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To think DHs sister is a bridezilla?

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ReginaGeorge2nd Mon 21-Jan-19 07:56:53

If I’m honest...we have never got on. As a matter of fact, I have never got on with his entire family but that’s a thread in itself.

She is getting married in April and has requested me to:

1. Not to wear a wig (my hair is super thin and balding and makes me super uncomfortable so I tend to wear proper, human hair wigs in public/to occasions- I’m talking a decent one, not a green Mohawk from the joke shop)
2. Wear a dress of her choosing (not a bridesmaid or part of the wedding party in any form) because she doesn’t like my “fashion sense”. I don’t dress like a cheap hooker, but I’m not a fussy old fashioned type either

As DH has insisted I’m part of the wedding photos she feels she has a right to demand these things


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AppleKatie Mon 21-Jan-19 07:57:58

😮 no yanbu. She can jog on.

LondonBelongsToMe Mon 21-Jan-19 07:58:01

Don’t go, she’s being a bitch

Isth Mon 21-Jan-19 07:58:14

She has absolutely no right to ask either of those things of you, and your useless DH should be backing you!

Iloveacurry Mon 21-Jan-19 07:58:46

Tell her to fuck her, and DH for agreeing with her. Did you tell her what to wear at your wedding?

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Mon 21-Jan-19 08:03:04

I would turn up in tartan outfit and ginger wig op.
*not offending gingers but that's the traditional dressing up wig - dc have one!!
*and dd is ginger!!
Your dh needs a kick up the pants.

AwakeNow Mon 21-Jan-19 08:03:28

Your hair is not her concern, the dress I might consider wearing if she is paying for it, and if I liked it.

CuriousaboutSamphire Mon 21-Jan-19 08:04:05

Get your DH to tell his sister that she is an outrageous bitch and can fuck off with her nastiness.

You say he was insisted you are in the pictures, so she obviously wanted to exclude you from the start. Would you be up for wearing a blue wig, orange dress, DH in matching slacks?

Basically, she is not a bridezilla, she is just a nasty woman and your DH is probably fully aware.

You have 2 choices: go dressed as you please or don't go, and let anyone who asks know that it is because "SIL finds my very exisysnce embarrassing" - let her take responsibility for her nastiness!!

Jamiefraserskilt Mon 21-Jan-19 08:04:27

Control freak.
She can fottfsoftfosm.
Just smile and nod then wear what you want.

AwakeNow Mon 21-Jan-19 08:04:43


Seline Mon 21-Jan-19 08:04:51

The dress one I can maybe justify if she has a colour scheme or something.

The wig one is taking the piss. Wear a wig if you want To!

ReflectentMonatomism Mon 21-Jan-19 08:05:08

Don’t go. She doesn’t like you, you don’t like her. Weddings are often shit (see other thread) and in this case you have clear advance warning.

timeisnotaline Mon 21-Jan-19 08:05:35

Not bridezilla, just nasty. Wear whatever you like.

Ghanagirl Mon 21-Jan-19 08:05:59

That’s horrible regarding the wig he does she even know.
I’m not sure I’d bother going.

penelopepig Mon 21-Jan-19 08:05:58

I think you might suddenly have a really important meeting to go to the day of the wedding...

ShatnersWig Mon 21-Jan-19 08:07:55

I'm not married but if I was, I'd be "insisting" that my DH decided whether he was married to me or his sister and if he "insisted" I should go along with her batshit then I'd be "insisting" I'm not going at all. And if he didn't like that, I'd be "insisting" he fucked off out the house while I decided whether I was going to stay in the marriage.

And I'd mean it.

greyspottedgoose Mon 21-Jan-19 08:08:57

I'd tell her it's obvious she doesn't want you there so you will be booking yourself a spa day instead,

PixiKitKat Mon 21-Jan-19 08:09:01

Does she feel threatened by you? I don't understand why she wouldn't want you to look and feel your best at the wedding which means you wearing your wig and choosing your own dress!

gettofuckthrees Mon 21-Jan-19 08:10:45

An outrageous bitch gringringrin


mammmamia Mon 21-Jan-19 08:11:02

Seriously don’t go to this toxic wedding.

WonderWoman2019 Mon 21-Jan-19 08:11:07

Go, but wear a mohawk wig and a white bikini grin she's an absolute bitch.

Returnofthesmileybar Mon 21-Jan-19 08:11:18

She's probably making a point if your she is insisting you are part of the wedding photos , what's the back story with that?

I'd wear what I liked, tell them enjoy the photos and meet them at the bar when they are done

Userplusnumbers Mon 21-Jan-19 08:11:30


Where does it say the OPs DH has insisted on any of it - he's insisted to his sister that his DW is in the wedding photos, so sounds like he's well aware of her tendencies, and his sister has made a list of demands in retaliation.

OP, what is your DH view on this?

ReginaGeorge2nd Mon 21-Jan-19 08:12:00

Pixi- part of me think that’s what it is? I don’t know.

Thank you everyone

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ReginaGeorge2nd Mon 21-Jan-19 08:13:01

I clearly didn’t come across clear in my post- DH is siding with me on this but is obviously in difficult position it’s his sister, the grief off his parents, doesn’t want to tarnish their view of me further etc

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