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Guests and rotating what you serve

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baabaamoomooneigh Sun 27-Jan-19 01:38:22

A colleague of mine keeps a notebook in her kitchen drawer, specifically to note down details of what she has served to guests. Eg "sept 2018, bob and Jill for dinner, lasagne then cheesecake"

This is so she doesn't serve the same people the same thing the next time they come for dinner.

AIBU not to do this? Am I a bad host for not caring about these details? I would never think to ensure I offer a different meal next time. Does she have too much time on her hands?

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steff13 Sun 27-Jan-19 01:41:11

I think it's a little "extra," but not a bad idea.

WiddlinDiddlin Sun 27-Jan-19 01:41:25

My mother used to do this, she cared very very very much what other people thought of her.

Not just what she'd made them, but what she'd had at theirs and, who else was present...

I cannot bring myself to locate sufficient fucks for this. People get sufficient food, that is tasty. Thats enough for me!

baabaamoomooneigh Sun 27-Jan-19 01:43:39

Phew, not just me then grin

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KC225 Sun 27-Jan-19 01:46:49

But sometimes it nice to get a particular dish again.

Flower777 Sun 27-Jan-19 01:48:35

I don’t entertain enough to need to do this!!!

Seren85 Sun 27-Jan-19 01:52:47

I suppose I do a mental version of this. The only people we have round for food are family but I do remember if I did a steak and ale pie last time so maybe do fajitas next time.

halfwitpicker Sun 27-Jan-19 02:13:32

Nah they should just be grateful they're being fed!

ComtesseDeSpair Sun 27-Jan-19 02:20:52

Well, it’s not exactly laborious to note something down so don’t see how it falls into “too much time on her hands.” I don’t think it’s that odd. I don’t do it personally (though I have a record in my head of what I’ve cooked for various dinner parties) but people do generally remember if you serve them the same thing every time they come to dinner and I suppose if you did if often enough if could become a running joke that she’d prefer to avoid.

HerSymphonyAndSong Sun 27-Jan-19 02:50:20

I do write it down because I meal plan in my diary so it will be listed there. I find this helps with my shopping list. I sometimes flick back through my diary for ideas etc. So yes I do keep a record and I may refer back to it. I don’t mind if we serve the same things again to particular people but I wouldn’t say that keeping a record is especially onerous

UrsulaPandress Sun 27-Jan-19 02:54:10

I have my mum's notebook in which she kept such notes, along with guests reactions to dishes. There is also a list of things that individuals didn't like. I love browsing it. The menu is in there for the meal she never got to cook ...

Justagirlwholovesaboy Sun 27-Jan-19 02:56:54

I entertain once a year and they get the same meal, I’m a rubbish host

Bloodybridget Sun 27-Jan-19 02:57:28

Have never done this, but often think I should. Also if people seem to particularly enjoy something, it would be good to remember that, and to note dietary requirements so I don't have to ask every time. However as fairly Old Dog am unlikely to learn such a new trick now.

Bloodybridget Sun 27-Jan-19 02:58:19

Ha, cross post with UrsulaPandress.

Swifey40 Sun 27-Jan-19 03:13:09

I do this, we have people for dinner at least once a week probably more, so it's good to know what I've served oeople and what went well, what didn't etc. It's in my massive diary, where I also note down what I've fed the dc that day too, and on normal days what dh and I have eaten for supper. I can note down good wines and good cheese etc too. I don't have too much time on my hands, I just love doing it, and don't want to serve/or eat the same thing again and again.

Rachelle3211 Sun 27-Jan-19 03:43:02

I love this idea! I entertain a lot and it's a great idea. It doesn't take more than a minute. I'm not sure why it seems so over the top?

Time40 Sun 27-Jan-19 03:59:03

Between us, my partner and I can only cook about six things that are good enough for guests, so we have been thinking we should do this ... we've been thinking it for about the past five years. I think some guests have probably had repeat meals ....

kateandme Sun 27-Jan-19 04:05:30

I can imagine monica in friends has this in her draw

Returning2thesceneofthecrime Sun 27-Jan-19 04:17:53

I do it, so did my mother. I don’t want to serve the same thing to the same people 5 times in a row and my repertoire is limited. This helps me keep track.

Also, because I think certain dishes lend themselves to a certain starter or dessert, I tend to cook a whole menu together rather than mix and match dishes. That means if I repeat something, it is even more noticeable as guests are getting a whole three course menu repeated rather than just one course so I try not to do that.

Shoxfordian Sun 27-Jan-19 06:00:22

I don't do this, come to mine for dinner and there's a very good chance you're getting a pasta bake. Plus lots of red wine. Haven't had any complaints

caesio Sun 27-Jan-19 06:00:26

I do this. Its great not having to start planning from scratch, I can just look through what I did before. I can even re-use whole menus on different groups of people grin

Also as I'm usually just cooking for 2 I find it hard to scale up to how much meat/bread/veg I need for 8 say so I include that.

My guests usually come for 4 days so I would serve the same meals that I know they like e.g. roast chicken/bacon sandwich for 75% of the meals and then a couple of "new" dishes as I like trying new recipes.

Fabaunt Sun 27-Jan-19 06:09:05

Not at all I’d be thrilled to be invited to dinner and my best friend always makes my fav when she’s asking me over

WishIwas19again Sun 27-Jan-19 06:12:13

My mother does this, with notes of how much they liked it, or any passing comments made about likes/dislikes of food in general. Even has our visits in. Wonder if it's something that was taught to girls around etiquette and hosting, my mother is in her 70's. We either order take away or make something that's easy or our kids like, we're not such good hosts!

Picknickers Sun 27-Jan-19 06:14:15

I love to cook and try out new things so I spend a long time scouring the internet for new recipes. Too much time? Maybe but I class it as a hobby!

Fantata Sun 27-Jan-19 06:25:26

The first Mrs de Winter does this in Rebecca. Even at the time that book was set, the second Mrs de Winter found it remarkable.

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