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To expect them to check the bloody address?

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MsSquiz Thu 24-Jan-19 13:35:06

I did this by accident at the start of December and we moved house last March. I'm not entirely sure how I did it as I have ordered items from the website and had them delivered to the new house.

Luckily the new owners text DH to say they had received it and we could call round to collect.

Sometimes it's just a simple mistake

Oddsocksandmeatballs Thu 24-Jan-19 12:37:56

I did it recently (albeit a Body Shop order), I managed to get it sent to my old address in my haste.

tillytrotter1 Thu 24-Jan-19 12:35:45

When we moved into one house we got a Christmas card 'To Mum with lots of love' for five years! This was in the days before computerised address labels too. We once realised that we were sending some friends two cards for a couple of years after they moved. I had added the new address but hadn't remved the old one!

steppemum Thu 24-Jan-19 11:43:02

we still get stuff for the old owners, we have been here for 8 years!

After one year, we stopped doing return to sender, and instead dh opened each letter and called/emailed them to say wrong address. We aminly did it because there were bank and salary stuff coming and we were not comfortable getting that.
It took a bit of work, but then the volume dropped.

Still get one christmas card every eyar though, no return address!

ShalomJackie Thu 24-Jan-19 11:36:17

Amazon must have changed their settings recently I think. I moved 3 years ago and when I ordered recently it came up with my old address as default address and then listed other options including my current one but also all the addresses that I have ever sent orders to including kids at uni, nephews and parents (presents) etc.

Luckily I noticed and changed it but I wonder if I had one-click ordered whether it would have gone elsewhere!

hatethinkingofusernames Thu 24-Jan-19 11:29:12

I did that last week! Moved from London to Bristol- my billing address is still London and i was rushing and didn't check properly. House is unoccupied but they were sat outside the door for days! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

LIZS Thu 24-Jan-19 11:16:16

We did this with Waterstones. The account defaulted to old address and dh did not notice until it was despatched. Fortunately we were near enough for dh to collect it. Can you not just return it to Amazon?

Itssosunnyout Thu 24-Jan-19 11:14:51

We have this fron people who moved in 2013.
I return to send everything.

Justamemory Thu 24-Jan-19 11:09:37

Just after we moved house my DP ordered some bits from screwfix. He hadnt yet changed the address on his paypal, but put down our new address as the delivery address. For some reason they decided to use his paypal address rather than the delivery address he put in. Fortunately the new occupants were honest and I picked up the parcel the next evening. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine, except she got an earful from the new occupants.

FairfaxAikman Thu 24-Jan-19 10:43:51

They did a redirect for about three month. They must have changed some stuff but the worrying thing is we are still getting some sensitive mail such as credit card applications.
Makes me wonder if the package was dodgy and he wanted me to contact him to collect.
We have their number and have contacted them repeatedly about it.

caesio Thu 24-Jan-19 10:43:05

Its actually suprisingly easy to do especially at the beginning when your billing address might still be the old address. A lot of sites default the shipping address to the billing address unless you're careful. And even then once they're changed I think because the old address "looks right" your brain doesn't pick it up as wrong when you use a site you haven't used for a while.

Had Next parcel from old owner ( 14 months since move) last week texted her and she said when she realised the mistake she had called them and they told her it was cancelled but it arrived anyway.

DonCorleoneTheThird Thu 24-Jan-19 10:34:32

If they had set up a redirection, they could be forgiven for the amazon parcel - people forget things, it's not the end of the world.

If you are still receiving ALL their post, I would get really annoyed.

FairfaxAikman Thu 24-Jan-19 10:24:20

We moved into our home 18 months ago and I've just had to refuse an *A**mazon*^^ package for the old owners.

We are forever getting letters for them but a sodding Amazon order?! AIBU to expect them to check the address when ordering something long after they've moved?

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