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To not want to be contacted by PIL about this whilst on holiday?

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Holidayrage Mon 18-Feb-19 21:16:44

We (me, DH, 3DC) are currently abroad on holiday and have been since Friday. To avoid drip feeding, DH and I both work, DH is full time and I work 4 days per week. I am 21 weeks into a stressful pregnancy, having suffered a partial placental abruption at 19 weeks. As a result I am having to take things very easy. Plus, this is the only chance we will get for a family break until the end of May.

PIL called this evening and apparently want to talk to me about liability insurance. This has nothing to do with my area of work at all, but apparently as I am a solicitor they want to ask me. This has now caused a row with DH as apparently I am being very unreasonable in not wanting to deal with this whilst on holiday. Honestly when I saw the number come up I thought they must be calling with bad news...since we saw them only 3 days ago (the day we left) and are back on Friday anyway.

So, mumsnet jury, AIBU not to want to be bothered on holiday about this?!

Mimmi78 Wed 20-Feb-19 22:08:18

I'm a London Lloyd's based insurance expert, I can answer it for you if it's in my field of expertise? At least that would take pressure if you ? Sorry you have to deal with stress on holidaythanks

Doesntlooklikeanythingtome Thu 21-Feb-19 05:45:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ringdonna Thu 21-Feb-19 06:31:46

Do it and send them a large bill.

MsTSwift Thu 21-Feb-19 07:04:57

Pretty sure anyone who is a solicitor is totally on your side op. It’s rarely “just a quick chat”. I have a lovely kind gentle aunt who dh agreed to assist with a legal matter as her issue was his field and she was a truly nightmare client worse than all his hard arse corporate clients! Fortunately he was conflicted out so able to quite properly dump her as a client.

Scarriff Thu 21-Feb-19 07:42:48

Different take I think. Spend 5 minutes googling liability insurance and read out a para in a soothing voice. Make sure they have a pen. At the end say its not your area of expertise but this is to help them get a start. When you get home you will look for recommendations for proper experts for them. In other words, speak to their anxiety rather than the question they seem to be asking.

PenelopeFlintstone Thu 21-Feb-19 08:48:42

Hey OP, Bertrand Russel can shove it. Troll someone else.
confused Disagreeing isn't trolling.

Adversecamber22 Thu 21-Feb-19 09:32:45

I’m with the poster way up thread who laments the passing of times gone by when there were no mobiles or email or it was so basic that people only contacted you in a genuine emergency. I went on a cruise last year and being all at sea meant we were out of range some days, which I loved.

MsTSwift Thu 21-Feb-19 10:24:26

Scarriff why the hell should op do that in her holiday? She is a solicitor that is work to her.

I don’t know what your job is but if you were sitting on a sun lounger on holiday having a difficult pregnancy and your mil walked up to you demanded you put your book down and do 40 minutes of whatever your job is how would you feel?

downcasteyes Thu 21-Feb-19 10:35:14

I think the issue people aren't understanding is one of headspace.

It can be very hard to turn your mind off when you work a busy job that involves a lot of thought. The work tends to enclose parts of your day when you're not at your desk - so you find yourself thinking about a difficult, complicated or stressful situation while you're brushing your teeth, or watching TV. You can end up waking up in the middle of the night, thinking about something - or going round and round something in your head in a half-sleeping, half-awake way. It's not good or healthy, but if you asked a selection of people in senior roles how they manage, I bet you'd find a good proportion of them would recognise this.

Holidays become a really important time to switch off from this. And not being dragged back into work thinking is essential for that to work. And particularly important if someone is also facing a difficult life situation, like a pregnancy that is not going smoothly.

MsTSwift Thu 21-Feb-19 14:09:35

Absolutely downcast which is why these “it’s just a moment “ “but it’s faaaaaamily” virtue signallers making out op is a selfish meanie are annoying me

caringcarer Thu 21-Feb-19 14:14:32

Text to say nothing you can do form holiday will call them when back in UK. Switch off phone.

GreatDuckCookery6211 Thu 21-Feb-19 14:25:50

The OP sorted it days ago!

Uptheapplesandpears Thu 21-Feb-19 14:30:36

Googling liability insurance and reading it to people? Fucksakes! This is a terrible idea as a solicitor.

MrsPeel Fri 22-Feb-19 10:18:25

Totally agree Uptheapplesandpears quite apart from anything else it reinforces the notion that OP is on call 24/7 for any kind of legally related issue. Tell them your advice is to see a solicitor who specialises in liability and then have some stern words with your husband.

Nothingunpleasant Fri 22-Feb-19 10:28:05

I would stop with any advice at all. He’s pushy and has no respect. He’ll blame you if he tells you half a story and you advise badly. Tell DH to do his own research for them.

I speak from experience. MIL tells half a medical story and then can’t wait to tell you that she do the treatment you suggest because if the other previously unmentioned pills she is on 🙄. I refuse to say anything other than “go to the doctor” now, this DH spends his time googling symptoms so he can be ridiculed by her instead.

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