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To go on skiiing hol despite DSIL?

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bluetheskyis Mon 11-Feb-19 14:53:39

Need advice from skiers, preferably ‘bigger’ ones. Booked to go on a family ski holiday at Xmas with friends, not a posh place think family friendly not very trendy! Was really excited as never been skiing, kids will love it etc. Love idea of daily exercise, fresh air, & socialising with friends in evening. DSIL, who prides herself on being forthright took me aside and told me that there’s no way I can do it - I’ll be embarrassing myself ( and DP, kids) because I’m not fit enough and too fat. She reckons I won’t find ski clothes to wear anyway. And people will be staring, i’ll Slow everyone down, ski lift will be an issue.
Should I pull out? I’ve just paid deposit so there is time.
I’m currently size 18/20 but aiming to be at least 14/16 by Xmas as currently dealing with the weight issue, eating healthier, swim/ walk/play tennis or something every single day at the mo and losing 4-7 lbs a month. Which I feel is sustainable.
Am worried that I will be too fat to ski at 14-16 and will be surrounded by skinny, fit skiers even in the ski school.
Anyone on here plus size and gone ski-in gas a beginner?? I’d hate to miss out on the family holiday it will let them go ahead without me if it’s going to be a disaster.

Evilspiritgin Mon 11-Feb-19 14:55:45

What a nasty person, all sort of sizes people ski

swampytiggaa Mon 11-Feb-19 14:56:45

I don’t ski but my friend regularly takes a group of school kids skiing. She can vary between a 14-18. She is a good skier and has had no issue getting kit. She prefers being at the smaller end of the scale because she gets less out of puff but that’s what you are aiming for anyway.

Go for it!

bluetheskyis Mon 11-Feb-19 14:56:51

She is a bit of a cow but often right, and she goes skiing that’s why I’m asking!

AryaStarkWolf Mon 11-Feb-19 14:57:14

I don't know anything about skiing but do you think she would say something like that just to be unkind to you or have a dig?

Lululemonade Mon 11-Feb-19 14:57:18

Your ‘d’sil is being rude. I have just come back from skiing and there were people of all shapes and sizes doing it.
Skiing is great fun and you shouldn’t let anyone put you off.

SheepyFun Mon 11-Feb-19 14:57:51

I'm no skiier, but I can't believe the ski lift will be an issue - there will be plenty of men skiing who are heavier than you, and it'll be more than strong enough to move them (and you).

LilaJude Mon 11-Feb-19 14:58:21

Ignore the bitch. People of all shapes and sizes go skiing - you will absolutely not be the largest person there! Have a blast!

Pheasantplucker2 Mon 11-Feb-19 14:58:39

I've just been skiing, I'm a size 20. No problems. Look for dare2b skiwear on eBay, it goes to plus sizes. There are loads of shapes and sizes on the slopes, ignore her, she's being a cow. X

Steamedbadger Mon 11-Feb-19 14:58:53

You are getting fit and losing weight - you'll be fine. Make sure you incorporate some pre-ski exercise before you go and maybe go to an indoor slope a couple of times if that's possible. Of course you'll find ski clothes to fit you. Be forthright and her to sod off. In any case, you could do some walking and take breaks if you need to, but from what you say you probably won't need to.

Epiphany52 Mon 11-Feb-19 14:59:20

Currently on ski holiday. Am a 16. I can ski, my technique isn’t too bad actually. It’s all in the technique. Yes being bigger isn’t great for health etc but I can still ski perfectly well.
Take no notice of your SIL

FriarTuck Mon 11-Feb-19 14:59:23

Who'd care (other than SIL) if you did end up fatter or more unfit than everyone else there (which is unlikely)? You've set yourself achievable goals, you've a good reason for keeping to them, and sticking 2 fingers up to SIL will be the added bonus. I've never been skiing but you're going there to enjoy yourself, not to flaunt yourself on the slopes. If it's a family-type place anyway you'll get all sorts. Sod her, she's obviously got some underlying insecurity. Lose your weight, have fun. And she's not forthright, she's either rude or a bitch.
Good luck!

