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To think this is the most bizarre item of clothing?

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TrixieFranklin Sun 03-Feb-19 14:29:42

It popped up as an AD on my Facebook. I understand the body suit trends but surely this would result in being split entirely in two, or the worlds worst front wedgie blush

edwinbear Wed 06-Feb-19 21:47:08

Tampax string - pushed back up, never to be found again.

userschmoozer Wed 06-Feb-19 22:05:28

So far no one has mentioned its effect on piles so do let me be the one to lower the tone, again.

SpamChaudFroid Wed 06-Feb-19 22:17:53

That PS Ling blog reads like it's been written by somebody with a very overactive and fevered imagination. hmm

SpamChaudFroid Wed 06-Feb-19 22:20:12

Well according to Wiki apparently they cure incontinence, so why not piles user?

aarell Thu 07-Feb-19 09:18:29

A rasher of streaky bacon comes to mind (I'm not sure why?)

GreatAuntMary Thu 07-Feb-19 14:47:10

At least in the eighties "bodies" were like generously cut leotards with three sensible poppers.

Oh no they weren't...!

Asked out on a last-minute date while I was at work one day in the '80s I rushed out at lunchtime and bought one of those 'bodies' to evening-wear my outfit. It was a black lacy poloneck with long sleeves and looked stunning. Looked.

I spent the whole evening going back and forth to the loo - in agonies. Every time I breathed it felt like death by a thousand cuts, and those poppers may have been only three but they felt like a million. I've never sat so still in my life.

And forget the hot date. All I wanted by the end of the evening was a hot, soothing bath.

Never again.

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