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AIBU - Pets are stupid!

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Justagirlwholovesaboy Thu 24-Jan-19 04:42:53

Just for fun, what’s the weirdest thing which has scared your pet for no apparent reason. Tonight I learnt while walking my puppy a shadow is scary! After reassurance he’s ok, no counselling needed but wondered what others have experienced with their amazingly eccentric pets?

Buntybearbess Thu 24-Jan-19 04:51:50

All three of my dogs are scared of the dark. Two dislike rain and another is terrified of it. One is terrified of snow both falling and on the ground.

I have a shih tzu and two chihuahuas and both the male dogs (the shih and one of the chihuahuas) tzu have anxiety. The female chihuahua carries around a ring bone thing in her mouth 24/7 it's like a dummy. When she doesn't have that she's picking up other things from the floor slippers, socks, pulling things from the table or radiators. She just likes to carry and bring you things to see, but you can't have them you just look at them and compliment her and then she takes them to her crate. Both chihuahuas like to hide the kids blocks and toys in the males crate, everything else is hidden in hers. Neither will go to sleep unless you've almost swaddled them like newborns on their pillows in their crates and the shih tzu won't go to sleep unless he's had a slice of bread and butter. He sleeps at the foot of mums bed and will sit in the doorway to the living room and bark when it's time for bed until mum's crated the puppies and headed up because he won't go to bed alone.

Justagirlwholovesaboy Thu 24-Jan-19 04:54:37

Aww they sound adorable and hard work!

ChristmasAccountant Thu 24-Jan-19 05:06:32

My cat was scared of cucumbers. Would literally run out if anyone was eating it. No idea why!

Buntybearbess Thu 24-Jan-19 05:09:06

@Justagirlwholovesaboy, oh yeah. Totally pampered and rule the house but they're all cuddly, even tempered and great with kids and relatively well trained/behaved.

BackBoiler Thu 24-Jan-19 05:55:56

DH and kids have been playing with a large scalextric track. The cat is clearly disturbed but also curious about it....I keep joking that I am going to make squares out of tape around it and scatter a few cucumbers!

BackBoiler Thu 24-Jan-19 05:57:23

@christmasaccountant that is actually a thing! Plus if you make a square on the floor out of tape they sit in it???

abbsisspartacus Thu 24-Jan-19 06:00:56

Me blowing my nose turns my three cats into balls of fur they puff up in fear I've got a cold and it's hilarious

MissElaineNeus Thu 24-Jan-19 06:08:33

Search YouTube for cats and cucumbers. Knicker-wettingly funny.

Kerantli Thu 24-Jan-19 06:10:48

My cat will stare at something on the floor for a few seconds, then jump up with a puffed up tail and run away.

She's also afraid of one cat we tend to see in the garden, the first time she ever saw it she was sat at the window in the back room, puffed up beyond anything we had seen before, huffing like an asthmatic steam train. First and only time we had heard her do it.

Boysandbuses Thu 24-Jan-19 06:12:50

Our cocker spaniel gets scared by her own farts. Everytime she farts she jumps up, we can then smell it. Then she does and sits somewhere else, until she farts again.

I assume she genuinely doesn't know it's her that's got the smell arse. Love her though grin

Cherrysherbet Thu 24-Jan-19 06:15:58

One of my dogs is scared of wrapping paper. She shakes and shivers. No idea why.

MardAsSnails Thu 24-Jan-19 06:16:04

I have a dog scared by her own farts. And the lab judges her for them and walks off looking sad whenever she does it. Poor sensitive old soul - he seems to take her evil arse personally.

sashh Thu 24-Jan-19 06:24:33


As a kid we had a golden retriever who used to jump up and look at her bum in surprise when she farted.

My cats likes to sit on the window sill, but as she doesn't have a flap that's also how she gets out. I have to ask her, "Do you want to go out?" if she walks up and down that means she does want to go out, if she just sits there she doesn't want to go out.

