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Apex legends

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7yo7yo Tue 12-Feb-19 07:40:01

My 12 year old wants to download this new game. Apparently it’s the new fortnite. Has anyone allowed their kids to have it?

7yo7yo Tue 12-Feb-19 07:43:28

Aibu to say no? It’s a 16!

hennybeans Tue 12-Feb-19 08:20:10

My 11 year old spent the weekend in tears because we said no. Apparently "all" his friends have it and he has nobody to play with online now as they're all playing apex. DH had a look online at it but said it's way too violent and obviously a 16 rating for a reason. DS said it's like the new Fortnite so I wonder if they're marketing it that way. Who are these parents that let their young DC play a 16 game?!

7yo7yo Tue 12-Feb-19 09:35:02

It’s a free game so apparently that makes everything ok.
I’m sick of these shitty shoot em ups that glorify violence.
DH allowed him to get fortnite at 11,I didn’t agree at the time but felt for him because everyone DID have it, he’s stopped playing it now, he’s bored of it.
But I saw some of the graphics etc for this and it’s just too much!

BarbaraofSevillle Tue 12-Feb-19 09:44:28

Is it a free game or is it one of those with a million and one add ins that cost money? Sorry don't know what the correct term is but every once in a while you see stories about DCs running up big bills playing 'free' games.

HannaSong Tue 12-Feb-19 09:44:55

It is more realistic than fortnite - I wouldn't say it was very violent though. One thing you need to watch out for is voice/text chat. It is on by default and I think the only way to disable is to turn the voice chat volume to 0 - this is fine if you're playing with friends but I wouldn't be happy with it being open to randoms.

It's also fairly demanding on a computer so unless you have a decent one it probably wouldn't play very well anyway smile

I always recommend taking a look yourself - your kids right it is the current big game and loads of people are playing it. Take a look at Twitch streamers playing - it will give a much better idea of what it actually looks like to play Apex on Twitch

lifestooshortandsoami Tue 12-Feb-19 09:54:46

My 13 year old step son downloaded his without asking as apparently 'everyone' is playing it and like you've said it's beings named the new fortnite. I'm not very pleased, especially as he didn't ask (is one of the rules we have as is basic manners) however husband has said it's fine. My 7 year old however wanted it too... I've said no and we've had major meltdown and I'm being mean... obviously. He's still not having it at 7 year old!
I'm not a gamer so I really don't like any of it but try to understand they do like it. The main bit I hate though is the way it makes them want to buy hungs like skins and theydeel they have to as they won't be available soon etc argh it drives me mad.

For your son it's difficult as he's a bit older, and it's the usual everyone else is playing it. I'd prob stick to your guns for now and see if it's one of those games where actually they'll go back to fortnite anyway?

lifestooshortandsoami Tue 12-Feb-19 09:58:02

@HannaSong thanks for that link that's a really good way to then assess for yourself smile

7yo7yo Tue 12-Feb-19 10:28:44

God why don’t kids come either a manual?! I’m so Ill equipped to deal with this!

lifestooshortandsoami Tue 12-Feb-19 10:31:37

It's difficult isn't it especially if it's not something you're 'into'. I hate the kids being on the PS4 and it a constant argument with dh as he doesn't think anything of letting them go on it for hours on end!!

7yo7yo Tue 12-Feb-19 10:47:16

I seem to go from one extreme to another. Either yep of you go. Sit on the PS4 all
Day or turn it of forever!
I try to limit it to an hour a day maximum after homework but sometimes it’s not worth the argument.

EwItsAHooman Tue 12-Feb-19 10:51:03

10yo DS wants it so DH downloaded it yesterday and is going to play it for himself a few nights this week to help us decide whether he can have it or not.

user1474894224 Tue 12-Feb-19 11:27:10

DH downloaded it at the weekend for ds11. I wasn't happy when I heard it was a 16. Apparently so she says it's no worse than fortnight. (My DH was watching 18 movies at this age so his ability to judge what is and isn't ok by my perspective is very off!) I will take a look tonight....

goldengummybear Tue 12-Feb-19 11:33:34

My 12 year old downloaded and plays it. It's more realistic looking and very similar to Fortnite imo. I'd like to know why it's a 16 rather than 12- is it the small amount of blood? In my opinion 12 would be a fair rating (online chat and mild violence)

officewidow Tue 12-Feb-19 14:26:24

My ds is 10. From 3 pm yesterday he has been begging to get Apex Legends as 'all his friends are playing it'. True, all his immediate peers are, and they are all 9 or 10 years old. He has been playing Fortnite for just over a year. Yes I know you're supposed to be 12 and therefore perhaps I've brought this on myself, but I have asked the other boys' parents if they have any concerns about Apex and they don't appear to be worried. I am worried. It is the pace and intensity of the violence that disturbs me. And the fact that knives feature. Looking on Youtube last night I saw execution by stabbing. WTF? I don't want my ds to be exposed to this, but his peer group is very very small and I fear he will be thoroughly miserable and left out if I don't. Which is worse? His mates have told him that no-one cares about Fortnite anymore.

