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to think I can't be the only one who is a mess on the school run?

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LeenaMarie Fri 18-Jan-19 07:45:49

DSD (7) and DS (3 months).

School run I'm about to do this morning (DSD lives 16 miles away so it's a trek at this time when roads are nuts!).

I've got leggings and underwear on I had on yesterday. Still have my pyjama top on under my jumper/coat. Haven't brushed my teeth yet. Etc etc.

Totally exhausted from breastfeeding all night. Found it easier when DS was 0-8 weeks as he slept a lot better. The last month has been HARD!

DH does most of the school runs but he doesn't have to wake up in the night to breastfeed so always has time for a shower and seems really together.

I'm just... a mess when it's my turn!

Anyone else?

I plan on going straight back to bed when I get in as I'm exhausted!

YourEggnogIsBetterThanMine Fri 18-Jan-19 07:50:28

Not brushing your teeth or changing your underwear is rank, you must know that. I've got 3 DC and have been through all the sleepless nights, cluster feeding etc. so I've gone shabby but never dirty. It takes 5 minutes to freshen up. I went through a couple of months of mum buns and leggings and long coats and no make up but I never smelled.

YourEggnogIsBetterThanMine Fri 18-Jan-19 07:51:47

Sorry, it is hard. It's really hard and I hope you get some rest. But brush your teeth.

Charlie97 Fri 18-Jan-19 07:52:19

Don't breath on anyone, dirty knickers won't be noticed, straight to bed when home and sort it after a snooze.

Itstimetoscream Fri 18-Jan-19 07:52:37

I'm with eggnog I'm afraid I don't always wear makeup but I always have a morning shower and get dressed. Even when my youngest was a baby and I have three also.

ETanny Fri 18-Jan-19 07:53:44

I make sure I have clean undies on at least but I then have a shower and get ready for work when I get back.

LeenaMarie Fri 18-Jan-19 07:54:12

That is my plan! About to leave so will read all the replies about how disgusting I am when I get back!

adaline Fri 18-Jan-19 07:54:28

Why haven't you changed your underwear?

LeenaMarie Fri 18-Jan-19 07:55:30

@adaline because I don't smell, I changed them before I went to bed, and don't see the point in changing them, having a shower when I get home then changing them again!

RedSkyLastNight Fri 18-Jan-19 07:55:34

It's hard getting no sleep. But it will take 10 minutes to have a quick shower (which will also have the effect of waking you up), drag on some comfy clothes (lay out night before?) and brush your teeth. I suspect you'll feel better for it as well.

Klobluchar Fri 18-Jan-19 07:55:35

I wouldn’t worry about it, OP. Other than yourself, who is going to know? Enjoy your sleep when you get back, you deserve it.

ashtrayheart Fri 18-Jan-19 07:55:52

Yet you had time to post on here grin

Singlenotsingle Fri 18-Jan-19 07:56:03

So what's the deal with dsd living 16 miles away but you have to do the school run? Where's her mum? Why doesn't she do it? Why it your job?

LongtimeLurker29 Fri 18-Jan-19 07:56:59

I was like a headless chicken when my oldest started school and I had a newborn. I used to stay in bed getting as much sleep as I could but in the end I gave up and got up early while DP was still here so I could shower before he left. Then had a cuppa to start me off and I got it from there.

It's no use people posting saying 'I did the same but I wasn't a mess'. Don't beat yourself up about it, you'll find a routine that works and you will be ok xx

JellyBears Fri 18-Jan-19 07:57:08

Surely you can leave your baby safely in his cot etc while you wash and change.

Pachyderm1 Fri 18-Jan-19 07:58:20

I honestly don’t think it’s that bad that you haven’t changed your underwear - I’m sure you’re going to do it when you get back! I’d go for a swill of mouthwash even if you can’t brush your teeth, but honestly this time will pass, things will get easier, and until they do you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it.

HeyDuggeesCakeBadge Fri 18-Jan-19 07:58:23

Oh gosh OP, you have a 3 month old - don't listen to PP; I was the same when I had a young baby who didn't sleep and I was breastfeeding.

Go forth into the world- no one will even notice.

forthelifeofpomme Fri 18-Jan-19 07:58:51

You're not disgusting - you are successfully managing to get your kids to where they need to be on time. Who cares if you haven't brushed your teeth yet? It doesn't matter at all if it's before or after the school run.

LooseSeal2 Fri 18-Jan-19 07:59:09

I’m the same although with clean bottoms on, I don’t leave the car so don’t see the harm I’m causing anyone 🤷🏻‍♀️

AliceAbsolum Fri 18-Jan-19 08:02:35

Underwear that is on for less than 12 hours doesn't count as dirty! Who cares if you haven't cleaned your teeth yet. Give yourself a break smile

flumpybear Fri 18-Jan-19 08:02:46

3 months baby, particularly your first, is a nightmare, well done for getting out of the house st all!

You've got clean pants in as you changed the night before. Teeth - mouthwash if necessary, brushing can wait! Get a coffee cup ready for the morning g so you can have a drink en route

I find the school run a pain and mine are 10
And 6 lol 😆

SurvivingCBeebies Fri 18-Jan-19 08:03:42

If sounds like you care... but tbh with a young baby I wouldn't give a flying f*ck... as long as everything to do with baby was done beforehand eg) fed/changed
Everything would get done by when I could fit it in.. I'd just prioritise getting the kids ready first x

MissMacaron Fri 18-Jan-19 08:04:18

You're not disgusting. You're having a tough morning and can shower / sort yourself when you get back.

Although I may not be the best person to offer advice. A woman in the playground once commiserated with me that she too had days sometimes where it was so tough getting the kids to school that there was no time to change out of my own pyjamas. I wasn't actually wearing PJs at the time...

GetOffTheTableMabel Fri 18-Jan-19 08:05:36

Particularly as a step-mum, your priority simply HAS to be getting DSD to school on time. It doesn’t matter a damn what you look like. And it barely matters what you smell like either.
You’re going to shower, and do teeth etc in an hour or so when you get home. I think tooth-brushing before leaving the house is a sound minimum goal but I absolutely think getting dsd to school on time trumps everything else. One more grubby hour won’t hurt anyone. I think it’s great that you put everything else aside to prioritise getting there on time. Besides, when you’re on time, you can keep interaction with other adults to a minimum, whereas being late often means speaking to people.
Shove her through the gate and run. No guilt. You’re an unselfish mess. Well done.

Jimjamjong Fri 18-Jan-19 08:08:58

You are doing something amazing by breastfeeding your baby and taking care of your DSD. Well done OP, it is tough. I hope you can get some sleep when you get back.

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