She also refuses to drink out of a bowl and needs a glass on the coffee table.

She is not allowed in the kitchen without a human, my carer made a sign saying keep out, puss cat temptation ahead. This was pinned on the kitchen door for 5 years, he took it down because she knew the rule, and that was the week she learned how to open the kitchen door.

Boysandbuses Thu 24-Jan-19 06:28:23

sashh it's so funny when it happens

MardAsSnails cocker definitely judges anyone else that farts. She adores DP, if he farts she goes off and stares at him from across the room grin

CantWaitToRetire Thu 24-Jan-19 06:45:13

When my dog was young she was scared of strange objects. One day we were walking along the road and she jumped and was scared when she spotted a mattress in someone's front garden.

anniehm Thu 24-Jan-19 06:52:41

Mine is petrified of Christmas crackers, came to a new low this year, mum left the box on the floor and he was growling at them like a brave dog!

LoopyLou1981 Thu 24-Jan-19 07:00:40

My childhood cat used to be scared of my hairbrush. He’d back up across the room to avoid it until, one day, he obviously decided to be the boss of the house again, ran up to and whacked it with his paw. He looked so pleased with himself!

Suziepoozie Thu 24-Jan-19 07:03:50

If I hiccup (which I do often as a side effect of a medical condition) my dog gets so worried for me she jumps up onto my lap and tries to bite each hiccup (not my mouth, she sort of just laps at the air near my face tk get the sound). It’s very strange and she makes it very clear she doesn’t want to hurt me, she licks my face and snuggles. Odd!

DeadCertain Thu 24-Jan-19 07:08:04

My dog is petrified of butchers' shops. He will try his best to tow me past as fast as possible in a panic, even though he walks very nicely the rest of the time. He is raw fed too. He also shows a similar reaction to fresh graves in any graveyards we go through (a few public footpaths pass through them locally to me).

SquirrelsGold Thu 24-Jan-19 07:09:28

My big, beautiful lab got scared a couple of weeks ago, (he's not one to frighten easily). I had told him it was bed time so he hopped onto his bed, there was a squeaky toy under his bed that squeaked when he got on, it made him jump and he jumped back off looking a bit unsure. I took the toy out from under his bed and told him to get back in... There was another squeaky toy under his bed I hadn't spotted which squeaked when he got on... He shot off the bed, ran out of the kitchen and flew up the stairs to my daughters room! It took a good few days until he'd go back onto his bed!!

ChardonnaysPrettySister Thu 24-Jan-19 07:11:11

One of mine is easily startled. He jumped up when he saw someone carrying a big suitcase the other day. Being very British the Suitcase person automatically said ‘Sorry!’
Made my day.

Babygrey7 Thu 24-Jan-19 07:16:03

Suzie, that is actually very sweet smile

My dog is a afraid of the dark (we have to leave a light on in the kitchen or she gets a panic attack) confused she is also terribly scared of the window cleaner, stormy weather and if one of us is still out when it gets dark...

BluthsFrozenBananas Thu 24-Jan-19 07:30:35

My dog hates suitcases. DH often goes away for work, when he’s going he leaves his suitcase by the front door to take in the morning. If the dog spots the suitcase she’ll bark and growl at it until she’s taken out of the room.

We went away over Christmas, the dog stayed with BIL and SIL and their three grown up children and was generally treated like the princess she thinks she is. When we all got home she’s caught me unpacking a suitcase and was aghast, she alternated between growling at the case and tugging at my clothes trying to pull me away (not very effective as she weighs 3kg grin ).

She’s a very clever dog and we think she’s worked out suitcases equal people going away.

Lydiamoon Thu 24-Jan-19 07:34:56

The window cleaner. My dcat spends half her life sleeping on a chair by the window in dd’s room.

Whenever the window cleaner mysteriously appears at said window, dcat is convinced that he’s there to murder her. It takes several hours to calm her down afterwards!

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