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Am I pregnant?

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Chaos4 Sat 02-Feb-19 13:29:33

Never conceived before, I was supposed to ovulate around the 22nd of Jan but didn’t do my ovulation test that week as I was away on holiday with my partner. I’m not dye my period until 5th Feb but I had some weird abdominal pain yesterday morning in 3 sessions, nothing since an I’ve been fine. Taken a pregnancy test this morning and had a faint positive and another one just now and same with a faint positivity. It’s an early detection one 10mlU/ml. Does that mean I’m pregnant? Not sure if I can post photos on here to show you all for your thoughts as I’m new here. Thank you.

namechanger2019 Sat 02-Feb-19 13:31:01

Yes, if you have a positive pregnant test you are pregnant. Congratulations.

Funnyface1 Sat 02-Feb-19 13:38:28

Even a faint positive means you're pregnant. I had faint positives way before my period was due so if you're due on the 5th a sensitive test can definitely be picking it up.

EmUntitled Sat 02-Feb-19 13:51:46

False positives are very rare. 2 false positives is very very unlikely. You are almost certainly pregnancy, congrats!

Barbie222 Sat 02-Feb-19 13:52:21

Yes, congratulations, all the best!

Chaos4 Sat 02-Feb-19 13:54:36

Can I post photos here just to double check? If so how do o do it? Thank you xx

Cookz Sat 23-Feb-19 15:56:36

I have a similar problem, I tested 5 days before my period was due and got a faint positive. I was due on my period yesterday and no sign! I have been testing like a crazy women but all negatives since. Is this possible?

TeeniefaeTroon Sat 23-Feb-19 16:26:46

@Cookz that happened with my first pregnancy, I eventually had to get a blood test to confirm as the pregnancy tests kept showing negative after the first faint positive.

Cookz Sat 23-Feb-19 16:38:56

Thank you for replying. I felt like I was going crazy! Did you have to have many blood tests or did the first come back positive?

TeeniefaeTroon Fri 01-Mar-19 23:46:30

The first blood test came back positive but it was about a week after my first faint positive stick.

TheDarkPassenger Sat 02-Mar-19 00:18:33

Mine was really faint I thought it was wrong... I was 10 weeks pregnant! Doctor told me a positive is a positive!

Still managed to go to 13 weeks with the next one without realising... some people just don’t learn!


Nothinglefttochoose Sat 02-Mar-19 06:10:15

Why is this on AIBU?

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