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Mon 11-Feb-19 14:59:43

Fitness is more important than size.
And ski wear makes it hard to tell what size anyone is under all the layers!

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Mon 11-Feb-19 14:59:55

Ignore her

I have several friends (male and female) who are very competent skiers and are also overweight

It will certainly help your progress if you can build up your strength and stamina and lose a few pounds before you go but you absolutely won't 'embarrass yourself' at a size 16

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Mon 11-Feb-19 15:00:30

I have never been skiing but trust me - the lifts can hold much more weight than you! I go mountain biking in the Alps and a ski lift has to hold two people plus their bikes so you have nothing to worry about.

Nesssie Mon 11-Feb-19 15:01:21

How fucking rude. Skiing is hard work and tiring but tbh size isn't going to make any difference to your speed. Regardless of your size, if you are a beginner, can you take a few ski lessons before you go, to learn the basics?

Most ski lifts will be fine. If you are a 18/20 when you go, then just be sensible and sit in the middle seat of the chair lift. Button lifts might be more tricky, but most beginners of any size struggle with them start with, so the lessons may help with that.

Forgotmycoat Mon 11-Feb-19 15:01:24

Well there's only one way to prove her wrong isn't there. If she tells you you 'can't' again, say 'challenge accepted' then go and have a fabulous time skiing.

Okki Mon 11-Feb-19 15:01:36

I'm a size 14/16 and ski. I find it a bit more of an effort to push myself up when I fall over but that could just be because I'm very unfit. No problem with ski lifts at all.

Tell her to bog off.

I get my ski clothes at TOG 24 or decathlon and plenty fits.

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Mon 11-Feb-19 15:02:33

Even if you don’t lose any weight you will still be able to ski and it will be great fun. No one will even blink.

She’s a megabitch.

blackteasplease Mon 11-Feb-19 15:02:34

You'll be as fine as I was popping up and down the baby slopes, at size 10-12. I have no skill at skiing but it's not all about weoght!

Excited101 Mon 11-Feb-19 15:03:04

She doesn’t sound like a bit of a cow, she sounds a lot of a cow. If you’re worried have a look at sizes of ski clothing, I’m not sure what size they tend to go up to, I’ve had sizes between 10 and 14 myself. You can be bigger and fitter than someone slimmer though you will need to potentially watch the turnstiles and chairlifts as they tend not to be built very generously. If you wear a backpack they will always make you take it off as it won’t safely fit behind you for example.

I recommend you get your fitness up a bit and get yourself some lessons at an indoor (real snow) slope- there’s a few around the country- Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Tamworth. To have some of the basics before you go, you’ll get a lot more out of it! And avoid her, she sounds hideous.

BlueMouseRedMouse Mon 11-Feb-19 15:05:00

I ski in the US every other winter - I’ve seen some hugely overweight skiers (definitely more than a size 20) who are nevertheless adequately attired in ski gear and fully able to use the ski lifts!

Don’t worry about it smile

Didntwanttochangemyname Mon 11-Feb-19 15:05:11

Your DSIL is being a complete twat. I've skied as a size 10 and I've skied as a size 20, no one has felt the need to point and stare at me, that I'm aware of!
I competed in the biggest amateur downhill ski race in Europe as a size 18, so tell your 'D' SIL to fuck off!

Wildboar Mon 11-Feb-19 15:06:44

She sounds horrible! Like any sport, they’ll be more slim ones than bigger ones. I’m a 16 and a good skier. The only downside being bigger as a beginner is it may be harder to get up if you fall. But it’s not really an issue. Clothing wise it’ll be fine. May have to shop around a bit more but otherwise fine. I know someone who is 24 stone (not a beginner) and had ski clothing that fit.

BlueMouseRedMouse Mon 11-Feb-19 15:06:49

Although I think you’ll get more out of it if you can get a bit fitter by the time of the holiday - skiing can be very tiring, with lots of lugging heavy equipment about.

You’ll be able to do more skiing if your fitness is better - see the holiday as a lovely reward to work towards.

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