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To literally hate one of my dogs just now

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LEMtheoriginal Thu 24-Jan-19 00:50:34

I don't know which little fucker i hate the most - but I'd say its the fucking gobshite that has just pissed on my bed. Right through to the matress.

The matress is less than a year old ffs. Guess why we had to buy it!!!!angry

Any tips on getting piss out of a matress? It thankfully was mostly soaked up by the matress protector.

Any tips on the clandestine disposal of two jack Russel terriers? Or should i just make the bastards into a handbag? They'd make a good bag wouldn't they?

RussellTheLoveMuscle Thu 24-Jan-19 00:58:02

Make a slipper out of each one? I would.

MiMiMaguire Thu 24-Jan-19 00:59:07

Id hate that. Need to make your bedroom a no go zone. I think baking soda is meant to be good for getting the piss out, have a Google.

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Thu 24-Jan-19 01:00:52

Love the photo of the dogs. Looks familiar - have you posted it before?

LEMtheoriginal Thu 24-Jan-19 01:01:04

Right - baking soda for the bed and some decent thread to make the slippers. Bastards

LEMtheoriginal Thu 24-Jan-19 01:03:16

Otters i may have yes. In a look at my cute doggies sort of way. hmmgrin

ErrolTheDragon Thu 24-Jan-19 01:14:08

This is why you should have got dachshunds. Not good at getting on beds uninvited, but could easily be repurposed as draught excluders if necessary.

NeverHadANickname Thu 24-Jan-19 01:17:13

DH was similarly annoyed with ours the other day for getting herself stuck in the office and ripping the carpet up trying to get out 🤬 I felt bad because she obviously couldn't get out but wrecking the carpet did not help.

Aquamarine1029 Thu 24-Jan-19 01:18:58

Oh shit. That little fucker. Off to work in the fields with him!

Seriously though, you need to get a waterproof mattress pad. It's the only way forward. I've had to do this with one of my pups that has since passed away.

FortunesFave Thu 24-Jan-19 01:19:51

Aw. Of course YABU! grin It was not one of those adorable creatures that pissed the bed.

You probably did it yourself whilst asleep.

Pissy pants.

PigletTiggerEeyoreAndRoo Thu 24-Jan-19 01:22:50

Following, due to a certain hound christening the sofa ...l

MyFriendGoo5 Thu 24-Jan-19 01:25:04

My friends dog shat in her husband's work boots.

No way on earth was it not deliberate..........if I were you I'd worry about what the fuckers are plotting next as they pretend to gaze at the fire.

LEMtheoriginal Thu 24-Jan-19 01:27:24

The brown one is suspect number 1. He tends to think he rules the roost.

Gone4Good Thu 24-Jan-19 01:32:46

They look like trouble makers, especially the brown one.

MustShowDH Thu 24-Jan-19 01:49:38

Washing powder with hot water.

Were you in bed at the time???

pineapplebryanbrown Thu 24-Jan-19 01:53:59

Awww, you're just covering your own arse. Or should I say fanny? It wasn't those lovely dogs.

CheshireChat Thu 24-Jan-19 02:01:45

I'm sure someone will be along to post the actual name, but there's a special detergent that apparently gets rid of the smell, both Amazon and PaH have it IIRC

DustyMcDustbuster Thu 24-Jan-19 02:07:22

It was not those angels. A fucking cat must have got in!

JustJoinedRightNow Thu 24-Jan-19 02:11:17

The brown one is hilarious!!!!! He totally pissed in the bed though

JustJoinedRightNow Thu 24-Jan-19 02:11:59

Just as an aside, what on earth are you watching on tv?

1forAll74 Thu 24-Jan-19 02:14:02

Oh the little doggies love the heat by the look of it, so it was too cold to go out for a pee, the bed had to be better.!

WiddlinDiddlin Thu 24-Jan-19 02:39:57

I hate to break it to you..

Fuck all gets piss out of stuff.

There are lots of products that claim to get piss out of anything and everything.

They only get money out of your pockets though.

You may think you have got the piss out, but the next time its warm and humid, or ya get steamy in the bedroom... boom, stinks of piss again.

Not that I've spent approximately the last 12 years living with one or other ancient leaking dog or anything (fortunately, not mattresses.. but rugs, carpets and sofas).

Purplecatshopaholic Thu 24-Jan-19 02:46:05

Aww, those dogs are adorable. It wasnt them. You did it yourself and didnt realise, lol.

Smile19 Thu 24-Jan-19 02:56:20

Rub neat washing powder in. Add washer and rub in. Leave until dry. Vacuum residue up. Good luck. I have dogs, I keep them out the bedroom. It may be a sign of anxiety though, I would encourage you do get a registered behaviourist out. Take care.

Smotheroffive Thu 24-Jan-19 03:02:29

Soaknup what you can, use white vinegar for the smell..then steam cleaner (that thing about it smelling whenever it gets steamy, etc..well steam it now and get it all evaporated out... You could try ironing for the same result)

Little gets! Boys you say. Is there something in that, especially marking a bed/sofa. Entire?

The brown one seems to be owning the other, looking the dominant one. Try a felliway, dog version, can't think of the name, he will pee to mark dominance if feeling anxious about that?

You had them long? Trouble is dogs who mark pee, always have some ready for the job, and no amount of letting them out will resolve it.

Restrict their area to downstairs, say, and not allow any unsupervised access. I doubt they would do it in front of you so its gonna have to be about breaking the habit through lack of opportunity.

Do they vie for your attention or get into scraps with each other over you? Like when you first walk in a room?

I am doing some tt just now, but of the particularly smelly, and persistently so, cat piss! We have one doing training to use our loo. Have every sympathy for the lividness of the situation!

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