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To buy a new buggy?

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goldpendant Sun 20-Jan-19 21:44:19

DD has just turned 3. She is quite small for her age, a little wobbly on her feet still, and ok on a scooter but not for any long distance.

I now do the school/nursery run 3 times a day and our Maclaren has died a death. It's killing my shoulder to push around. She's also falling out of it when napping!

WIBU to buy a new buggy? We gave our last proper buggy to charity when we had a huge clear out, which had served us 5 years with DS but was a bit scuzzy - I just want the same one again though. I thought the Maclaren would see us through but I've used it so much it's ruined! This is the kind of thing that'll make DH flip, but it's me living with the hopeless stroller not him!

The buggy I'm after is normally £359 but there's one on amazon for £269 (must be an old colour). We've an upcoming trip and I'll be managing DCs through the airport on my own - I need a buggy that works!


And yes I've looked for second hand, contacted many sellers but to no avail- and in the kids charity shops - nothing suitable!

WIBU to just buy it? We can afford it (although trying to draw the horns in a bit the next few months).

userschmoozer Sun 20-Jan-19 21:45:55

I dithered until you mentioned the airport. You'd be mad not to!

LL83 Sun 20-Jan-19 21:49:40

At 3 I would not spend that on a buggy. But I would get a cheaper one. Ours was £60ish on sale and does the job. My ds no longer needs it at 3.5 yrs but I am keeping it for summer holiday and it will be fine.

goldpendant Sun 20-Jan-19 21:52:12

I need one I can push single handed..... I find the Maclaren/umbrella ones need two hands! I need a free hand for suitcase/DS....

If anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful! Currently want the city mini gt.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sun 20-Jan-19 21:53:19

No don’t spend hundreds on another unless you plan on having more kids- just get a mothercare own brand £40-£60 to see you through

goldpendant Sun 20-Jan-19 21:53:38

Also the resale on them seems good - I've tried to buy several at the £150 mark but they get snapped up instantly (FB marketplace/eBay).

SharkSave Sun 20-Jan-19 21:53:51

Mamas and papas armadillo or a Phil and Ted's

Onandonandons Sun 20-Jan-19 21:55:06

I did this when buggy died when dd was 3. Found a second hand one though on Gumtree.

EmeraldShamrock Sun 20-Jan-19 22:00:32

Marclaren really hold their value. If you are planning on reselling it, they are a really comfy buggy.
The joie nitro stroller is lots cheaper and really well made with a good handle, they seem to resale well too.

IncyWincyGrownUp Sun 20-Jan-19 22:02:04

One handed? Get a second hand babyjogger city mini. They’re epic.

Stuckforthefourthtime Sun 20-Jan-19 22:03:01

City mini gt will fit her but is big and a pain for travelling. If you're buying new (or even second hand) how about a yoyo? They're amazing for travelling and v light for the school run.
Personally I think that buggies are overrated when travelling, and I'd still be tempted by a second hand maclaren. You drop your suitcase off really early anyway, so there's only a very short time you need to worry about buggy and pushchair and you can fold and carry if needed - even a slow walker should manage. Then bring a backpack or shoulder bag as hand luggage (better anyway, as it will fit under the seat and be accessible inflight), and you will be fine with a maclaren. Spend the money you save on duty free, and you also won't have to fret about how they might trash your new buggy smile
I've done it with three small DCs this way, it was not the most fun day of my life, but is manageable.

Stuckforthefourthtime Sun 20-Jan-19 22:03:50

*buggy and suitcase, not buggy and pushchair!

goldpendant Sun 20-Jan-19 22:04:00

Inch wincy - yes that's what I had and what I want again, I had the gt.... is the city mini (not by version) ok one handed and over small lumps and bumps in the pavement etc?

Tika77 Sun 20-Jan-19 22:04:09

Nothing on ebay? I sold a Mountain Buggy or whatever for £20 on a car boot sale once.

goldpendant Sun 20-Jan-19 22:04:27

Inch wincy - yes that's what I had and what I want again, I had the gt.... is the city mini (normal version) ok one handed and over small lumps and bumps in the pavement etc?

PennyMordauntsLadyBrain Sun 20-Jan-19 22:07:51

There’s a setting on FB marketplace where you can get an alert when someone advertises something you’re on the lookout for.

The City Mini is a great pram but at 3 I’d baulk at paying full price!

goldpendant Sun 20-Jan-19 22:07:58

I'm not checking in any luggage! It's 3x hand luggage for me and 2DC..... we need the buggy once at destination.

A Maclaren will just get knackered again in 6 months time ok the hopeless pavements/kurbs around here!

So, decent one handed stroller, preferably one piece and an easy fold..... are Joie buggies any good? They've got a similar thing to the city mini for £100....

IncyWincyGrownUp Sun 20-Jan-19 22:10:39

I loved my city mini, I paid £40 on eBay for it and it was an utter dream. It went over everything happily, one handed or being pushed by a nine year old. Look for one of the old ones, they’re often cheaper.

I’d never buy an umbrella fold unless I absolutely had to. The only MacLaine I’ve ever owned was the major, and even then that’s because it was pretty much the only generic SEN pushchair available to us.

Happy hunting.

MuncheysMummy Sun 20-Jan-19 22:13:13

Yep Joie is fine but look at the Oyster’s 4 wheel but decent sized wheels and a huge seat with a massive extending hood. Cheaper than A CMGT too

AmIRightOrAMeringue Sun 20-Jan-19 22:21:29

I got a second hand micralite ultralite from ebay, about 30 quid I absolutely love it. I get a bad back and find this good for hefting about (can carry it up stairs with kid in if needed) and in and out of boot also the best I've tried for one handed pushing. And folds up in seconds. Also good on bumpy surfaces and non paved paths. Downsides are it's not got a good hood (can get a separate plastic rain cover but not just a hood I'd put up for light drizzle)

sleepysaurus14 Sun 20-Jan-19 22:24:14

I've just got a mamas and papas armadillo city for my 2.5 year old. Down to £130 and is amazing. Narrow, easy to push one handed, easy fold and has a big seat so dd is super comfy even tho she's pretty big for her age

goldpendant Sun 20-Jan-19 22:27:53

Thanks @sleepysaurus14 which one is it on this page?!

goldpendant Sun 20-Jan-19 22:31:15

I've just bid on an old city mini on eBay and there's another online and close to me, I just need it before Friday!

sleepysaurus14 Sun 20-Jan-19 22:33:03

Armadillo city 2 slim folding pushchair. Obvs now reduced further to £114 smileits a lovely pram

Dumbie Sun 20-Jan-19 22:33:10

City mini or elite.
I bought the elite of Facebook second hand and I absolutely love it

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