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Spending £100 a month on electricity

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teapotter1 Mon 04-Feb-19 09:13:56

I have no idea how I'm spending so much on electricity. I notice it as I got a £50 loyalty card from the gas company I'm with and it was gone in two weeks

I'm so mad at how much I'm spending on electricity, does anyone else have this problem and knows how to solve it?

I only have a two bedroom house with a toddler and baby

Thanks in advance

Adversecamber22 Mon 04-Feb-19 09:28:25

How much are you spending on gas and what’s your heating system?

HeadsDownThumbsUpEveryone Mon 04-Feb-19 09:31:45

Wow that's ridiculously high, what is your gas spend?

Are you leaving lights or the TV on all day and overnight possibly? I would be looking to see if there was a fault with the meter readings or contacting your provider to see why your bills are so high.

dementedpixie Mon 04-Feb-19 09:33:09

Tumble dryer?

Gardenhappy4 Mon 04-Feb-19 09:34:35

Do you just use electricity?

We have both gas and electric and particularly during the winter months we use £100+ a month.
As the weather warms up this drops considerably.

It's little things like turning the lights off and not leaving things on standby, tho I'm sure you know that already.

LBOCS2 Mon 04-Feb-19 09:35:17

Is it just electricity or electricity and gas? We pay £99 on DD for the two per month - we live in a terrace with double glazing but there's someone at home all day 4x days a week.

Gardenhappy4 Mon 04-Feb-19 09:35:45

Whoops didn't read your post correctly. Ignore my first question.

And second the comment about Tumblr dryer! They use alot.

HellsBellsAndBatteredBananas Mon 04-Feb-19 09:39:25

My electricity is £130 a month. I wish I could get it down but I run two tumble driers and have tortoises that have a heat lamp.......and 4 kids that like to turn on every single light in the house.

BrightYellowDaffodil Mon 04-Feb-19 09:40:10

If it’s your only source of fuel then that’s not unreasonable. I have a one bedroom, mid-terrace house and my electricity can easily be £80/90 a month in the depths of winter, and that’s with the heating only on in the evenings.

DoodleLab Mon 04-Feb-19 09:40:14

Do you have the immersion heater switched on in the airing cupboard all the time? If you have one, turn it off, and just switch it on 45 mins before you need a bath.

Otherwise you could get an OWL monitor, you clip part of it around the cable next to the meter, then it has a display unit that you have in the kitchen/living area. You can have hours minutes of fun going round switching things off seeing which things are the big energy drains. In general things that heat up will have the biggest draw... tumble dryer, electric heater, iron, oven etc.

Felford Mon 04-Feb-19 09:56:11

I'm on a pre pay meter at the moment and am spending over £100 a month on electricity.

Moving house at the end of the month and will soon be paying £111 a month for gas and electricity by direct debit. I'm hoping this will be a high estimate and we'll end up in credit.

BarbaraofSevillle Mon 04-Feb-19 09:56:26

I notice it as I got a £50 loyalty card from the gas company I'm with and it was gone in two weeks

That suggests to me that you're on pre-pay and using electricity for heating. Pre-pay is more expensive, so you could see about switching to a credit meter. You don't need your landlord's permission to do this, whatever they tell you.

If you're using electricity for heating, that's also expensive, does that mean you don't have gas? £100 pm, especially in winter, isn't bad really, probably below average, especially if you're on an expensive tariff and using an expensive way of heating. Utilities cost a lot these days unfortunately.

LakieLady Mon 04-Feb-19 10:18:19

We pay £85 for gas and electricity for a two-bed house with 2 adults in it. We need new windows, so it's not cheap to keep it warm. Heating and hot water are both by gas (combi boiler). I'm part-time, so am home 2 all day on 2 weekdays and by 3 every afternoon and I can't bear being cold.

I'm a bit obsessive about wasting energy and get really cross with DP for boiling a kettleful of water to make a cup of coffee. We have a double oven and the big one only gets used when I cook a roast. We don't have a tumble dryer. I hang washing from the picture rails upstairs, it dries quite quickly. I never put the machine on unless there is a full load.

In the last year or two we've had to replace the fridge, freezer and diswasher, and have gone for ones that are A++ enery rated.

