, colourful blind, maybe some art or photos on the wall where the loo sits. I think it needs to be made a bit more yours.

Gth1234 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:25:16

What's wrong? Looks very swerve.

ZenNudist Wed 20-Feb-19 17:26:02

Bath mats
Pictures or something on walls behind toilet

GregoryPeckingDuck Wed 20-Feb-19 17:26:11

Magnolia walls and dark floor

Aquamarine1029 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:26:24

Looking again, I think the room would look more complete if that one wall was all tile, up to the ceiling.

dudsville Wed 20-Feb-19 17:26:26

It's a bit cold and souless. My bathrooms don't have decoration but I think yours does require some. a rug, some interesting towels. You could do an interesting single stripe (mid or 3/4 way up the wall) going around the room to bring it together.

OneStepSideways Wed 20-Feb-19 17:26:27

It feels a bit unbalanced the way it's laid out, especially with the loo in the middle of a long wall. I'd add a couple of tall plants, some wooden accessories, a shelf with towels. The shower cubicle looks a bit squashed, how about a mirror next to it to open up the space? And a chair to fill in the gaps.

I'm sure it will grow on you in time

Guineapiglet345 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:26:30

I would have had more tiles, it looks like a rental or a hotel bathroom and you didn’t want to spend much money on it. Maybe get a big plant on the window sill and put something on the walls

faw2009 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:26:34

The tiles neither match nor contrast against the wall paint. A feature wall could be nice. And a large plant in a beautiful pot (or even hanging plants) will give the bathroom life.

PalmTree101 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:26:45

I would put a big pot plant where the bin is and put the bin the other side of the toilet

Possibly change the paint colour - I'm not sure the creamy white does with the white white of the tiles?

Dermymc Wed 20-Feb-19 17:27:09

Definitely paint the walls a different colour. Teal would be nice.

IncrediblySadToo Wed 20-Feb-19 17:27:24

The ‘bath gap’ isn’t ‘odd’. It isn’t a gap, it’s a freestanding bath & it’s lovely.

What is it that YOU don’t like?

What’s different than YOU pictured?

tigerbear0906 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:27:35

It's gorgeous! Some nice towels, matching colour rug to break up the white, but it's really lovely.
I know how your feeling though, we spent thousands on a new fitted kitchen that I had longed for and when it was done all I wanted was to change the colours of the doors and worktop etc. I love it now though, with personalised bits it finally feels like mine

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:28:04

Bath is a D shape one so same gap either end. I don't like the wall colour at all I wanted a warm honey type colour but didn't get a tester (grrr) and it looks magnolia to me! Dh doesn't agree! He likes it but he would say that as he does the decorating.
I think we should have tiled all the way up the window wall do you agree? Not too late to change stuff at the moment.. Just inconvenient and money we don't have really!

TwitterQueen1 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:28:07

I would have gone for coloured or mosaic tiles in a contrasting colour, like black, gold and silver, or a blue theme. I think that would have lifted the whole bathroom. Having said that, it still looks lush and lovely and if you simply accessorise with striking contrast colours for towels, the blind, shelf unit etc it will be gorgeous!

spudlet7 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:28:08

You don't like it because it's new and not cosy yet. Get some pictures on the wall and some colourful towels in and I'm sure you'll like it

burritofan Wed 20-Feb-19 17:28:25

It's fine, it's just "fresh from the showroom" and lifeless. If it were mine I would:

paint over the builder's magnolia with either fresh white (for a clean backdrop for all the ~stuff that ends up cluttering a bathroom), or a bold colour, if that's your jam – dark, moody green, or a v pale pink (not sugary, more like dusty rose).

Add some open shelving on the loo/bath wall and fill with plants.

Put up framed poster print (nothing you won't mind binning in a decade when it's all moulds)

Nice towels, bathmat, products, scented candle, etc.

I just had the exact same reaction to my new bathroom, but a big green fern on the windowsill, a scented candle and a jaunty shower curtain on a tension rod brought it all to life.

SpanielEars070 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:28:34

I think it's the colour of the floor - it's very stark in contrast to the white ceramic ware. Put some colour in - something bright like mustard, lime, turquoise or cerise. Bath mats, towels and a blind?

Canyoutellwhoiamyet Wed 20-Feb-19 17:28:42

Floor is wooden vinyl click stuff

IncrediblySadToo Wed 20-Feb-19 17:29:38

Freestanding wasn’t the right word. I can’t think what they’re called. But they’re designed to have space around each end like that

Shodan Wed 20-Feb-19 17:29:45

It looks like any hotel bathroom tbh.

But it has lovely clean lines, so all you need is some personalisation I reckon. It'll look stunning then.

I wouldn't go changing any colours on the walls until you've put your own touch in there. Then if you need something else I'd suggest some kind of mural maybe, rather than a picture.

bedtimestories Wed 20-Feb-19 17:29:51

It looks really nice, I'd say the floor or wall colour need changing

stopdropandroll Wed 20-Feb-19 17:29:51

i’d suggest plants and more tiles especially at the sink for splashes, maybe with dark grout?

TheFaerieQueene Wed 20-Feb-19 17:29:56

It’s the loo brush. Get rid and it will look fab! 😉

Processedpea Wed 20-Feb-19 17:30:17

More plants I think it's nice

HerRoyalNotness Wed 20-Feb-19 17:30:27

Yes just add some greenery and pattern via the blind and some art. I think it looks nice!

MrsMartinRohde Wed 20-Feb-19 17:30:53

Not a fan of the flooring, and I think it needs more tiles, too.

