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To ask what you've eaten today...

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Smotheroffive Fri 18-Jan-19 19:23:46

...and how much exercise you got?

Very interested to hear what amount and type of food people's daily diet consists of,and whether it's obviously a lot more or less than I eat, or more nutritious or not.

I had a day without exercise so far, total consumption two slices of home-bake bread, a cup large mug of tea, and 2 x that of coffee.

Planning to eat a jacket pot for dinner now, with beans and a little grated cheese. Oh, and an orange for breakfast.

I am a few stone overweight, from Christmas excesses, but steadily losing it. (Not mentally, I mean weight!) grin

Smotheroffive Fri 18-Jan-19 19:25:08

..also will do a fast walk this eve after dinner,for best part of an hour.

eco1636 Fri 18-Jan-19 19:26:55

I've had yogurt, muesli and passion fruit, two eggs scrambled and a pitta bread, a cheese toasted sandwich and cherry tomatoes and marscapone with dark chocolate.
1.5 hours yoga class.

Sexnotgender Fri 18-Jan-19 19:28:04

Small bowl all bran
Bacon sandwich
4 custard creams
Toast and jam
Chilli and rice

I’m pregnant and due tomorrow, I’m starving!!

Sexnotgender Fri 18-Jan-19 19:28:31

Oh and I walked the dog round our massive park earlier.

Sausagefingers9 Fri 18-Jan-19 19:30:12

Not had a very healthy day today.

6x cups of tea
1 kitkat
1 small pie
Half a big bag of crisps
Small slice of cake
Big portion of homemade minestrone with big oily croutons.

overmydeadbody Fri 18-Jan-19 19:31:19

Two boiled eggs, 2 bananas, 1 Apple, large plate rocket, spinach, cucumber, tomato beetroot salad with two slices crusty bread spread with butter, 2 oat cakes, 4 dates, 3 slices garlic bread and one plate of pasta with tuna, sweetcorn and peppers. 3 espresso with a little milk. One glass of kale, celery, mint and spirulina with water smoothie.

That is normal for me and I never fluctuate weight.

3 miles walking briskly and a 3 mile run tonight.

SkinnyPete Fri 18-Jan-19 19:32:33

I exercise rarely (at the moment at least), due to full time job and childcare as a single parent. My routine is permenanant fasting following a one meal a day principle. Lots of benefits, very little food watching, lots of mental acuity.

People think it's weird. Zero f***s given. Works for me.

TolpuddleFarter Fri 18-Jan-19 19:32:44

I've eaten

Bowl of blueberries and full fat Greek yoghurt
Two pain au chocolat and a can of coke
Cheese and ham toastie
Chicken and chorizo paella
A couple of squares of rum and raisin chocolate.

I have also walked 16k steps

Take out the pain at chocolate and the cake and that is about a typical day for me. I lose weight, and exercise three times a week. I am 13 stone though so my calorie allowance will be higher than for someone lighter

SkinnyPete Fri 18-Jan-19 19:33:44

I'll spell permanent right one of these years too.

Allice Fri 18-Jan-19 19:35:02

Not much exercise as I normally run but I'm recovering from a back injury so no running 😭 I've managed 8,000 steps

So far I've eaten:

2 bananas
Soya latte
Vegan butternut soup
Cereal bar
Pot of quark with white chocolate options
Homemade Low fat (5% mince, potatoes with no butter, little cheese) cottage pie with steamed carrots

Will probably have a little chocolate too

Lollyice Fri 18-Jan-19 19:35:07

Slice of toast and mug of tea
Ham and cheese sandwich, snack size twix, small homemade banana muffin
Mug of tea and about 5 bourbon biscuits.
Hot cross bun with butter and a mug of tea.
Chicken breast with orange sauce and rice.
Mini mars bar..... might have another one!
Walked over 9 miles at work in the snow.

SconNotScone Fri 18-Jan-19 19:36:03

I am trying to lose a bit of weight, I am at the upper end of the healthy BMI range, but just want to get it down a bit.

Having said that, it’s been no exercise today, and I have eaten...

