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To think this house is good for my family?

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Countrysidegirl Mon 21-Jan-19 09:37:32

We've had a really tough few years as a family. My DH is unwell, we took on a big house project which has been a huge financial and time burden. Yes we have a lovely big house in a great location but it's nearly torn us apart.

My DH was in hospital before Christmas and I had a good think about how I can improve our family life. We have 2 DC who are 5.5y & 3.5y and a dog. Moving closer to DH work to reduce his commute from 1.5hrs each way to 20 mins, get a house that needs no updating/DIY, reduce our mortgage/outgoings burden, give us some life back like family trips/holidays etc which we haven't been able to afford.

We've seen this house a few times now.

It ticks all those boxes. I love it but DH is resisting. He thinks it's too small inside and outside. What do you think? Catch is the garden which is only at the front and terraced. It backs on to Minchinhampton Common though so no shortage of outdoor space!

It has good schools and amenities nearby. We've seen other houses nearby but they haven't been much bigger inside and need a lot of work!

watt36 Mon 21-Jan-19 09:41:00

I think it's gorgeous. The yard looks reasonable. There aren't enough photos though on the listing to judge it properly.

watt36 Mon 21-Jan-19 09:43:49

I've looked at it again. I want to live there. Stay where you are so I can buy it grin

MatildaTheCat Mon 21-Jan-19 09:45:50

Clicky link

It’s beautiful but I would be asking seriously why it’s been on the market 2.5 years- there must be a snag somewhere. However, yes, on paper it looks an amazing place to live and seems spacious enough.

I hope your DH has recovered.

alltheusernames Mon 21-Jan-19 09:47:06

For that price I'd want a bigger kitchen, I like kitchens with dining/living sociable space. But it looks lovely.

StickItUpYaJumpa Mon 21-Jan-19 09:47:10

Of course it's big enough. hmm

The issues I see are the garden at the front. You will need to fence it off and personally I wouldn't be comfortable with the kids playing in it unsupervised. Also the bedrooms on different floors. The one bedroom is small but I wouldn't want to sleep on a different floor to my young children so would have to make that small bedroom work until I was happy to sleep on a different floor.

Dreamingofkfc Mon 21-Jan-19 09:48:03

I wouldn't go for a garden like that with children so young.

bridgetreilly Mon 21-Jan-19 09:48:05

Do it.

MadeleineMaxwell Mon 21-Jan-19 09:48:30

It's a beautiful, well-decorated house with wonderful views, no doubt about it. But it'd be too small for me, personally. Especially the kitchen. And I would hate the front door opening straight on to the dining room like that.

That said, you always have to compromise somewhere when buying a house. Is the reduced commute and extra time with your DH worth the potential lack of space and can you make it work?

CMOTDibbler Mon 21-Jan-19 09:48:34

Oooh, Amberley is lovely. And reducing his commute from 3 hours a day to 40 mins would make a huge difference to quality of life

Houseonahill Mon 21-Jan-19 09:50:03

That kitchen is tiny but I guess it depends on your personal taste personally I would want a lot more kitchen for half a million pounds.

LakieLady Mon 21-Jan-19 09:51:43

I think the kitchen is too long and thin for a family house. Imagine the kids getting under your feet in that narrow space, or them looming over you when they're hulking great teenagers!

Theonewiththecat Mon 21-Jan-19 09:55:46

It's gorgeous, but I think the kitchen is too narrow, and the house will probably be cold. It has an energy rating of E. So I bet it's expensive to keep warm.

BarbaraofSevillle Mon 21-Jan-19 09:58:06

The kitchen is not tiny and you could probably knock through to make a kitchen diner without too much disruption.

Beautiful house in what looks like a gorgeous area. No idea if the price is reasonable as I don't know what prices are like in the area.

The front garden looks lovely for sitting out in, nice and private, and the big advantage of being near the common is access to masses of outside space that doesn't need any of your time or money to look after it. What's not to love. Plus loads better for your DH commute.

Iaintdonenothing Mon 21-Jan-19 09:58:54

I think this house has been posted before? Not sure what the verdict was but people echoed PP of the garden not being partical for young children. If you've got half a million to play about with I'm sure you'll find something suitable.

Merryoldgoat Mon 21-Jan-19 09:59:51

I think the kitchen is a bit cramped and the bedroom layout would feel a bit claustrophobic.

It’s beautiful though and if your quality of life would be improved then it should be considered.

I’d want to know why on the market so long as well...

Yearinyearout Mon 21-Jan-19 10:04:18

It makes perfect sense to move closer to his work (and do it while the DC are younger) but the other house for sale in the same village looks more suitable for a family house (mainly based on the kitchen size) it’s also 25k cheaper.

angieloumc Mon 21-Jan-19 10:04:56

If you go on right move there is another cottage in Pinfarthings, similar price and an extra bedroom, lovely garden too.

ThanosSavedMe Mon 21-Jan-19 10:10:13

Have you actually visited the house or just seen it online?

recently Mon 21-Jan-19 10:13:07

I think it looks lovely. Can't believe all the tiny kitchen comments - ours if much smaller and there are five of us.

WTFIsAGleepglorp Mon 21-Jan-19 10:14:21

I'd like to see all three bedrooms. The ceilings seem very low.
The place is seriously diddly.
There's one bathroom, no seperate cloak room.

showgirl Mon 21-Jan-19 10:20:10

Seriously what kind of houses do you all live in. All the rooms are good sizes. The only downside the garden. You would need to supervise the children at all times till older. Your average 3 bed new build would have much less sqmtr than this property.

Dvg Mon 21-Jan-19 10:21:41

small, only 1 bathroom, small kitchen, garden is small ... could do better for 500k, i would pay 400/420k but that is the highest

SushiMonster Mon 21-Jan-19 10:24:57

It isn't especially small!

Most 3 bed semi's are around 1000 sq ft and this is 1300. Albeit you can usually go up into the loft, and extend out hteback of a trad 3 bed semi which you can't do here.

Rooms are fine for 2 children and 2 adults. Kitchen is fine. Garden isn't amazing.

To reduce the commute down to 20 mins would be a HUGE benefit to the family quality of life. Much more than a big garden. And living in a 'done' house v one that needs work will hugely reduce stress levels.

alltheusernames Mon 21-Jan-19 10:25:12

@showgirl I live in a much smaller house with no where near that budget, my qualms are that if I had that budget there would be no compromise for me, id expect a good garden, big kitchen and certainly at least one more bathroom, that seems easily achievable in that area on £500k, but then I don't really buy into character, I prefer functional. Beautiful house but I just think there is better for that money, it says a lot that it was put up in 2017, it must be overpriced.

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