goldengummybear Tue 12-Feb-19 16:18:12

Just had a google and Apex Legends is rated 13 in the US. The PEGI site says "This game has received a PEGI 16 because it features sustained depictions of violence towards human characters and moderate violence. " where as for Fortnite "This game was rated PEGI 12 for frequent mild violence. "

I watched ds play and noticed some blood splatter.

antigame Wed 20-Feb-19 06:39:55

Rule of thumb: If you would watch a movie of similar content with your kids, it is not as harmful to play that game.
Apex Legends features blood splashes when shooting your enemy players- but like all games, it is unreasonable to believe that these depictions of guns and violence will affect your child in a drastic way- what is more important is that you have a discussion with them about the content of the game, and believe them if they say they can handle it, it is extremely important for you to give your child a chance and let them understand why you are opposed to playing a game.

TL;DR: Have a discussion with your child about the content of the game, and trust them if they say they can handle it. If behaviour gets out of hand, then have a discussion with them. ^You need to communicate with your child as much as possible.^

Fuppy Wed 20-Feb-19 07:46:24

In Apex, there are characters with abilities and they speak. I think it's because of what they're saying, also you can unlock a ton of phrases for each character.

There are micro-transactions in the game.

But mainly, as an adult gamer, I wouldn't let my kids play age inappropriate games. With this new game you are forced to play as a squad of 3, so unless your child is DEFINITELY playing with friends their age, they will be paired with and exposed to over 16's with voice conversation. Believe me there are people grooming children on gaming, and in the very least shouting abuse and terrible language.

Also, from a non sinister adult perspective, it's irritating when you play a game 16+/18+ and a child with poor internet (because the whole family are using it) and it causes a delay with how you interact with other players including enemies, a terrible headset causing feedback, echo, and other household noises in the child's audible background, so you can't hear enemy footsteps and/or you lose because the child can't grasp the idea of team play or tactics or the concept/mechanics of a game due to being too young.

Apex has become popular because it's a new Battle Royale game that was running well. As far as I remember the isn't much in the way of blood/gore.

If you're ever unsure of a game, watch some YouTube videos of the gameplay. But please, if your child is years off the age restriction, stay strong, say no.

Age restrictions are there for a reason why only adhere to them for smoking/drinking and films?

WobblyLondoner Sat 02-Mar-19 23:09:43

We are having this same debate at the moment, regarding DS13. How realistic would it be to say that he can only play it with people he knows? He'd be on his xbox.

KashNet Sun 02-Jun-19 05:39:04

As someone who's played the game, I'd say it's not suitable for a young child. The game has open mic, meaning that anyone can talk during the game. From my experience, some people can be very mean and use bad language. It really just depends on how you wanna raise your kid though

thebelt344 Tue 02-Jul-19 03:49:46

I would consult the Steam pages for all games you're considering. Steam is the hub from which most popular games are purchased (Fortnite is a notable exception, since they have their own hub).

Steam lists the age rating, plus gameplay footage, a concise explanation of the game, and audience reviews. This provides you with a well-rounded understanding of the game and what your child will encounter while playing it.

Most games like Fortnite and Apex will involve some sort of combat simulation (i.e. you are in an area trying to kill enemies). Apex has other gameplay options/features, wherein you can play on a team and drive cars and other generally constructive and fun features.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO NOTE that none of these games are using death as the end goal or inspire your child to kill for the pleasure of it. As with real combat, killing is only a means to an end (be the last person alive, help your team survive, reach a goal, etc). Attacking other players can even be a DISTRACTION from the other, more constructive elements of the game: Your child can push other players in a trolley AND build defensive shelters in Fortnite, for instance. Apex has similar features that round out the experience.

If you are comfortable with the in-game character having and using a gun, Apex is fine for your child. The community is not particularly hateful or rash. In fact, the most notable aspect on the game is the community ragging on it for being incomplete/buggy, which often makes the game go bonkers when you play it. Good fun!

demelza82 Tue 02-Jul-19 08:20:57

Hi OP, there's a detailed parental guide on the Internet Matters site if you're interested

floraloctopus Tue 02-Jul-19 08:27:10

My 15 year old has it but never plays it because 'it's a bad game, it's not well programmed compared to other games'

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