Breakfast - full fat Greek yoghurt with small sprinkling of mixed bits, some chopped strawberries and a tiny drizzle of honey.

Lunch - jacket potato (it was huge, at a cafe, I ate about 2/3 of the potato) with beef chilli and undressed salad.

Dinner - will be a Cajun chicken skewer, couscous made up with some stock and veggies in, and salad.

I might have a satsuma later. I have probably had 4 cups of tea (milk, no sugar), and just over a litre of water so far.

SushiMonster Fri 18-Jan-19 19:36:53

Double espresso


Bagel with two slices of bacon and a hash brown

Black coffee

Meatballs with pasta and salad

Fennel tea

1.5 mile fast walk home from further station

Mmmmm couple of slices and cheese with biscuits and quince and 2 after 8s whilst cooking. Will eat veg and bean chilli with brown rice later when it’s ready!

No alcohol tonight as out biking early tomorrow.

SconNotScone Fri 18-Jan-19 19:37:34

@SkinnyPete what sort of thing do you actually eat as your one meal a day?

Prisonbreak Fri 18-Jan-19 19:37:50

Whole meal seeded toast 2 slices
Protein bar for lunch
Smoked sausage omlette for dinner
Grapes later as a snack.
2 hours of cardio
I’m losing weight. 3 and a half stone gone. 1 more to go

SushiMonster Fri 18-Jan-19 19:41:07

Yesterday was 1.5 mile fast walk

Black coffee

Banana and orange with low fat Greek yog

Thai beef curry with rice

Malteser packet

Fennel tea

Technical spin class

Dinner was cheese and salami and crackers and salad items (sugar snap peas, baby toms, carrot, lettuce) and grapes as I have been needing to eat up left over party food from the weekend.

RolandDeschainsGilly Fri 18-Jan-19 19:41:30

Been on flatpack Hell today so I’ve had

Wagamama Vegatsu curry (courtesy of Deliveroo)

Crumpets with jam

Didntwanttochangemyname Fri 18-Jan-19 19:44:17

Breakfast - 70g Greek yoghurt with 5g flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and 10g watermelon

Lunch - butternut squash soup and a 'lo dough' with 30g cheese and marmite

Dinner - veg and turkey stirfry.

1200 cals, 10k steps incl. 20 mins of cardio.

berryhead2013 Fri 18-Jan-19 19:46:15

#didntwanttochangemyname what is lo dough like is it worth the money

MadMillie Fri 18-Jan-19 19:46:32

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette with spinach, green beans and broccoli

Lunch - home made carrot and coriander soup and a protein shake.

Dinner - chicken breast, whole grain rice with quinoa, kale and onion, cabbage and mange tout

I do an hour of group fitness cardio circuits every weekday and run 10k on a Sat and Sun as well as an hour power yoga on a Sunday.

WendyCope Fri 18-Jan-19 19:48:36

Freshly squeezed O.J

Huge mixed leaf salad including rocket and baby spinach with cucumber, feta, olives and cherry tomatoes

Instant noodles hmm vodka and tonic

No exercise, not overweight at all. V low BMI

Normally don't eat this much, since the menopause you just can't.

Siameasy Fri 18-Jan-19 19:48:38

I had sausage casserole that I made with cheese and avocado
That was at 1300hrs
I’m doing low carb high fat and a benefit is I’m just not hungry
I did a workout at home. I do circuits as I find it less boring. Plus some aerobics.
I’m a bit hungry now but not really.

dancemom Fri 18-Jan-19 19:52:37

2 eggs scrambled with spinach

30 minute brisk walk to work

Pear and portion of almonds and cashews

Homemade vegetable soup with 4 oatcakes and an apple


30 minute brisk walk home

Slice of rye toast

1 hour gym session

Chicken, asparagus and chilli stir fry

Really struggling to lose last 10lbs I need though 🙁

Goneback2school Fri 18-Jan-19 19:56:33

Cornflakes and low fat milk

Chicken and veg soup with toasted wholewheat bagel.

Small portion sushi with side salad

Day 1 of c25k done.

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