Do you use a prepayment (card or key) meter? I've had clients move in to properties where the previous tenant had energy arrears that were being collected through the meter, so that every week they lost £5 or more of the money they put on, because they were paying the previous occupier's arrears. Worth checking that that's not happening.

Although prepayment energy isn't the rip-off it used to be, it does limit how much you can save as a lot of the cheapest energy suppliers don't do prepayment accounts. If you can switch to a credit meter and pay by DD, you can shop around for the best deals and spread the cost of what you use over a full year. That way, you're not shelling out shedloads in the winter.

Check your house for draughts (walk round the house with a lit candle, the flame will show you where the draughts are). Just putting a draught excluder strip round the back door made a big difference in our house. Thermal blinds are a cheap way of reducing heat loss through windows, especially if you put them down when it starts to get dark.

New builds are often surprisingly inefficiently insulated (a whole estate of new HA houses in my area has been found not to meet the prescribed standards and the builders are having to do a lot of work to put it right) and this explains why .

ilovepuppies Mon 04-Feb-19 11:03:53

Prepayment isn't more expensive than paying your bill when it comes in (work for an energy company, these are the rules now)

I would suggest
Checking you're not paying a debt on the meter

Asking your supplier for a smart meter so you can track your usage as PP has said above. You'll be surprised how much the iron etc uses!

If you can, swap to a credit meter and pay by Direct Debit (this is where you can save money as most suppliers will give you a DD discount)

Check your heating timers if you're elec only

If you're on an economy 7 (2 rate) meter but don't have storage heaters, you can ask your supplier to bill you as a single rate. These meters have a v cheap night but an expensive day rate. With tumble dryers in the mix this will add up!

caughtinanet Mon 04-Feb-19 11:06:59

Do you have gas as well? £100 per month at this time of year isn't too bad if that's for everything

BeanTownNancy Mon 04-Feb-19 11:56:49

Exactly how many lamps are you running for your cannabis farm?

I'm joking of course, but that does seem high unless it also includes your heating, or you have the tumble drier on every day.

Lumene Mon 04-Feb-19 12:00:20

Also make sure you are on the cheapest rate/best value offer and shop around. If my electricity provider was sending me £50 loyalty cards I’d be wondering how much they were making out of me!

megletthesecond Mon 04-Feb-19 12:03:55

Leaky seal on the fridge / freezer?

Bitter experience with this.

WhyDontYouComeOnOver Mon 04-Feb-19 12:07:58

I don't think it seems particularly high. We use about that in a 2 bed bungalow and our heating is oil fired. We have a tumble dryer and a dishwasher, electric cooker and three big TVs as well as the usual lights, consoles, chargers etc.

teapotter1 Mon 04-Feb-19 13:13:33

Thank you all for the replies!

Yeah it's pay as you go one, it's a rented property and that's just what it came with I don't know if I'm allowed to change it, but I'll look into it

How would I know if I'm paying a debt?

Never thought about that with the loyalty card, it was £50 free for a year with the company 🧐

dementedpixie Mon 04-Feb-19 13:15:24

Do you have gas or just electric?

teapotter1 Mon 04-Feb-19 13:15:48

I don't have a tumble dryer, or dish washer. I do a lot of washing since I have a 7 month old baby and a toddler. We keep the hall room light on for my toddler too but apart from that it's all normal usage. I pay about the same in gas too with the same company. I'm fine with that since it's winter and I have young children to keep warm.

futuredayspast Mon 04-Feb-19 13:23:38

The big thing with PAYG is to make sure it's registered in your name and they know the date you moved in. If they don't know you aren't the previous tenant they might well be taking their arrears from your top ups.

Even better would be to get off the prepay meter and pay direct debit if you can - it is a LOT cheaper. I pay less than you for my 3 bed flat and that includes running storage and water heaters as we don't have a gas supply.

teapotter1 Mon 04-Feb-19 13:24:50

The company is "E gas" I'd never heard of it before but what the employee told me about it and how many people had switched I got it. Have I been conned?

essex42 Mon 04-Feb-19 13:32:34

£180 a month for gas/electricity in our draughty old terrace. We are both at work but husband has heart condition so likes it warm - 21 degrees - evenings at weekends.

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