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It’s a National Non-Emergency: Trump thread 91

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TheClaws Sun 17-Feb-19 23:44:57

Here we are in February 2019 - Trump has declared a National Emergency to funnel the funds for his border wall, he’s just come off a ridiculous SOTU that contained more lies than not, and he’s just tweeted this:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago
“These guys, the investigators, ought to be in jail. What they have done, working with the Obama intelligence agencies, is simply unprecedented. This is one of the greatest political hoaxes ever perpetrated on the people of this Country, and Mueller is a coverup.” Rush Limbaugh

But here’s a reminder he’s not one of the sharpest tools in the box.

lionheart Mon 18-Feb-19 19:02:15


lionheart Mon 18-Feb-19 20:02:50

lionheart Mon 18-Feb-19 20:08:43

Jon Swaine (Guardian US)

Verified account


'Roger Stone now directly attacking the federal judge presiding over his case and posting a pic of her head beside crosshairs.'

cozietoesie Mon 18-Feb-19 20:28:10

Oh Dear.

AcrossthePond55 Mon 18-Feb-19 21:07:04

Screen cap from our Telly. There wasn't much more information but sounds as this was not an isolated incident nor was she the only one involved

cozietoesie Mon 18-Feb-19 21:56:27

A CNN piece

election fraud?

AcrossthePond55 Mon 18-Feb-19 22:05:52

Yes, that's the one, cozie. Looks like they've had someone come forward and admit that they had falsely submitted absentee ballots that belonged to other people.

I hope this story gets followed up on.

cozietoesie Mon 18-Feb-19 22:08:18

This is the one that 45 really didn't like.

45 (actually Mr Baldwin)

cozietoesie Mon 18-Feb-19 22:12:09

Watch it now. Who knows how long it will be around for? grin

TheClaws Tue 19-Feb-19 00:15:35

He’s retweeted a Fox hack, but the tweet itself is a bit shocking for a POTUS.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
11h11 hours ago
“This was an illegal coup attempt on the President of the United States.” Dan Bongino on @foxandfriends True!

TheClaws Tue 19-Feb-19 00:18:26

More info on the upcoming cyber security/internet control move by Russia.

TheClaws Tue 19-Feb-19 00:30:10

Really dont believe this is the best of ideas. (Is Trump not listening to his intel officers again?)

TheClaws Tue 19-Feb-19 01:51:50

Oh, that’s OK then.

Marshall Cohen Retweeted
Shimon Prokupecz
Shimon Prokupecz @ShimonPro
Roger Stone formally apologized in a letter filed with the court.

"Please inform the Court that the photograph and comment today was improper and should not have been posted. I had no intention of disrespecting the Court and humbly apologize to the Court for the transgression."

TheClaws Tue 19-Feb-19 01:52:25

The Hill
The Hill
Alabama newspaper editor calls for return of the KKK to "clean out DC" (link:

TheClaws Tue 19-Feb-19 05:18:38

I think something’s about to drop. Two tweets here whinging about McCabe and “treason” - not a word a President should invoke without due care.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump**
2h2 hours ago
“The biggest abuse of power and corruption scandal in our history, and it’s much worse than we thought. Andrew McCabe (FBI) admitted to plotting a coup (government overthrow) when he was serving in the FBI, before he was fired for lying & leaking.” @seanhannity @FoxNews Treason!

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump**
Following Following @realDonaldTrump**
Remember this, Andrew McCabe didn’t go to the bathroom without the approval of Leakin’ James Comey!

lionheart Tue 19-Feb-19 06:44:42

borntobequiet Tue 19-Feb-19 06:45:53

Is Trump actually punning with the Leakin’ there?
No, thought not, not smart enough.

MerdedeBrexit Tue 19-Feb-19 07:29:46

Hello, as it's a national emergency I thought I'd better add my two penn'orth. Thank you for the new thread, TheClaws.

I like the sound of this, from the New York Times: 16 States Sue to Stop Trump’s Use of Emergency Powers to Build Border Wall

Roussette Tue 19-Feb-19 09:17:34

The shock value of Trump's tweet has never waned. He is graceless. And whilst his core cult base might like his name calling and nicknames, the rest of the country and the world don't.

BiglyBadgers Tue 19-Feb-19 09:25:25

Do you mind if I just place a mark right here? I keep losing you. smile

Gumpendorf Tue 19-Feb-19 10:39:46

I'm still reading intermittently but I broke my wrist nearly a month ago so confused...

I've just watched Rachel Maddow for the first time in ages. The boiling frog analogy is so appropriate see also Brexit as always. Thanks to everyone for keeping the thread going. thanksthanks

lionheart Tue 19-Feb-19 10:55:30

Ouch Gumpendorf flowers and hello Bigly.

Here's some 'not news':

Roussette Tue 19-Feb-19 11:27:34

Oh no Gump! Hope it's improving.

I consider the Vietnam Trump/Un meeting as just another photo op.

lionheart Tue 19-Feb-19 14:12:45

EweSurname Tue 19-Feb-19 14:33:24

New randy!

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