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To want a picture of my bio children

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Fairydustsprinkled Wed 20-Feb-19 00:03:24

Had a photoshoot of my bio children 3 months ago and I really want a canvas printing for my back wall, AIBU that my stepchild is not on this?

AtrociousCircumstance Thu 21-Feb-19 23:28:45

Dippy maybe your aunt and uncle have spent all these years being privately hurt you didn’t send them a photo?

Rita2u Thu 21-Feb-19 23:43:48

Please don’t do that. You will make her feel completely ostracised from the family. Does her mother have another family too? She will soon be a teenager and you don’t want her self esteem being affected purely because of one picture. Maybe not a big deal to you, but could make a massive difference in her life! I was that step child!!!

BertrandRussell Fri 22-Feb-19 00:02:55

The OP is long gone, having decided not to hang the picture. Foe people still not sure. Imagine having two children, both biological, no issues, just two kids. Imagine having a flash, canvas picture of one of them up on the wall, and a snap of the other leaning on the mantlepiece. How would the second child feel?

Vynalbob Fri 22-Feb-19 00:17:37

A canvas is not a photo, it makes a statement and I feel it is a statement that you want to make. These are the most important. At least put it in your bedroom. Surprised that your DH is happy.

Vynalbob Fri 22-Feb-19 00:23:04

Didnt read all your posts op.
Appologise for being harsh

YourSarcasmIsDripping Fri 22-Feb-19 00:36:34

That's ok , about a dozen more people haven't. Ain't nobody got time for that.hmm

caringcarer Fri 22-Feb-19 01:15:39

If stepchild not allowed in photo it is kind of telling her you are not good enough to be in this photo with my children. Put it in your bedroom or room step child will not go in. Put up photo of all children in lounge. If i was step child i and saw large photo up without me in I would conclude you don't really like me much.

Dohee Fri 22-Feb-19 02:25:50

@Nanny0gg I have read the full thread. I don't need you shouting or ranting at me. Why are you still responding?

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