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Is this infected? Pic.

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houselikeashed Sat 16-Feb-19 23:38:54

Had to stick my arm into a prickly shrub jungle yesterday and got lots of scratches. Dh thinks I need to go to gp and get antibiotics as it’s infected. What do you reckon?

Mokepon Sat 16-Feb-19 23:42:47

It doesn't look bad from that photo.
I'd make sure all scratches are clean and whack some antiseptic cream on it.
If it gets hot/swells/redness increases I'd be more concerned but I'd certainly not see a gp at this point.

GypsyRoseTea Sat 16-Feb-19 23:43:00

Slap some sudocreme on it grin

houselikeashed Sat 16-Feb-19 23:45:53

yeah, I washed it all when I got home, but I'm happy not to go to gp. Just keep putting savlon on it.
Bloody dog got stuck in the middle of the bush and I had to reach in and unclip his harness.

Hogtini Sat 16-Feb-19 23:48:41

Just looks sore. Does it feel hot? Just keep an eye on it and if you feel feverish/unwell.

Felicia4 Sat 16-Feb-19 23:50:38

Stick some germolene on it. It helps with the pain and prevents infection

nocoolnamesleft Sat 16-Feb-19 23:52:10

Any prickly bits left stuck in the skin? Might be worth a hot soak to bring any bits to the surface if so?

PhilipJennings Sat 16-Feb-19 23:55:51

Looks sore, like is still reacting, but doesn't look infected. The redness would be less localised and more spreading and you'd probably see it spreading from a couple of the puncture wounds but unlikely to be all.

Take some antihistamines to reduce the reaction and keep it clean and put ointment like sudocreme on it, and give it a day or so.

PlinkPlink Sat 16-Feb-19 23:59:26


At worst it looks like dermatitis... at worst. Go to pharmacist.

Don't bother your GP for antibiotics.

WinterfellWench Sat 16-Feb-19 23:59:55

Happened to me last Spring when I trimmed our holly bush and got prickled to shaggery. My hands (and arms) looked just like that!!! Just have a warm shower, and as someone said, maybe put germolene over it. (Or baby lotion.) It will be OK in a day or two. Obviously if it's still bad by Monday, go see your GP.

WinterfellWench Sun 17-Feb-19 00:00:43

Also second the person who said take antihistamines.

houselikeashed Sun 17-Feb-19 00:02:47

is sudocreme/ germolene different to savlon?

ThreeAnkleBiters Sun 17-Feb-19 00:03:10

I would take antihistamines, slather with sudocream and see a pharmacist if you're still worried. I wouldn't bother with a doctor.

houselikeashed Sun 17-Feb-19 00:04:04

I think I still have two splinters left in my fingers which I keep trying to get out.

Skittlesandbeer Sun 17-Feb-19 00:23:26

Antihistamine- looks like a classic medium level allergic reaction to me.

I’ve got some tea-tree lotion that’d clear that up quick-smart, but I’m likely on the other side of the world to you!

sleepylittlebunnies Sun 17-Feb-19 00:31:40

No it doesn’t look infected to me. It looks like you’ve sustained a few small spots where the surface of the skin has been broken and possibly slightly reacted to the shrubs. If it was me I’d just keep my hands clean and leave it alone as I’d sooner not put anything onto broken skin that may react.

But you could cleanse with diluted dettol and pop some antibacterial cream on it. Keep an eye on it, take some antihistamine if it is irritating you. First port of call would be pharmacist over GP.

houselikeashed Sun 17-Feb-19 00:33:01

Oh. A reaction. That's interesting actually, as I swear I'm becoming allergic to insect bites recently. Could scratches and bites be linked?

Defo taking some antihistamines then.

Aquamarine1029 Sun 17-Feb-19 02:12:16

It's not infected.

justilou1 Sun 17-Feb-19 02:43:03

No. It's inflamed. You might want to soak it in warm water and soften the skin to encourage the little prickles out. Antihistamines are a good idea too.

Smotheroffive Sun 17-Feb-19 02:46:10

What bush OP?

DramaAlpaca Sun 17-Feb-19 02:46:32

I second sudocrem or germolene plus an antihistamine tablet, and see how it is in the morning.

TheMaddHugger Sun 17-Feb-19 03:52:52

Windex 'll fix it 😲

TheMaddHugger Sun 17-Feb-19 04:01:24

i do agree with the others posters.

(((((((hugs)))))))) and dont scratch at it💐🌻💐

Raspberry10 Sun 17-Feb-19 06:16:06

No your allergic to whatever it was that scratched you. Mine does that, wash it well and take some antihistamines. Should be ok in 24 hours.

houselikeashed Sun 17-Feb-19 10:08:17

thanks everyone.
Antihistamines then.
No idea what the bush was, it was a jungle of several different types all intertwined. Dog had gone in and got his harness caught. I had to use an old fence post to bash the stuff down and then stuck my hand in to release his harness. Bloody dog!

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