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To ask which singers/ bands you wish you'd seen live? And which ones you'd

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PrickWhittington Thu 14-Feb-19 02:17:13

you'd like to or plan to see one day?

My ones are Freddie Mercury at Live Aid, or George Michael at the Freddy Mercury memorial concert.

People I'd love to see live are Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Stone Roses, Prodigy.and Sia.

Princecharlesfirstwife Sun 17-Feb-19 19:38:50

I have a bit of a John Denver soft spot and sadly I will never get to see him. And I rather suspect there’ll never be another Simon and Garfunkel reunion but would adore seeing them.

Dutch1e Sun 17-Feb-19 20:33:22

Rage Against The Machine
Leonard Cohen
Nina Simone

But I was front row at Bowie, Prince, and Lou Reed so I'm grateful (not a very stealthy boast was it)

PrickWhittington Sun 17-Feb-19 21:45:57

But I was front row at Bowie, Prince, and Lou Reed so I'm grateful

envy envy

Loved both Prince and Lou Reed too! Pretty sure I would have enjoyed seeing them to the Westlife, Atomic Kitten, Little Mix and even Orville the fucking Duck I've been subjected to.

I did see the Beautiful South though actually, they were good. As was Sinead O'Connor in her younger years- she seemed very angry, but her voice was incredible.

I know someone else who walked out from an Artic Monkeys gig, I would have thought they would be pretty good!

Dutch1e Sun 17-Feb-19 22:08:11

Sinead O'Connor in her younger years

My turn for these! envy envy

Drogosnextwife Sun 17-Feb-19 22:10:17

Queen, I bloody love them.

lottielady Sun 17-Feb-19 22:12:35

I had tickets for Nirvana when Kurt Cobain died. So close...( Obviously it’s not about me blush)

Wish I’d seen Freddie.

I’d like to have seen The Faces in the 1970s.

I’ve seen all my other heroes, luckily.

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Sun 17-Feb-19 22:31:14

Queen with Freddie of course

Tina Turner,

I have seen Pink Floyd twice very very boring dull concerts but then I am not a fan of their music

Prince was brilliant

Gingersstuff Sun 17-Feb-19 23:38:01

Queen with Freddie...I had the chance to go to their Knebworth gig and turned it down sad
But I did go to the Freddie Memorial gig and was quite near the front. It was one of the best days of my life. George Michael was hands down the best performer on the day though Bowie was fab as well. I saw Queen with Paul Rodgers a few years back and ended up about 8 feet from Brian May. They were fantastic.
Wish I’d also seen Pink Floyd with Dave Gilmour.
Our family holiday this year is being planned around a Muse gig in Rome. Seen them twice before and they’re without a doubt the most amazing stadium band around these days.

species5618 Mon 18-Feb-19 00:49:51

Saw Queen just after the release of Bohemian. Small venue - very very loud. Would like to have seen Janis Joplin and Rage Against the Machine.
We mainly go to tribute bands now 'cause that's all we can afford and I really recommend Rumours of Fleetwood Mac. They play music from all the FM iterations and to hear The Chain played live is just brill.

MardyBra Mon 18-Feb-19 00:53:52

For all the Pink Floyd people - I saw them and they were shit - absolutely no stage presence and relied on graphics/visuals to provide interest. You might as well have listened to the album tracks.

Wish I’d seen Freddie though.

DoctorTwo Mon 18-Feb-19 03:51:29

I'd love to have seen Voivod with Piggy on guitar.

jasonsmith1 Mon 18-Feb-19 04:06:59

I have attended concerts of Eminem and Linkin Park and it was a great experience. I really wish if I could see live performance of Beyonce and as she is very adorable in terms of personality and singing.

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WrenNatsworthy Mon 18-Feb-19 04:17:02

Wish I'd seen the Pixies before Kim Deal left.

Live music is my oxygen so I've seen quite a few of those on your lists, most notable David Bowie. He played at Glastonbury and it was the most incredible show. Thats not even a stealth boast, it's a blatant one!

I'm not choosing people I wasn't born in time to see though, my FOMO only works on things I could have done!

WrenNatsworthy Mon 18-Feb-19 04:33:25

I saw Depeche Mode live years ago and I hate to break it to you but they were awful! I love their music and maybe it was the acoustics of the venue, maybe they were having a bad day but they got half way through 1 song before I realised which song it was.

@Tinuviel I go to see Depeche Mode on every tour, and one of my top experiences was seeing them at The Albert Hall. Every time they tour I worry it will be the last. Dave Gahan is an amazing live performer and Martin Gore exceptionally talented. So I'd have to say to people who have them on their lists - if they tour again it really might be the last so get a ticket.

paddyplaistow Mon 18-Feb-19 04:37:18

Emerson Lake and Palmer was the best gig I have ever been to. Astonishing.
I would like to have seen Jefferson Airplane and the mamas and the papas.
I want to see Tom Jones. I do.

TanteRose Mon 18-Feb-19 04:51:59

I have a list of women artists that I must see live at least once, and I am gradually ticking them off.

Kate Bush (Before the Dawn)
PJ Harvey
Janet Jackson
St Vincent
Garbage (Shirley)

will be seeing Chaka Khan and Sheena Easton in May, and then Sia in the summer at Fuji Rock festival - can't bloody wait! (The Cure are also playing grin )

still yet to see (I can dream, at least):
Sinead O'Connor
Annie Lennox
Lady Gaga
Dolly Parton
Alison Moyet
Cyndi Lauper
Alanis Morissette
Alicia Keys

paddyplaistow Mon 18-Feb-19 05:01:28

Tante, Dolly Parton is wonderful. She can play lots of instruments and she's funny, very warm and chatty.

TanteRose Mon 18-Feb-19 05:07:44

paddy oh I bet she's amazing! where did you see her? envy

WrenNatsworthy Mon 18-Feb-19 07:51:40

I've seen Dolly as well. At Glastonbury.
She was good, but not as good as Lionel Richie - who was in the legends slot the following year.

GreatWesternValkyrie Mon 18-Feb-19 08:47:53

My impossible wish (he died just after I was born) is Jimi Hendrix. The two I still really want to see are Tool and Nine Inch Nails.

Other than that, I’m really lucky to have seen pretty much all the bands I’ve wanted to over the years...including Prince (3 times, he was fantastic! 👍🏻).

species5618 Mon 18-Feb-19 12:12:01

GWV Oooh I'd forgotten Tool (how could I!) .
They're playing Castle Donington this year.

MinesaPinot Mon 18-Feb-19 13:04:15

I saw Prince at Earls Court - he was amazing as were Fleetwood Mac a few years ago when they did the 02 - it was the first time Christine McVie had played with them in years.

And we saw the Eagles years ago at the old Wembley Stadium. They came onstage and started with Hotel California just as the sun was going down over the stadium - just magical.

LikeARedBalloon Mon 18-Feb-19 13:25:44

Dutch1e.....I saw Rage at Reading and they were amazing. I came home bruised and battered from the mosh pit but so so happy. They split up shortly after ☹

User10fuckingmillion Mon 18-Feb-19 13:41:23

Those who walked out of an Arctic Monkeys gig-was it the early days? They got famous before they learnt how to play live! I think they’re great now.

Pedallleur Mon 18-Feb-19 14:13:47

I can never understand the Queen nostalgia. Dynamite front man and some good songs but the other 3 players were static. May is a sensational guitar player. Zeppelin also but superb back catalogue. the Faces were rowdy/drunk but had a party atmosphere. I was fortunate to see most of these acts on the way up. The one I really wished I'd seen was Bowie in Ziggy/Aladdin sane mode but I was slightly too young.

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