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To NOT open my letter from the Inland Revenue and eat a Magnum instead?

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StarryStarryNight Thu 05-Jul-07 12:39:23

Am I irresponsible? Should I open the letter (dread)?
Should I NOT eat the icecream, am on a diet to fit in to fab dress for posh even next week.

Having a stressed out moment the whole week and trying to catch myseld.

ediemay Thu 05-Jul-07 12:47:15

Totally reasonable IMO.
Am just doing my tax now and wish I hadn't started.

KerryMum Thu 05-Jul-07 12:48:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoodleStroodle Thu 05-Jul-07 12:48:11

Can you somehow cover the letter in Magnum and eat it and then it will have gone away?

Thanks for reminding me...

mumblechum Thu 05-Jul-07 12:48:22



SauerKraut Thu 05-Jul-07 12:48:30

Only if it's a white choc one.

oliveoil Thu 05-Jul-07 12:49:59

open the letter

putting it off will leave it festering like a bad smell in the corner

then if a) bad news, eat Magnum to cheer up, if b) good news, eat Magnum to celebrate

go for long walk to walk off Magnum calories to fit in dress


StarryStarryNight Thu 05-Jul-07 12:51:31

MM it was ALMOND, and totally delicious!
Now I just got some chocolate fudge cake out of the freezer, left over from DS2s birthday, will open that letter later, unless a sudden gush of wind takes it into my fishpond...

edam Thu 05-Jul-07 12:54:25

God, I feel the same way about IR letters. Always feel sick when I get them (and I get a lot, being self-employed and an ex-employer).

Agree with OO. Got two letters this am, actually. Opened them despite dread, one is something I have in hand so is fine, the other I have made three bloody phone calls about because they are nuts and two different departments are contradicting each other. Have now got the friendly helpful people to contact the stupid people directly, left a message with a real person who might actually know what is going on at the stupid department and got her direct line in case she doesn't come back to me. So hoping it is on its way to being resolved.

And feel a lot better about it. IME IR are quite helpful as long as you reply to them.

StarryStarryNight Thu 05-Jul-07 12:59:11

I was right in putting it off and enjoy my icecream first, wouldnt have the stomach to do so after I have read it now.

4k to pay by July 31st.

nearlythere Thu 05-Jul-07 13:06:06


nearlythere Thu 05-Jul-07 13:07:13

Could have been worse though! dh once got sent a notice by mistake telling him he had to pay £113,800 within 60 days! {shock}

oliveoil Thu 05-Jul-07 13:07:19

phone them up, it is bound to be wrong [hopeful]

StarryStarryNight Thu 05-Jul-07 13:27:58

Thanks guys, think I will phone them before I set my budget for the party dress. But, will it really matter in the grand scheme of things, if I pay £25 or £95 for the dress? Not being funny or flippant, but 4 k?

edam Thu 05-Jul-07 20:13:36

eek. Didn't they warn you when you did your tax return back in Jan?

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