Would it be absolutely disgusting to...

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meladeso Tue 22-Jan-19 07:33:11

Put loo brushes in the dishwasher on their own, on hot setting, followed by a hot wash on empty??!!!

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WoogleCone Tue 22-Jan-19 07:34:18

I'd have to discard the dishwasher afterwards :/

Etihad Tue 22-Jan-19 07:36:26

I don’t think I would do that.

Just wondering how much all that hot water/electricity/detergent would compare financially and environmentally to getting some cheap new loo brushes?

LaurieFairyCake Tue 22-Jan-19 07:36:29

Of course it's fine ! Dishwashers temperature is set to kill all bugs

I wouldn't and don't even do a hot wash afterwards

finn1020 Tue 22-Jan-19 07:36:49


popcornwizard Tue 22-Jan-19 07:37:13

Yes envy not envy

Thisgirlcant Tue 22-Jan-19 07:37:27

Put them in a bucket with boiling hot bleach water.


LaurieFairyCake Tue 22-Jan-19 07:37:35

The rule of thumb is always to reuse before re-buying

Bishbashthrash Tue 22-Jan-19 07:38:07

That is disgusting!

peeblet Tue 22-Jan-19 07:38:28

yesenvy you can cheap replacements -
even John Lewis basics is £3

GetYourRocksOff Tue 22-Jan-19 07:38:48

Just ditch the loo brush. Gross things.

shitwithsugaron Tue 22-Jan-19 07:39:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RainbowWaffles Tue 22-Jan-19 07:41:17

Just buy a new one, treat yourself.

1Bobbinwinder Tue 22-Jan-19 07:41:19

Bleach is your friend here, surely?

Etihad Tue 22-Jan-19 07:41:20

Yes I agree about the reusing thing, as much as possible. But putting loo brushes in the dishwasher is gross and not very efficient as you would be using a huge amount of water. Bucket of hot water is a good idea!

Thisisthelaststraw Tue 22-Jan-19 07:41:58

I have no idea but I wouldn’t do it.

Tiny particles of faecal matter flowing around my dishes 🤮

Stompythedinosaur Tue 22-Jan-19 07:42:27

I don't think I would do this personally.

ErictheGuineaPig Tue 22-Jan-19 07:42:47

Jesus christ, why????

Why would you need your loo brush to be that clean when it just gets used to clean a loo? Why would your risk contaminating your food area for it? I can't fathom what your thinking is here?!

81Byerley Tue 22-Jan-19 07:43:13

It shouldn't be necessary. Every morning when I clean the bathroom, I put bleach down the loo and scrub round it, then leave the brush in the loo soaking while I clean the rest of the bathroom. I'm sure the bleach leaves the brush fresh and clean.

MirandaWest Tue 22-Jan-19 07:43:28

I wouldn’t. If I felt the loo brushes couldn’t be used any more I would buy new ones.

scrivette Tue 22-Jan-19 07:43:38

I am very lax about these sort of things and even I wouldn't!
This is the sort of thing bleach should be used for!

Tattybear16 Tue 22-Jan-19 07:43:41

Gag moment. Can’t beleive you’re even considering it.

meladeso Tue 22-Jan-19 07:43:44

I know the thought of it makes me envytoo, but I'm sick to death of how easily we just discard plastic.

I am NOT buying new ones ever 6 months or whatever. I don't care how cheap they are.

Any alternative suggestions? Did someone say bucket of hot water and bleach?

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LaurieFairyCake Tue 22-Jan-19 07:44:12

My dishwasher is eco friendly so uses less water than hand washing.

I do my 4 loo brushes, pots they go in, pots they stand on (it's a whole contraption) every month in the dishwasher. It's a full load, wouldn't put anything else in with them.

MirandaWest Tue 22-Jan-19 07:44:20

But not sure why the loo brush would need to be that clean anyway

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