Changing the wall colour would go a long way to pepping it up. The shower and bath are lovely.

ValleyoftheHorses Wed 20-Feb-19 17:31:17

I think it’s lovely but personally I would have fully tiled the window wall behind the bath with a feature tile. It needs something - paint it?

Bowchicawowow Wed 20-Feb-19 17:31:17

It looks like a bathroom showroom. You need to make it your own.

OllyBJolly Wed 20-Feb-19 17:31:21

it's lovely - just needs a bit of personalisation. You'll be able to change the whole look and feel just by having different coloured accessories.

(jealous of your bath - looks lovely for a long soak!)

FadedRed Wed 20-Feb-19 17:32:06

It’s very nice, as pp’s day, just bland.
The beauty of it is ANY colour scheme would go in it. What’s your favourite colour? I personally don’t like coloured walls, so wouldn’t paint it another colour, but would choose the accessories in a theme colour/s.

TheCreativeLife Wed 20-Feb-19 17:32:46

The floor is a bit dark for my taste. What about a nice colourful mat and some cheerful curtains? A couple of humidity-loving plants? Moth orchids would like it there. And yes, a couple of shelves with some nice bits and pieces. Job done, it will look fab

AgathaF Wed 20-Feb-19 17:32:48

I'd paint at least one of the walls a much deeper colour, maybe bright pink or teal. Then match in towels and blind to that. Art on the wall/s, some nice shelving with candles/plant/lovely bathroom items on, and I like a nice clock in the bathroom too. There's nothing wrong with the room, it just needs dressing like any other room in the house.

IncrediblySadToo Wed 20-Feb-19 17:32:57

🤣 at DH loving it because he does the decorating 🤣

Take a tile with you and find a paint you love. Bribe DH to repaint or threaten to do it yourself.

Did DH do the tiling or would you have to pay a tiler?

Kissmycousinkate Wed 20-Feb-19 17:33:08

Looks lovely, some nice bright towels and blind to match with a nice picture on the wall will pull it altogether. I'd go for brights like cerise, orange or bright green. Paint is fine

SmallFluffyChicken Wed 20-Feb-19 17:33:13

It is bloody lovely! Just needs some stuff in it! Tiles are fine height around bath. Have a look on line and find a theme you like and stick with those colours for accessories, picture/s, blind. It is an amazing bathroom. Love all of it. I would happily swap.

Mouikey Wed 20-Feb-19 17:33:50

So I’ve read the comments and am offering my view! Each of the component parts are lovely but I’m not keen on the layout and would have (if space and I’m not sure that there is) put the sink and loo next to each other.

I’d personally tile floor to Celing as it currently looks like a brand new home bathroom - sort of half finished. Classic large tiles in a neutral colour.

Accessories with nik naks and towels to add colour so you have a classic bathroom that can change quickly and easily.

Currently it has no character - so add your own!!!

sheerjewl Wed 20-Feb-19 17:34:20

Its looks really lovely but I personally like bathrooms that are all tiled now rather than painted walls. I think that stops it looking so bare and more modern. It's very much personal preference though !

Sparkygal Wed 20-Feb-19 17:34:26

I think it's lovely. Once you have a blind, bright towels that will add your splash of colour. Personally I would go for a fairly neutral blind and add the colour through your towels, and a bright picture.
Could you fit a slim vase at the end of the bath with an elegant fake flower?

ChariotsofFish Wed 20-Feb-19 17:34:38

Change the wall colour and add a blind. At the minute it looks like an empty house decorated in 1999 when everything was magnolia. I’d go for a sage green on the walls and a patterned blind. There’s nothing wrong with the expensive bits of the bathroom, the fittings and flooring are perfectly nice.

JinglingHellsBells Wed 20-Feb-19 17:34:41

I think it depends on what you like. there is no rule that the walls have to be coloured. I hate coloured walls.

My bathroom is a white suite, white tiles with some silver trim (it's old and ready for replacement), white walls and a dark grey slate floor. I have a large, original painting on the largest wall.

Stayawayfromitsmouth Wed 20-Feb-19 17:35:44

It's lovely except the magnolia paint. Change that and get some soft furnishings in. A bathmat and towels. Some plants or accesories

SweepTheHalls Wed 20-Feb-19 17:35:46

Add a nice tall plant!

buttertoff33 Wed 20-Feb-19 17:35:53

I never get the British tiling method - just a few tiles around the sink and bath tub. A proper bath is fully tiled. To me it looks as if you ran out of tiles. Otherwise it is nice.

CalamityJune Wed 20-Feb-19 17:35:51

I see what you mean. It's really lovely but as it's quite plain at the moment it looks a bit like a rental or property developer type room.

A lovely big plant to stand on the floor will be nice, as well as a traily one on the shelf.

A coloured or patterned blind will be nice.

My sister got a lovely wooden bath tray from etsy recently and has a couple of candles and posh toiletries on it which looks lovely.

By the time you've got some towels and your things in there it will be lovely.

Shelbybear Wed 20-Feb-19 17:35:54

It needs colour, maybe even just some wall art, candles, towels or even some paint.

I would have went for tile on the floor but the floor is nice.

A bright blind will male such a difference too.

I would have gone for some more tiling at your sink and made it a bit more bold or interesting.

I think it's a really nicely fitted bathroom and the mirror and sink are particularly nice. It's really not awful at all. Just needs some nice touches.

Seaseasea Wed 20-Feb-19 17:36:13

It’s a perfect blank canvas! I’d wallpaper a nice white paper with big green leaves as patterns and then a freestanding tall tree plant and mini one with green accessories. I love it

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