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my friends cousin is Daniel Craig and I know when he is going to be at her house............

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imnostalkerhonest Sat 30-Jun-07 11:10:14

would I be unreasonable in popping round even though I haven't been invited

MarieCeleste Sat 30-Jun-07 11:11:07

I thought you were auctioning invites...

HonorMatopoeia Sat 30-Jun-07 11:11:08

No, you'd be mad not to! Can I come too??

Saturn74 Sat 30-Jun-07 11:12:20

Just buy some night vision googles and lurk across the road.

WendyWeber Sat 30-Jun-07 11:12:27

Are you sure it's not some other Daniel Craig?

imnostalkerhonest Sat 30-Jun-07 11:12:34

wont I look too sad - not that I care

imnostalkerhonest Sat 30-Jun-07 11:13:17

Definately the same one i've seen the family photos and met his sister - sadly not him yet!

Carmenere Sat 30-Jun-07 11:14:39

Yes you might look a bit sad, but then I'm very

pirategirl Sat 30-Jun-07 11:17:03

wow, i'd be there with bells on. just watched a film called The mother that he's in, i HAD to buy it after rentin in few weeks back.

have you seen it???

imnostalkerhonest Sat 30-Jun-07 11:21:21

No I didn't know that much about him but when I found out he was her relative I watched JB and was won over - I've got Layer Cake but not seen it yet!

lulumama Sat 30-Jun-07 11:23:45

it would be rude not to!!

lulumama Sat 30-Jun-07 11:24:35

'the mother' is fantastic ! love that film

inspired me to paint my kitchen half my kitchen electric blue

<<long story>>

WendyWeber Sat 30-Jun-07 11:26:39

Oooh, I've read about The Mother - you know Anne Reid was the first Mrs Ken Barlow and the mother of his twins??? She has had an interesting career

lulumama Sat 30-Jun-07 11:30:18

and she was in dinnerladies.....

she is brilliant actress

pirategirl Sat 30-Jun-07 11:33:18


iwas just thinking that thurs nite when i watched, what a fantastic colour !!!!!!!

the film is fab, i bought a copy for my besssie mate 2 and posted it to her in usa!!!

lulumama Sat 30-Jun-07 13:37:58

do you remember that there is a scarlet couch in front of the blue wall in the film? well, we have a range , that we sprayed scarlet...and after i saw the film, i persuaded DH to paint the half of the kitchen where the range is, electric blue ! he was dubious to say the least, but it really looks fab !

such a great film, so absorbing and compelling

preferred him in that to Bond, really.

southeastastra Sat 30-Jun-07 14:00:18

oh saw him in a film called some voices on film4 the other day. it's brilliant, he really is a good actor. also loved layer cake

Wisteria Sat 30-Jun-07 14:06:44

How can you have not watched something in your dvd collection with DC in???
Are you craaaazy?

Phworrrrrrrrrrrr - he's on my 'allowed'list......

MrsScavo Sat 30-Jun-07 14:09:02

Like lulumama said, it would be rude not to pop round. What will your excuse be?

laneydaye Sat 30-Jun-07 14:20:58

Please tell me my ds says he just has to meet him..

ktmoomoo Sat 30-Jun-07 14:22:37

wow can i come tooooooooooooooooo

MrsFish Sat 30-Jun-07 14:26:46

how could you not

I'd be round there like a hot phwooooar!

bigknickersbigknockers Sat 30-Jun-07 14:28:47

I would be straight round there, I wouldnt kick him out of bed for farting

TrinityRhino Sat 30-Jun-07 14:29:28

who's daniel craig?

MrsFish Sat 30-Jun-07 14:31:16

I meant like a shot ;)

Trinity, see my link

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