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It's a parking one!

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dirtyfries Fri 15-Feb-19 08:49:42

Aibu to be bloody pissed off with my parking situation. Old RAF housing, no driveways but allocated parking spaces. Those of us with garages are allocated the spaces in front of our garages (logically). There is a row of 4 garages, ours is the far right. We're a 2 car household so my car gets parked in the garage and DH's outside as he leaves for work first. On the other end of the garages there is a wall. The issue is everyone parks on the wonk so if my neighbour is in, I can't get out of the garage. The cars in front of the middle two garages have not moved since Wednesday and no one is in - we've knocked on doors! So for the second morning in a row I've got to walk to work. OH tried to squeeze my car out this morning for me and in his attempts to avoid hitting neighbours car has cracked my wing mirror on the garage door frame. My car is now back in the garage where it started angry

Please join my rage and tell me I am not BU!
All of these houses are 2 car+ households but no one else bothers to use their garages.
Parking is very limited around here but I'll have to start trying to find a space on the road I guess - if my neighbour ever returns!

Readysteadygoat Fri 15-Feb-19 08:51:40


JaffacakesAreCakesNotBiscuits Fri 15-Feb-19 08:52:29

I'd start by putting a sign on garage door. Please keep clear. Garage in use at all times.
Are they definitely the neighbours cars or someone else being a CF and parked there

Iloveacurry Fri 15-Feb-19 08:54:20

Why can’t they just park straight?

TortoiseLettuce Fri 15-Feb-19 08:56:11

Spray paint lines on the road. And pester neighbours mercilessly as soon as they park lopsided, don’t wait until you need to get out.

ShatnersWig Fri 15-Feb-19 08:56:48

Sign on garage door. Note on car every time.

PleaseComeBackSafe Fri 15-Feb-19 08:57:45

Love the phrase "on the wonk"!

PepsiLola Fri 15-Feb-19 08:59:48

Not in or aren't answering the door?

Post a note!

How ridiculous of them, why can't they park straight?!

SeaToSki Fri 15-Feb-19 09:01:56

Can you find some strong friends and bounce the cars over/out of the way?

dirtyfries Fri 15-Feb-19 09:02:48

'Garage in use at all times' sign has been up for 2 years (since we moved in and realised how it was gonna no to be...). Definitely the usual cars parked up. We have to go round knocking every couple of weeks to ask people to park straight and things to improve temporarily. I'm thinking about getting one of those folding bollards and putting it on the border of our space?

dirtyfries Fri 15-Feb-19 09:04:57

Either the bollard or be incredibly PA and wait until they're all out & park mine and DH's cars blocking all 4 garages blush

Pinkyponkcustard Fri 15-Feb-19 09:05:34

That’s what you need - collapsible bollards!

Mmmmdanone Fri 15-Feb-19 09:05:57

That would drive me insane! Hope you get it sorted. Any physical barrier you could install along the side of your space to stop the wonk?

TortoiseLettuce Fri 15-Feb-19 09:06:30

Bollard on the edge of your space is the way to go imo.

whatsthecomingoverthehill Fri 15-Feb-19 09:07:05

I'm guessing they don't park straight because it would be difficult to do so for the one against the wall. But just because it's difficult doesn't mean they should do it.

wombatron Fri 15-Feb-19 09:07:05

Penguin bollards.......... grin

YANBU - I cannot fathom how selfish people must be to do this.

heartshapedknob Fri 15-Feb-19 09:09:21

I’d fit a collapsible bollard just on your side of the boundary between you and the neighbouring garage, along with a spray painted line for good measure. They might complain but given you’ve asked politely they clearly don’t give a shit and won’t change their behaviour unless forced to.

BeanTownNancy Fri 15-Feb-19 09:10:45

I think a nice planter along the border of your space would look really lovely. 👌

Mummyoflittledragon Fri 15-Feb-19 09:15:46

Do you own / rent the spaces in front of the garages?

Legally the owner of the car next to your garage cannot block your car from accessing the highway, which is what they are doing. Because this is what is happening, I think you would be able to get a PCSO involved to contact the owner of the car.

The way all the cars are parked is probably dictated by the garage owner up against the wall. Not your problem to sort that one out. Just the car blocking you in.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Fri 15-Feb-19 09:16:13

I suspect they are parking on the wonk because if you were parked read to drive straight off, ie back of car to garage door, the car nearest to the wall wouldn't have easy access to drivers seat without a gap?

StealthPolarBear Fri 15-Feb-19 09:16:31

How infuriating. I get that it must be difficult for the one to the far left but that's not your problem. It is a badly designed setup though

StarEclipse Fri 15-Feb-19 09:17:18


Why can't they park straight? What is on the opposite side of the road?

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Fri 15-Feb-19 09:17:33

Cross-posted with over the hill well, went off to have a conversation with the builder half way through

neddle Fri 15-Feb-19 09:19:59

You need to insist that your neighbours dewonk their cars permanently.
We’re not in America, park straight!

oldmum22 Fri 15-Feb-19 09:20:04

Is it possible for all the houses to reverse park into "their" space straight and then parking "on the wonk wont be necessary? I made the assumption that there was space to do so, in front of the car parking spaces . It might help everyone .

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