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Invitations to MY house and I'm not invited...

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cantbearsed007 Fri 18-Jan-19 21:16:39

He just moved in. To my house. I love him dearly.

Invite through the post - to him. Only him. He's clarified with them - I'm not invited.

Christening / bah-mitzvah / wedding breakfast / funeral wake type invite.

"We're restricted on numbers. Oh there's simply no room for HER."

AIBU to be a little peeved?

cantbearsed007 Sun 20-Jan-19 09:24:01

@HumptyNumptyNooNoo - that's a really good idea.

@Yulebealrite - my kids are kids. But yes. They are well behaved. Bribery and corruption is used, obviously, but yes they are good. They've hung out with these people enough for them to know that. Having said that just worked out the weekends and they're with their dad then anyways.

flowergrrl77 Sun 20-Jan-19 10:13:19

@perfectstorm have reported your post with a note to please do what this awesome person suggests to create the emoticon!

perfectstorm Sun 20-Jan-19 13:15:53

@flowergrrl77 oh bless you!

I was looking through 'watched threads' and all it showed was, "perfectstorm I have reported your post..." and I was, "Eh? I've been a good girl on this thread; I'm sure I have!" So it was a nice surprise to click and see I was being reported for positive reasons. grin

I would like that emoticon. People might notice that when they wouldn't a wall of words, maybe. And sometimes it can really hurt the OP's feelings, I think, if something major has developed.

Hopoindown31 Sun 20-Jan-19 14:21:00


Oh also are you Christian? They may be only inviting Christians?

Obviously can't speak for other denominations, but as a practicing anglican this would be most unusuall and definitely not a christian way to behave.

Confusedbeetle Sun 20-Jan-19 14:32:18

All of those occasions?

flowergrrl77 Sun 20-Jan-19 14:45:00

Sorry to have worried you for a moment there @perfectstorm ! bear

Racecardriver Sun 20-Jan-19 15:00:13

@hopoindown some people get offended when they are asked to participate in religious celebrations belonging to other religions. They may have had a bad experience in the past? There was a thread over Christmas about some atheist neighbours who got pissed off over a Christmas card for example.

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