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duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:30:37


Bugger off the lot of you, I'm supposed to finish this for Saturday pm.

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 04-Jul-07 12:32:31

I will bugger off if you will bugger off.

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:33:11

No, you bugger off!!

slayerette Wed 04-Jul-07 12:33:54

What about my exam marking? And now you've all dropped in and I have to make a cup of tea and chat...I have over 200 exams to mark, people!

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:34:21

I have no self-control, evidently.

Shall go now.

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:36:03

...after I've had a cup of Slayerette's tea. Thanks, Slayerette. Got any biscuits?

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 04-Jul-07 12:36:15

When I have posted this I will unplug my laptop and take it into the kitchen. So there.

Was going to say 'might come back at lunchtime to see how you are doing' but just realised it IS lunchtime. Shit. Bye.

slayerette Wed 04-Jul-07 12:37:13

Chocolate digestives or jammy dodgers, duchesse? Or a plain digestive - bought a pack in a fit of healthy eating a while back.

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:37:30

Promises, promises, Kathyis6...

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:38:42

Can somebody just keep saying "4,986 words by Friday afternoon" (got guests on Saturday...) to me, please?

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:39:10

Jammmy dodger please Slayerette. Thanks.

slayerette Wed 04-Jul-07 12:41:04

I'll say yours to you, duchesse, if you keep reminding me about the 200 exam scripts. That's 400 essays to mark!

Oh bugger.

I need another jammy dodger.

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:41:55

Slayerette 400 essays to mark.

Don't mind if I do too.

LoveAngel Wed 04-Jul-07 12:48:39

I'm supposed to be finishing a piece of writing this morning (I'm on a deadline). So far I have:

...made 2 cups of coffee, a cup of tea, 2 rounds of raisin toast

...had a long conversation with my mum about house prices

...posted on almost every thread in the 'Chat' section of MN, including one about Cod (have broken a self imposed rule that I will never join pointless threads about Cod, unless its of the breaded-and-served-with-a-wedge-of-lemon variety)

...updated my Facebook, adding pointless applications I will never use

...looked for last minute holidays in sunnier climes in August

...browsed for new lingerie online...

...'tracked my fertility' using an online ovulation predictor

...written about 200 words.


slayerette Wed 04-Jul-07 12:48:42

Don't forget those guests on Saturday. That's about 1,600 words a day between now and then.

That's about what I type on MN

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:52:19

Loveangel- you've eaten, you've drunk, you've wasted as much time as you can afford to waste today, now GET ON WITH THAT WRITING!

Slayerette; I daren't add up how many words I spew out on here. Plus the blog. Plus comments on other people's... Yikes.

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 12:53:25

Kathyis6inches- are you displaying moral fibre? You're very quiet- you must really have gone to do some work.

flibbertyjibbet Wed 04-Jul-07 12:55:49

Me also supposed to be working, emailing my website link round to potential clients.
But my breadmaker just pinged so I'm off for a warm crust with butter on it...

Really must get off mn and get emailing. But hey have a browse on the Princess Diana thread, that'll stretch your deadlines!
This afternoon do doubt I will be having yet another frustrated hour trying to establish a picture trail of my very cheap items, which is really stupid as all the items together if sold probably come to less than an hours paid work if I got my finger out!!!!

slayerette Wed 04-Jul-07 13:07:29

Right: I'm going to switch the tv off (or over to tennis for men in white shorts), chivvy ds upstairs to do some 'independent play' or whatever the term is for when you want them to bugger off for a bit, and mark AT LEAST 3 papers before it's time to take him round to his friends this pm.


I'm off.

Right now.

Duchesse, I can see you trying to hang on to the biscuit tin.

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 13:12:10


I said Please!

Aw, go on. Don't be a meanie.

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 13:35:12

I have just done some work!

slayerette Wed 04-Jul-07 17:55:01

I marked a paper or two. Then went to friend's house with ds for the afternoon where we ate - yep - jammy dodgers...

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 04-Jul-07 20:56:11

4,986 words by Friday afternoon Duchesse.

Yes I "worked" all the rest of the day. I am so morally fibrous I am practically muesli.

duchesse Wed 04-Jul-07 21:04:53

In fact, you were prob knitting your own as a diversionary activity, Katy, no? I applaud you!

Did do some more, but I shall have to pick up the tempo a little tomorrow...

slayerette Thu 05-Jul-07 16:59:26


15 papers today - that's 30 essays

<slayerette does small victory dance which ends abruptly as she falls over through exhaustion>

So - only 370 essays to go

Oh bugger

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