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Bloody CSA

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itsbritneybiatches Sun 27-Jan-19 15:32:49

Ex husband hasn't made a payment since September.

Every month the CSA write to me to
Tell me he hasn't paid them
And they couldn't take the money as they don't have his bank details.

I have his bank details. Can I pass these on? I think they are the same bank details he had when we were married.

If they are not and it's a closed account what can they actually do? Every time they write
The amount changes and they don't seem to be taking The other missing months into consideration.

I'm shortly going to appeal just waiting for a court date and I have no idea what to expect where his is concerned as he's not submitting accounts for his company and then dissolving them when he's struck off and then creating a new company.

What happens if he doesn't turn up?
Will they take into account he is lying on his accounts he does submit?

What will happen if he never pays. Will it get written off?

Does anyone have any experience of csa going to appeal or any idea how I can move this forward with the csa. All they say is we have a back log and it's gone to our debt department.

It's really frustrating.
I don't "need" this money but i could at least put it away for my daughter for her future.

ohreallyohreallyoh Sun 27-Jan-19 15:35:46

Oh, do we have the same ex? The new company and dissolving when accounts are due is something my ex has been doing for 10 years. I report every dissolution to the HMRC along with his website details etc etc etc but nothing ever seems to happen.

I haven’t had a penny in 10 years so don’t hold your breath.

itsbritneybiatches Sun 27-Jan-19 15:50:58

I'm going to start reporting dominjustnrong the number online?

itsbritneybiatches Sun 27-Jan-19 15:54:11

I'm going to start reporting him is it the number online?

itsbritneybiatches Sun 27-Jan-19 15:55:35

So nothing I can do then.

Any idea what could happen if the appeal is successful?

Would he have to pay anything then or is that just a waste of time also?

ohreallyohreallyoh Sun 27-Jan-19 16:14:47

Yes, you can report to HMRC anonymously online.m if you are following it through to the court stage you may get somewhere - I have never had the stomach for it. I would be interested in hearing how you get on.

itsbritneybiatches Sun 27-Jan-19 16:55:17

I will let you know. No idea how long it will all take.

itsbritneybiatches Fri 15-Feb-19 12:50:36

I have my appeal.

They will write to me to tell me if it needs an oral hearing.
This can take months states the letter.

The advisor who handled my case has said there is no evidence to suggest my exh is earning more than the £8k a year he states.

Well. Great but with that £8k he pays for a car with exceptionally high insurance due to a prior drink driving ban. He houses himself and eats. Am sure all this is mire than £8k.

snowball28 Fri 15-Feb-19 20:22:31

They are useless they’ve let my ex get away with not paying for the entire 7 (nearly 8) years my sons been alive. They slapped a liability order on him a few months ago but that’s done bugger all. He owes our son approx 5k but won’t ever pay.

itsbritneybiatches Fri 15-Feb-19 21:25:16

I am struggling at the min to see what the point of them is.

If they won't pay then they can't actually do anything can they?

This appeal could take nine months. If they turn round and say they can't do anything I don't think I can't take it any further and he just gets away with not supporting our child.

What do you do then?

If he claims his rent and car on business expenses which I think he may be I think I am stuck. So he could live in a £1k a month apartment and have a top of the range car with sky high premiums on the insurance yet be legit to provide nothing to his child. I just can't get my head around how that can be legally right.

What am I missing here??

itsbritneybiatches Tue 26-Feb-19 17:38:17

I got my date! End of April! Anyone been to similar and can offer any advice before I attend?

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