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Giving baby OJ in a bottle - who is BU?

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willisurvive3under2 Sat 16-Feb-19 22:35:01

Freshly squeezed! But still confused

10 month old twins. My DM is visiting from overseas. She did the twins tea and gave them a few orange segments after their main. Twin 1 is a more advanced eater and happily sucked/ate them. Twin 2 wouldn't touch them (she's not great at feeding herself still) so DM squeezed some orange juice into a bottle and she happily drunk it. It was 2 oz if that, roughly half an orange.

This seems bonkers and I was about to get annoyed but I tried hard to be rational and I can't see what she's done wrong. Both girls had some OJ one way or another. Everyone happy.

Would this bother you? Was she being unreasonable? I should add the girls have a cold and she was making a point about giving them vitamin C.

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